Electromagnetic 'Scalar' War?
By Bill Morgan

Source material: Scientist Tom Bearden, Chenier.Org

Scalar Potential Interferometers

With the Bush people rushing us toward war it is important for everyone to realize the true and rather frightening possibility that this war will involve the use of scalar electromagnetic weapons, by any of a number of possessors of such weapons. They are called "Longitudinal Wave Interferometers," or "Tesla howitzers", and use longitudinal (LW) electromagnetic (EM) waves to accomplish true action-at-a-distance.
These are the weapons Khrushchev spoke of 40 years ago, when he declared:
"We have a new weapon, just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak, which is so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out all life on earth. It is a fantastic weapon." Khrushchev, to the Presidium, Jan. 1960

Keep in Mind that the US Government facility in San Fransisco which was Given to Gorbachev is now know as the Presidio or Presidium

These are also the weapons referred to in 1997 by Defense Secretary William Cohen, when he said:
"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counter terrorism] efforts." - Defense Secretary William Cohen, 1997

One of the leading experts in the new science of scalar electromagnetics is scientist Thomas E. Bearden, and he has published many papers at his website Cheniere.Org. In a letter to a writer named "Russell" (Correspondence section) Bearden says,
"In short, Russell, the Secretary of Defense of the United States confirmed that there are indeed novel kinds of EM weapons, right now and have been for some time, which have been and are being used to (1) initiate earthquakes, (2) engineer the weather and climate, and (3) initiate the eruption of volcanoes. We wrote about those exact uses of the weaponry decades ago. Several nations now have such weapons. Three of them (two on one side and the other on a hostile side) are even firing practice shots into Western Australia, as a convenient test range."

At Cheniere.org one can find Bearden's 1990 paper Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons and see that certain possessors of these new superweapons have been developing them for several decades now. He traces the clandestine development through the sightings of anomalous phenomena all around the globe, by the statements Soviet leaders have made, and by the development of a new electromagnetic theory which restores certain "lost equations" which had been thrown out long ago in an attempt to "simplify things." Apparently the Russians were the first to restore the lost equations which uncover the domain of scalar electromagnetics.
The new Scalar Electromagnetic weapons utilize a new type of electromagnetic waves called "longitudinal waves" or "scalar waves." They are called by other names, as Bearden points out:
"We now visualize the formation of waves of pure stress in the spacetime medium (in the vacuum). These we call scalar EM waves, Tesla waves, electrogravitational waves, longitudinal EM waves, waves of pure potential, electrostatic/magnetostatic waves, and zero-vector EM waves. All these terms are synonymous. Each sheds its own particular light upon the nature of these waves or of their original discoverer, Nikola Tesla." Tom Bearden

So there are a number of names for these newly discovered waves.
The big Tesla howitzers are aimed at their targets by using a worldwide electromagnetic pattern called the "Woodpecker Grid," begun by the Russians in 1976. You can even "hear" the Woodpecker Grid at Bearden's website.
Several times during the Cold War the Russians tried to get an agreement on limiting the use of these weapons, which Brezhnev said were "more terrible than anything the world has known." And at that time, Bearden points out, nobody in the West even knew what they were talking about.

The "Fer de Lance" Briefing
In his briefing "Fer de Lance" Slides 66-71. Bearden describes what it would be like to operate one of these longitudinal wave interferometers and aim it at place on earth using the Woodpecker Grid. By placing a "marker beacon" at that target location (the glowing orbs of plasma that are being sighted all around the world) the system can "read" the location of the target area and obtain pin-point targeting. The "Fer de Lance" briefing is a must read for anyone wanting to know what is really going on in our world today. It is a set of graphics slides with Bearden's

Instantaneous effect
It is hard to imagine, but a strike with longitudinal wave weapon is instantaneous as the scalar waves do not go through our "3-space" world, but around it. As Bearden puts it:
"... it is possible to focus the potential for the effects of a weapon through spacetime itself, in a manner so that mass and energy do not "travel through space" from the transmitter to the target at all. Instead, ripples and patterns in the fabric of spacetime itself are manipulated to meet and interfere in and at the local spacetime of some distant target. There interference of these ripple patterns creates the desired energetic effect (hence the term energetics) directly in and through the target itself, emerging from the very spacetime (vacuum) in which the target is imbedded at its distant location." Bearden Fer-de-Lance

What Can These New Superweapons Do?
1. Exothermic mode
In what is called an "exothermic mode" the howitzers can cause a blast of heat at the interference zone, an explosion of near-nuclear proportions. It could topple buildings and cause other destruction. Or it could be set wide and heat the atmosphere in that region. Or it could be set to simply destroy all electronics in that interference (target) zone, or to destroy the hubs of the electric power grids of a very wide area. Although it seems unbelievable, the actual energy of the blast is not traveling through space to hit the target, but actually being made to emerge from the local vacuum in the interference (target) zone.
Using the exothermic mode it is possible to make any airplane drop from the sky, anywhere. It is possible to destroy any missile, in its flight path or in its silo. Bearden sites many instances of downed planes he believes were tests of the scalar weapons. (Gandor, Newfoundland)
"The Woodpecker grid/howitzer weapon system can be placed over the ocean and used against cruise missiles, naval surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missiles, submarine-launched ballistic and cruise missiles, etc. Placed over a carrier task force, it can also take care of the aircraft launched by the carrier as fast as they are launched. It can also handily take care of the missiles launched by guided-missile cruisers of the accompanying task force."
Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/s65.htm
Here is a slide which shows the exothermic mode of action.

