Since 1994 researchers of the Earth Science Department of the University of Florence are working in the northern Danakil Depression of Eritrea, developing joint collaborative projects with Eritrean Institutions



A supplement of the journal Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia (Volume 110 July 2004) is devoted to present results of 10-years activities in the  Dandiero Basin (Buia area), where an almost complete human cranium has been discovered in late Early Pleistocene sediments



The volume contains a preface and eight original contributions covering different aspects of the research, from geology to magnetostratigraphy, geochronology, palaeontology, archaeology and palaeoanthropology



For further information or copy of the volume please contact:

Lorenzo Rook or Ernesto Abbate



Single chapters are here available for downloading:





Preface Abbate E., Beraki W., Yosief L., Tewelde M.T. & Rook L. (73 kb)


Geology of the Homo-bearing Pleistocene Dandiero Basin (Buia Region, Eritrea Danakil Depression) Abbate E., Beraki W., Bruni P., Falorni P., Papini M., Sagri M., Simret G. & Tewelde M.T. (14.872 kb)


Magnetostratigraphy of the Homo-bearing Pleistocene Dandiero Basin (Danakil Depression, Eritrea) Albianelli A. & Napoleone G. (1.184 kb).


Fission-Track dating of a tephra layer in the Alat Formation of the Dandiero Group (Danakil Depression, Eritrea)  Bigazzi G., Balestrieri M.L., Norelli P., Oddone M. & Tewelde M.T. (1.415 kb)


Fossil reptiles from the Pleistocene Homo-bearing locality of Buia (Eritrea, northern Danakil Depression) Delfino M., Amaha S., Dessale Y., Shoshani J., Rook L. & Yosief L. (1.310 kb)  


The large fossil mammals from Buia (Eritrea): Systematics, Biochronology and Paleoenvironments - Martinez-Navarro B., Rook L., Amaha S., Dessale Y., Ferretti M.P., Shoshani J., Tewelde M.T. & Yosief L. (7,239 kb)


Taphonomic analysis of the late Early Pleistocene bone remains from Buia (Dandiero Basin, Danakil Depression, Eritrea): evidence for large mammal and reptile butchering  - Fiore I., Bondioli L., Coppa A., Macchiarelli R., Rezene R., Habtom K., Tekeste S., Rook L. & Yosief L. (6.114 kb)


Characterization of lithic complexes from Buia (Dandiero Basin, Danakil Depression, Eritrea)  - Martini F., Yosief L., Filippi O., Asmeret G., Habtom K., Asmeret K., Martino G., Dawit O., Amaha S., Tekeste S., Zelalem T., Dessale Y. & Samuel Y.  (10.569 kb)


The late Early Pleistocene human remains from Buia, Danakil Depression, Eritrea - Macchiarelli R., Bondioli L., Chech M., Coppa A., Fiore I., Rezene R., Vecchi F., Yosief L. & Rook L. (2.261 kb)