The Messenger of Light Creates
the Way of Salvation.

I prepared a path for the good ones
and made a gateway for the world.
A gateway for the world I made
and erected a throne in it.
A throne for the good ones I erected
and set up a light beside it.
A light I set up beside it,
which is completely perfect.
And a watch-tower for the sons of perfection I erected,
in the place where they live and are without deficiency.
I set up thrones for them
and preented them with magnificant robes.
I established the Jordan of the Great Life
and appointed guardians over it,
who were rich and without deficiency.
I set up a throne for the lord of the radiant beings
and erected a light before it.
A light, which I erected,
which was completely perfect.
With illumination and praise,
with what the Life had caused me to hear,
with illumination and praise
I arose and went to the House of the Mighty Life.
In the joy that I felt,
I reported to the Mighty Life.
The Mighty Life rejoiced and was glad,
he was overjoyed with me.
The Life thanked me
and gave me more glory than I had before.
He spoke to me :
Kusta preserve you, good one,
and preserve the word that you have spoken.

The Life spoke in his joy
to the uthras and said :
Praise the strenght of the man,
who healed the water through the fire.
Praise the strenght of the man,
against whom the fire sinned not.
The fire did not sin against him ;
the uthra shone in its brightness.
In its brightness the uthra shone
and prepared a path for the perfect ones.
For the perfect ones he prepared a path
and granted salvation to the perfect ones.
Salvation he granted to the perfect ones
and remembered their names in the house of the Mighty Life.