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A very ancient, pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet ("bon") described how a mighty "Friend of virtue and kindness" had appeared on Earth: "...Egg, created by magical forces of gods Sa and Bal, exited under the action of its own weight from the divine bosom of empty sky. The shell became a defensive armor. The casing defended like amour, and that which is White became a source of strength for heroes. The inner casing became a stronghold for those who had dwelt in it... From the very center of the Egg came a human being, Possessor of magic force...

Just like Huang-ti, Chi Yu had four eyes (at least, considered as such), six arms, or manipulators. The strangest of all was Chi Yu's head: it was made from copper and had a metallic forehead, and some tridents in place of ears. According to the local legends, the metallic head was cut off the body (with all appropriate safeguards), and buried separately. Years later this head continued to emit heat. On occasions a reddish steam-like cloud would come from the burial site: the locals worshiped it ("Five books of Huang-ti").

Chi Yu was able to move in the rugged areas, and could even fly (for short periods of time). His (or its) taste for food was quite impressive: all sources suggest that the creature ate "stones and sand": this way it obtained energy that was necessary for the creature's movements. Were Chi Yu and "his" brothers living creatures? Krapiva thinks that were complex autonomous mechanisms, akin to robots. Actually but one of the creatures would have to be controlled by an intelligent life form, but the natives considered them all as living creatures.

the Syuan Yuan constellation has been identified by modern astronomers as that of the Leo constellation. Its brightest star is (Alpha Leo), Regulus. We do not know much about this star; we do know that there are very few similarities between our Sun and Regulus. But there is a very curious similarity: there exists, in the Regulus star system, a radio source that emits signals in metric wave bands. In our Solar system there is also such a source: Earth.

significant is the notion that the enormous speed has an effect on the movement of Time, and staves off the aging process of human organism. Biography of Huang-ti states that a "changhuan" covers myriads of miles in a day, and that human who "rides" it can reach an age of two thousand years.

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'acoustic psycho-correction.' The process involves transmitting commands into the subconscious of targeted victims through static or white-noise bands... acoustic psycho-correction involves the transmission of specific commands via static or white noise bands into the human subconscious without upsetting other intellectual functions. Experts said laboratory demonstrations have shown encouraging results after exposure of less than one minute.


high tech psychotronic devices to zap the minds of targeted victims and if necessary even create the APPEARANCE of UFO abductions as an experimental method to conceal a program of injecting tiny computer tracking-chips into targeted subjects... technical capability to create the effects of ARTIFICIAL UFO abductions, via holography and electromagnetic mind control techniques.

the new H.A.R.R.P. ELF transmitter in Alaska "could allow earth-penetrating tomography over most of the northern hemisphere." Such a capability WOULD PERMIT THE DETECTION AND PRECISE LOCATION OF TUNNELS AND UNDERGROUND SHELTERS," AS WELL AS UNDERGROUND STORAGE SITES

MAN-MADE CHANGES IN THE ELECTRICAL EARTH-IONOSPHERE CAN BE USED FOR MASS BEHAVIOR CONTROL. He said that low frequency electromagnetic oscillations CAN ATTACK THE LOW FREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC BRAIN WAVES IN HUMAN BEINGS. He stated, "Perturbation of the environment (by geophysical warfare) can produced changes in behavioral patterns."

exploit, for strategic-political purposes, the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior. ...Accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes" (such as those created by the Soviet ELF Woodpecker, the U.S. GWEN tower VLF network and U.S.
H.A.R.R.P.-style ELF transmitters) "could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth. ...In this way, one could develop a system that would SERIOUSLY IMPAIR THE BRAIN PERFORMANCE OF A VERY LARGE POPULATION IN SELECTED REGIONS, OVER AN EXTENDED PERIOD."

particular weapon creates "BONE-CONDUCTING SOUND WAVES that cannot be offset by protective gear These devices appear to work at the Very Low Frequency (VLF) spectrum, the same frequency range as generated by the sinister U.S. Gwen (Ground Wave Emergency Network) system of transmitters.

a night and day acoustical barrage (that included the sounds of dying animals and low frequency sound devices). The Feds also utilized a super-strobe light show (pulsed at ELF frequencies).

"...Using electroencephalographs, Smirnov measures brain waves, then uses computers to CREATE A MAP OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS AND VARIOUS HUMAN IMPULSES, such as anger or the sex drive. Then through taped SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES, he claims to physically alter the landscape with the power of suggestion."