2. Endothermic mode
In a second howitzer mode called the "endothermic" mode, the howitzer sucks energy out of the target area, essentially creating a blast of cold at the distant target. It is even capable of freezing parts of the ocean. Bearden gives a number of cases where these "cold explosions" have been witnessed, mostly by airline pilots. April 9, 1984: 1 2 3 ) A huge mushroom cloud of mostly water is seen rising miles into the sky from out of the ocean, an awesome sight.
In the endothermic mode the sucked-out energy must go somewhere, so it is vented out at some other chosen spot on the earth. These endothermic plumes have been photographed by satellite.
Bearden envisions the use of cold explosions in a scalar war:
"Cold explosions can be used to freeze tanks, personnel, and equipment. The equipment and tanks thaw out. The personnel thaw out too, but they are dead when they do." Bearden, Fer-de-Lance
Starting with this slide from Fer de Lance you can see a number of sightings of giant mushroom clouds of water vapor which Bearden believes were created by the Russians testing the howitzers in endothermic ("cold explosion") mode. (Keep clicking "Next Slide").
In another slide the endothermic mode of operation is shown.

3. "Mindsnapper" mode
In a third and very terrifying mode the longitudinal wave patterns can be adjusted to affect the human mind. Bearden has dubbed this mode the "Mind-snapper" mode. Use of scalar waves in this mode is also called "psychoenergetics" or "psychotronics." At low power the mind-snapper causes everyone in the interference zone to fall unconscious. At high power the mind-body connection is "snapped" and instant death occurs. Bearden describes the manner of death:
"Those hit by the scalar EM weapon, however, have a most peculiar death mode.
"Death comes-instantly and totally. There is no convulsion, no response. The entire nervous system is destroyed instantly. Every living cell in the body is killed instantly, including all bacteria, germs, etc.
"A body hit with this thing falls like a limp rag and lies where it falls. It doesn't decay in even 30-45 days. In a macabre fashion, it's been reduced to something like food irradiated with nuclear radiation; everything is killed, so the material is preserved for an extended period before any decay can set in."

In psychoenergetics mode the weapons can also induce a kind of hypnogogic trance in the minds of anyone in the target zone. It this involuntary trance state one's mind would be completely open to suggestions and orders. Bearden believes that this is what happened in the case of one Captain Button who inexplicably flew his A-10 Warthog airplane into a mountain was a test of the scalar weapons, taking over a man's mind and controlling him from a distance.
"Remember Captain Button, flying his A-10 Warthog toward the range, suddenly peeled away from his companions and flew off cross country for over an hour? He ignored all radio messages, circled at one point (probably dropped his ordnance there), then flew until he crashed into the side of a mountain and was killed.
"That was a deliberate test in the mid-U.S. to demonstrate that a human could be controlled for one hour, while doing a technical set of tasks (flying an airplane), in a hypnogogic state, successfully. The test was a total success."

4. Earthquake/Weather mode
As Secretary of Defense William Cohen pointed out, these same longitudinal wave interferometers can be used to create earthquakes in the distant target zone, as well as tornados and other storms, and the precipitation of volcanic eruptions. Weather can be manipulated by using the exothermic mode to heat the atmosphere in one place, and using endothermic mode to cool the atmosphere in another place. Even the jet stream can be pulled this way and that by these actions.
Anyone one who keeps watch of the weather radar date from an unretouched source like weatherTAP will have seen many anomolies which MAY indicate hits by the howitzers. According to Bearden the Russians (KGB) have been manipulating weather over North America for decades. Cheniere.Org has a number of pictures of such radar anomolies, as well as some unusual cloud formations which, Bearden says, MAY be showing the effects of the scalar wave patterns traveling the channels of the Woodpecker Grid. Keep your eyes on the skies.

5. Death Ray
Nikola Tesla had envisioned a "Death Ray," and now it is a reality.
"Those hit by the scalar EM weapon, however, have a most peculiar deathmode.
"Death comes - instantly and totally. There is no convulsion, no response. The entire nervous system is destroyed instantly. Every living cell in the body is killed instantly, including all bacteria, germs, etc.
"A body hit with this thing falls like a limp rag and lies where it falls. It doesn't decay in even 30-45 days. In a macabre fashion, it's been reduced to something like food irradiated with nuclear radiation; everything is killed, so the material is preserved for an extended period before any decay can set in."

