The two aliens - or brutes - the one above, with a somewhat human figure in a sort of spacesuit hanging from his cheeks under his chin, and the one below looking something like some sort of shaman, did not come out from a nightmare or an exercise of deep meditation; they are not archetypical symbols, less so strange beings strolling on our planet. I took a small section from the picture of a lava field in the Ertale volcano, reversed it horizontally and attached it to the first one; subsequently I did the same vertically and that is it. Whichever way you reverse it you get exactly the same visual effect. Only later I realized something else: that the picture in itself is a kind of double Rorschach image, those used by psychologists in the projection test (ink-blot test). But, more important, how it may happen that we are puppets of our brain as I did not do that work with any particular purpose in mind since I was just relaxing in some lazy moments and, secondly, how the casual may transform itself into causality. Should we call this fate, the negation of free-will? Leave this to the philosophers!



The right side of the picture appears blank, that is done intentionally. Ponder about the image and afterwards press" ctrl and a" to highlight the page, or highlight it with the mouse and get a description of the image.