Lawrence Liverpool physicist Edward Teller (father of the hydrogen bomb) argued that TINY "NUCLEAR" WEAPONS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED PART OF THE NATION'S NON-LETHAL ARSENAL."

electromagnetic pulse devices ("which stimulate a lightning strike)--a high powered generator to destroy electronic circuits; electromagnetic devices that can disable an automobile or truck engine; and holographic projections to deceive an attacker."

high-power electromagnetic device against a single fleeing automobile "might stop EVERY car in one or two blocks and also stop EVERY HEART PACEMAKER AS WELL. Such a device would also COOK the driver of the vehicle.


LOW-FREQUENCY 'INFRASOUND' GENERATORS POWERFUL ENOUGH TO TRIGGER NAUSEA OR DIARRHEA,...electronics-disrupting pulses of electromagnetic radiation..and biological agents that can chew up crops."

weapons systems that operate on the power of the mind and whose LETHAL CAPACITY HAS ALREADY BEEN DEMONSTRATED.".... "The ability to...CAUSE DEATH can be transmitted over distances, thus inducing illness or death for no apparent reason

mind-zapping effects, inside the United States, that have been created by the Soviet Tesla Magnifying ELF Woodpecker transmitters

"Areas of GREAT POTENTIAL include superconductivity, genetic engineering, macroscopic WEATHER ENGINEERING and psychotronics."

"Areas of GREAT POTENTIAL include superconductivity, genetic engineering, macroscopic WEATHER ENGINEERING and psychotronics."

" 'entraining' the brain waves of two or more individuals." ... "The brain-wave oscillations of electronic potentials may act as a harmonic oscillator."

"High Powered Microwave (HPM) Projectiles."

high power, VERY LOW FREQUENCY acoustic beam weapons. They are also looking into methods of projecting high frequency acoustic bullets."

"Very Low Frequency (VLF) sound (20-35 kHz), or low-frequency radio-frequency modulation CAN CAUSE NAUSEA, VOMITING, AND ABDOMINAL PAINS. Some Very Low Frequency sound generators, in certain frequency ranges, CAN CAUSE DISRUPTION OF HUMAN ORGANS, and at high power levels CAN CRUMBLE MASONRY." Such a system could also be used to create artificial earthquakes

atmospheric electricity can be used "TO SUPPRESS THE MENTAL ACTIVITY" of large groups of people. The Soviet journal said that a sonic generator, tuned to an infrasound (below the hearing level) frequency, could CREATE "FEELINGS OF DEPRESSION, FEAR, PANIC, TERROR, AND DESPAIR."


By 1979, at the latest, it was known that electromagnetic fields raising body temperatures less than .1 degrees Celsius may result in somatic changes. It was most surprising that such a trivial temperature rise was having any effects, and even more astonishing that those effects were significant.

Chemical, physiological and behavioral changes can occur within "windows" of frequency and energy continua. One of those windows is connected with navigation in marine vertebrates and with biological rhythms of humans. Another is at the level of the human electroencephalogram (EEG), which is in the range of extremely low radio and sound waves, around 20 Hertz.

Those findings remain unexplained. they seemed to require energy amplification of the initial stimulus by some 12 orders of magnitude. No such amplification was deemed to be feasible, and none was discovered.

Let us cut the story to the minimum. The original model, according to which the blood-brain barrier cannot be broken, was derived from the axiom that electromagnetic waves interact with tissue in a linear manner. However, it turned out that the molecular vibrations caused by a stimulating extracellular electromagnetic field are non-linear. Utterly unexpectedly, they take the form of soliton waves which can transfer energy along long molecular chains.

By 1982 the term "soliton" finally made it to the technical dictionaries. Here is a definition from the 1982 McGraw-Hill scientific-technical dictionary: "A soliton wave...propagates without dispersing its energy over larger and larger regions of space." As I understand it, it would be more correct to say: "A soliton wave propagates suddenly acquired energy, or energy imparted by shock, without dispersing it."

(physics) a quantum of energy or quasiparticle that can be propagated as a travelling wave in nonlinear systems and is neither preceded nor followed by another such disturbance; does not obey the superposition principle and does not dissipate

Extracellular disturbances such as acoustic or electromagnetic bursts can be propagated across the cell membrane. In this, non-linearities in molecular dynamics rather than chemical kinetics are the key. Put differently, the 12-magnitude energy deficit is overcome, not by brute force, but by the formation of solitons.

found that a shock wave passing through an electric field may create ultra-quick processes within the membrane, and that through such "jumps in the field" (Feldsprfinge:this probably means solitons) senes can be transmitted and cells fused.

There is a differential in the tension of the inner and outer membrane which averages 1/70,000 of a volt. This corresponds to 70,000 volts per(theoretical) membrane thickness of one centimeter.(The real thickness of a membrane is0.1<-8> centimeter.)

There is a differential in the tension of the inner and outer membrane which averages 1/70,000 of a volt. This corresponds to 70,000 volts per(theoretical) membrane thickness of one centimeter.(The real thickness of a membrane is0.1<-8> centimeter.)

The discovery was made unexpectedly in the course of research on electric fields in membranes and their impact on vital processes. This research requires measurements of events lasting not more than one nano-second(one billionth of a second), and it suggested that solitons generally increase the permeability of membranes. Thus, new perspectives on genetic "engineering" were suddenly opened. Moreover, it was possible to fuse no less than 50 cells into one supercell with 50 nuclei and one single membrane.

It generates 40 megahertz radio waves which stimulate the brain's electromagnetic activity at substantially lower frequencies.

the blood-brain barrier can be penetrated by low frequency beams and directly affect cells in the brain.

Solitons may also help to understand the force of gravity, which also behaves in a non-linear way. Although Einstein's theory of relativity was a breakthrough in understanding gravity, there is still much to be learnt about this force. Solitons are also being used in research on climate, electronic circuits, fusion power, nerve conduction, optical materials, superconductors and a range of other engineering problems."

Solitons are special wave pulses which interact with one another so as to keep their basic identity and so that they act as particles.

that molecules themselves are nothing but electromagnetic configurations. That is, the molecules (e.g., of the nerve gas) act via electromagnetic fields, by exchange of electromagnetic energy with other molecules. Hence, it should hardly be surprising to discover that the same effects can be induced by electromagnetic radiation alone-without the presence of the molecules! In principle it suffices to identify the precise geometrical characteristics of the electromagnetic action associated with the given substance, and then just "mimic" the molecular action by a carefully "tailored" signal. Once this principle is understood, biophysical research can define the most appropriate pulse forms for weapon applications, independently of any specific chemical "model."

profound neurological effects can be induced without the "substantial" intervention of drugs or electrodes, by electromagnetic fields applied from outside the experimental subject. Typical of these are those of Dr. Jose Delgado and Dr. Ross Adey. Delgado applied a slowly modulated weak magnetic field(several Gauss, pulsed at less than 100 Hz) to the heads of monkeys via external coils. Depending upon the precise modulation frequency used, specific effects were induced. Thus, one frequency caused the animals to fall asleep, and another triggered aggression, each time with very specific neurophysiological effects on specific areas of the brain. Adey and others have obtained similar neurophysiological effects with a modulated, low-power, radio-frequency field, with modulation frequencies in the range of the internal "brain waves" (EEG). Absorbed power levels were very low- on the order of a thousandth of a watt per square centimeter.

Related experiments have shown that internal EEG waves can be entrained and modified, demonstrating the possibility of direct information transfer to the brain via modulated radio-frequency (RF) fields

Lethal effects have been obtained at power levels not very much higher than in behavior modification experiments. Again, it is not so much the net power as the exact form of the applied series of pulses, which makes the difference. One laboratory device, used in brain research, kills experimental animals with a single microwave pulse of 1/6 second duration.

the brain as a key target of EP weapons, this is by no means the only target. The central nervous system more generally, and vital organs, especially the heart, are all possible targets. Moreover, a very insidious deployment of EP would be to degrade the overall health of persons in a certain area by long-term, low-level irradiation.

two essential types of devices which can be used in EP weapons; oscillators using beams of electrons or plasmas, and solid-state devices.

PLASMA - (physical chemistry) a fourth state of matter distinct from solid or liquid or gas and present in stars and fusion reactors; a gas becomes a plasma when it is heated until the atoms lose all their electrons, leaving a highly electrified collection of nuclei and free electrons

"high-temperature superconductivity" open up the perspective that both types of EP generation technology--electron beam as well as solid state--are going to undergo revolutionary improvements

electromagnetic anti-personnel weapons depend essentially on "tuning" the output signal to the target. This goes not only for the frequency and amplitude of the signal, but for its entire space-time "shape." Figure 6, for example, is drawn from thermographs of models of the human body irradiated by RF radiation of the same frequency, but with field geometries. These and other experiments demonstrate, that the areas of maximum absorption of electromagnetic energy inside the body depend on the geometry of the incident wave. By choosing the right geometry, the energy can be focused into any desired area, such as the brain.

A sophisticated EP weapon must thus be able to project a specific geometry of electromagnetic field onto a distant object, over a given terrain and in given surroundings. Without going into technical details of waveguides and various antenna types, we shall briefly present one of the relevant techniques: the principle of the phased array.

A phased-array antenna consists of an assemblage of many individually controlled emitting (or receiving) elements, placed in a fixed geometrical arrangement. The output field of the array is the sum of the waves emitted by the individual elements. By electronically controlling the relative phases of these individual signals, the output field can be given any desired "shape" and direction, limited only by the wavelength used, the number of elements and the size of the array

The functioning of phased-array antennae is thus closely related to holography, or three-dimensional photography. In a hologram, a photographic plate records interference patterns, corresponding to the phase relationships of laser light reflected from the object. When the holographic plate is illuminated by a laser, the phase relationships are "reconstituted" and the viewer has the impression of seeing a three dimensional object.

The ensemble of elements of a phased-array antenna takes the place of the holographic plate, but at a much longer wavelength than visible light (centimeters and millimeters instead of fractions of a micrometer). When operated in a receiving mode, the phased array obtains much more information than an ordinary antenna; like the hologram, it measures entire electromagnetic field geometries, not merely a one-dimensional, electromagnetic "signal"

The holographic principle underlying phased-array systems points to a potentiality for creating any desired three-dimensional, electromagnetic field distribution around a target object, from a distance, correcting for reflections, obstacles and other interference. Moreover, the field can be transformed and shifted from one location to another in space within a fraction of a second.

The famous "Faraday cage" and other forms of electromagnetic shielding can provide some protection against EP weapons, especially if the characteristics of the EP signal are known in advance and countermeasures are devised accordingly. Unfortunately, a sophisticated weapon can "tailor" its pulse to get through nearly any given kind of shielding utilizing non-linear, inverse-scattering techniques and a process known as "self-induced transparency." A Faraday cage under certain conditions can be transformed into an antenna, focusing the signal on the inside and even enhancing the effect for the unfortunate persons inside.

In theory, biological effects can be offset by creating a controlled "electromagnetic environment" around the target, with the effect of "detuning" the target relative

Soviets have generated single pulses with peak power exceeding 1 billion watts and repetitive pulses of over 100 million watts.. No significant technological obstacles stand in the way of a prototype short-range tactical RF weapon."

There is significant overlap between space medicine and the biophysics of EP weapons effects.

"Intensive microwave radiation changes the membrane characteristics of cells and ion transport, generates electrical breakdown at the boundaries of phase regions and other effects causing a destruction of living processes. Research in recent years has shown that the 'thermal conception' of microwave effects is inadequate."

We are surrounded and penetrated, at all times and all places, by eternally changing, combining and opposing radiation of different wavelengths--from 10 millionths of a millimeter to several kilometers

that absorption of minute amounts of "tuned" electromagnetic radiation, down to individual quanta, can decisively influence the course of biological events. This is now known in the Soviet literature as the "informational role of electromagnetic radiation in biological systems."

the universal ultraviolet light emission of cells called "mitogenetic radiation". He was the first to point to the capability of biological molecules such as proteins and DNA, to absorb energy at long wavelengths and reemit the stored energy at much shorter wavelengths-phenomena which are intensively studied today under the name of "multiphoton processes in non-linear spectroscopy.

the electromagnetic basis of the pathogenic action of viruses and poisons

the "non-thermal" effects of low-level microwave radiation in the millimeter wavelength band.

millimeter radiation interacts with internal electroacoustical oscillations, notably in cell membranes, to generate the resonant, frequency-dependent effects

