The structure has 24 toroidal coils connected in series and 24 capacitors connected in parallel; 4 more toroidal coils are mounted on the pyramid's braces. The braces are insulated from the iron chassis; the magnetic core of the central coil is insulated from both the chassis and the pickup element on top, which itself is made of stainless steel, therefore non-magnetic; it is completely insulated from all the structure's elements but at the same time it is within a fairly strong magnetic field. The detector is based on a 567 integrated circuit (3 equal modules) which can be adjusted to detect any frequency input between the ELF band, well below 1 Hz, all the way up to the AM radio broadcast band, hence frequencies from 0,01 c.p.s. to over 500 Kc.p.s. are obtainable. The signal amplifier gives signal strength readings on a milliammeter as well as through a buzzer. The audio amplifier* is 40 watts single channel, output to a 8 ohm speaker and/or to the IACT. Several scalp electrodes (EEG type, as well as skin electrodes, can be employed). Category: biofeedback apparatus.

* Using an external audio amplifier will do away with the need of a dedicated power supply and the whole system can be run on a 12 VDC battery.


"First a dream is born, then it is clad in formulas and blueprints, and thus a fancy is materialized" (Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky)