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Nonn O. Yobiznic ·
They were experimenting with this at the Naval ship yard in Philadlphia in the mid to late 60's. They were using it on clerk-typists. This fried the medial lobe in more than a few of the (unwitting) test subjects. They became schizophrenics, with a limp in one leg.. .you can find them walking around philadelphia, all with the limp, all former clerk-typists, all now gray-headed, and all cursing the same voices: Germans, Jews, and (as they say,not me) "those damn niggers." Also, all the ones I ran into were African American. (Sorry if anyone offended, just being accurate, not working to spread hate.Peace.)
Michael James ·
This technology was actually first developed by russian scientists during the cold war (1947-53), known as a microwave disrupter unit, this device worked by transmitting a inverse (out of phase) signal, that is a signal that is in opposition to the bodies resonant frequency. At the time, it was proposed as a means of riot control, amongst other applications, but was rejected under human rights legislation at the time.

They were also able to build a primitive device using a modified typwriter that was able to send very primitive digitised text directly into the brain and were also working on remotely stopping peoples hearts, inducing seizers amongst other things, as part of their Psy division.
James Wilson ·
Helen Heinle ·
Tin Foil hats?! I doubt that ..What about all the patents?!
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