It is unlikely that electromagnetic anti-personnel weapons would work with pure millimeter waves. Millimeter-band "harmonics" would be included in complex pulse forms, however

sil'notochnaya elektronika. It includes things like explosive cathodes and other technology for high-current relativistic particle beams, energy storage and pulse compression technology, non-linear plasma devices such as the plasma focus, "explosive" MHD power generation, EMP simulators, etc.

gyrotron devices for ultra-high-power microwave generation has the "official purpose of providing means for heating plasmas in experimental fusion reactors. And, in fact, gyrotrons can do exactly that.

high-power magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) generators ............. this technology for direct conversion of chemical combustion energy into electricity

relativistic electron beam devices for ultra-high-power EP generation

solid state radar systems applicable (among other things) to miniaturized EP weapons. "Briefcase size" EP weapons

"solar power station" which would relay its energy to Earth via a high-power laser or a beam of microwaves. (A similar project was considered by the U.S. NASA, but rejected because of the of inadvertently irradiating populated areas.) With a proposed several gigawatts of continuous power at its disposal, such a station could carry out weather modification as well as electromagnetic warfare on a large scale. Of course, compact nuclear reactors (which the Soviets are already using in radar reconnaissance satellites), especially in a pulsed mode, and MHD devices, could be much better energy sources for a military system. given a sufficient supply of energy, a large, phased-array EP system in orbit could attack entire cities, with loss of life comparable to nuclear weapons, but without collateral damage.

combining their knowledge of geophysics and non-linear wave propagation to develop novel types of over-the-horizon radar. Using combinations of phased-array installations with a very large effective aperture, it is theoretically possible to project lethal electromagnetic signals over thousands of kilometers. At shorter ranges, incoming missiles and aircraft might be destroyed using EMP-like effects

properly tuned electromagnetic pulses have mortal effects at levels of energy-deposit as low as two or three orders of magnitude below those required to kill cell-tissue by means of induced thermal effects. This comparison illustrates the importance of the term "non-linear effects."

All of the weaponry based upon "new physical principles," including lasers, particle beams, and non-linear electromagnetic-pulse effects, belong, together with the role of high temperature superconductivity, to the domain of sub-atomic physics. Modern high-energy physics, especially that focused upon so-called "force free" status of plasmas, shows that sub-atomic phase-space has a distinct, Kepler-Gauss sort of inherent curvature. It is also shown, that non-linear effects of coherent electromagnetic pulses, as phenomena of the macro-scale, are rooted in the non-linear physics of the curvature of "force-free," least-action states in the sub-atomic domain.

modern instruments permit us to detect and measure localized coherent pulses in the range of quanta of emission, leading into what is called today "non-linear spectroscopy" of living processes

"The nonthermal effects of electromagnetic radiation on living cells offer clues as to what is life, as well as to understanding Soviet research on the possibility of controlling human thought and emotional experience."

holographic models resembles the work of Karl Pribram, who has suggested not only that sensory information is relayed in bits and pieces to be sequentially reconstructed by neuron interaction, but also that sensory cells can interact as to form the sort of interference pattern typified by a hologram."

'succeeded in controlling the induction...of images and sensations... into another biological system--a human being."

Soviets broke the genetic code of the human brain. "they worked out 23 EEG band-wave lengths, 11 of which were totally independent. So if you can manipulate those 11,you can do anything to that living system it normally can do itself--anything at all.

Soviet scientists have developed and fitted a theory to actual brain wave measurements, and could insert material on electromagnetic carriers, directly into the brain and could control whether or not the process stimulated conscious awareness of the individual." ...The monitoring of time coherent and phase locked psychoactive modulations suggests strongly the following: The psychoactive modulation effectively locks -in the multiple carrier frequencies (say 11 to 23). On these locked -in multichannels, brain-coded information is inserted, feeding it directly into the captured target-brains." "Potentially, almost anything could be inserted in the target brain/mind systems., and such insertions would be processed by the biosystems as intercranially-generated data/effects. Words, phrases, images, sensations, and emotions could be directly inserted and experienced in the biological targets as internal states, modes, emotions thoughts, and ideas...."

"A review of possible NBIT (novel biophysical information transfer) transmission mechanism that are compatible with current modern physics yields three schemes.

1. VLF and ELF electromagnetic waves.

2. Neutrinos, based on the photon theory of neutrinos.

3. Quantum-mechanical waves, based on the schizophysical interpretation of basic quantum mechanical theory.

brain functions and every nerve of the body can be controlled remotely with current technology.