"Ordinary" Warfare Obsolete
Warfare has been changed forever by the development of these scalar energy longitudinal wave howitzers. Remember, the power for these weapons comes from the time domain, longitudinal EM waves in the vacuum of empty space, and the power is tremendous and mind-boggling. Being able to blast away at any target from a distant control booth is something that has never happened before. This is incredible power to be in control of and it divides the history of weaponry into "before" and "after." And the destructive power of these weapons is delivered instantaneously to the target from the local vacuum at the place of the target.
Bearden describes how the old-style machinery of war has been made obsolete. Planes can be dropped to the ground, tanks are obsolete. Bearden says of the whole "Star Wars" defense system (SDI) : "It's obsolete to Soviet scalar EM weapons that are already deployed and operationally tested in place!"
"Interference phenomena are key. One can get action at a distance -- even over hundreds of thousands of kilometers.
"One can engineer gravitational and inertial effects.
"One can engineer the nucleus, including transmute it, easily and cheaply. One could clean up all the nuclear wastes. Electromagnetic energy can be produced at a distant target, or extracted from a distant target. This is not energy transmission through space in the form of EM force fields. Instead, it is transmission through spacetime in the form of electrogravitational potentials. Conventional EM shielding is ineffective against scalar EM."
The fact that these weapons can transmute atoms means they can have a metal softening effect, leaving one to wonder if it were a clandestine use of a scalar interfermeter which brought down the Twin Towers. We may never know, since THAT evidence was so quickly destroyed without study.
Tesla Domes
The Tesla howitzers can be used in a nearly impregnable defensive mode whereby they throw up a dome (Tesla Dome) or a sphere (Tesla Globe) of highly powerful electromagnetic energy, enough to "dud" or destroy missiles which try to penetrate them. Once again, this energy is not going through space from the howitzer, but being made to emerge from the local vacuum at the location of the shell. KGB tests of these domes have been witnessed by airline pilots around the world. Bearden gives many examples of the Tesla domes being sighted around the world in his briefing paper "Fer-de-Lance." (Russian dome test, another globe incident, yet another globe test). These giant electromagnetic domes can be hundreds of miles across, or narrowed down more to total impermeability.
By using nested domes one can protect the domed area even against nuclear radiation itself. Tesla globes can be used to hit airborne targets by simply placing a globe of any chosen size in the flight path of the incoming missile. It does double duty because the missile hits it going in, and then the rubble hits it again going out the other side.
Bearden cites a number of examples of these domes being tested around the world:
March 20, 1969 | March 24, 1977 | August 17, 1980 | June 17, 1966 | June 18, 1982 June 22, 1976
So while the Russians have arrived at a near perfect missile defense, the West is still messing around trying to hit an incoming missile with another missile.
Bearden lists some of the vulnerabilities the new weapons create:
"Almost every weapon system we presently have -- or are developing -- is totally vulnerable to scalar EM weaponry.
This includes personnel, electronics (including fuzing and warhead), explosives, propellants, fuels, ordnance, ships, submarines, torpedoes, aircraft, helicopters, missiles, drones, rockets, tanks, armored vehicles, weapons carriers, self-propelled and towed artillery, communications, [see also] satellites, radars, command and control, directed energy weapon systems, surveillance and sensor systems, mines, artillery rounds and ammunition, nuclear warheads, etc.
We are in dire straits. We need a "Manhattan Project" of the highest priority. Now!
The Soviets have already had the equivalent of seven or eight Manhattan Projects in this area."
Crop circles, Glowing Orbs, and Scalar Interferometers
Scalar interferometry may explain many unusual phenomena that are being sighted. Two immediately come to mind, the glowing orbs that are being seen in the skies around the world, and the crop circles. Both phenomena could be easily accomplished with the new scalar superweapons. Balls of plasma flying through the sky at phenomenal speeds may well be the "marker beacons" of the scalar weapons. Marker beacons are created for fine tuning the aiming of the devices. Air Force jets were recently sent aloft from Edwards AFB to chase two just glowing orbs. After chasing them a while, the orbs simple vanished. That is to say, the scalar beams creating the orb were turned off.
By feeding a graphic pattern into the aiming software such a plasma ball could be made to trace out that pattern, at the distant interference zone (target zone), making the standing crops fall over, creating a crop circle. Remember there are many modes and effects of these weapons. They are really the engineering of reality itself.
If Tom Bearden's information is correct then we will have to reexamine world affairs in a new light, seeing the maneuvering of those forces who possess the new weapons. For one thing, there is no defense against such weapons other than having the weapons oneself. And it would appear that Russia (actually the KGB) is the most advanced in the development of these weapons, at least according to Tom Bearden, who has briefed the U.S. Military on these issues a number of times.
With the Bush cabal about to attack Iraq, against the objection of nearly the entire rest of the world, one has to wonder if we are about to see the world's first overt scalar war.
If the U.S. is to prevail in that attack, it can only be with the tacit permission of the Russian possessors of this technology, for they could easily cause any sky or land attack to fail. They could drop the warplanes out of the sky, cause tanks and all communications to fail, cause whole battallions to drop dead like limp rags. If they wanted to they could put up a Tesla dome over Baghdad that would be impenetrable to missiles, planes and bombs.
Won't it just be too tempting for some possessor of this technology to try turn the tide of the coming war with longitudinal wave interferometers? And will that lead to an all out war with these same weapons? The world's first scalar electromagnetic war? Or will restraint be shown, by all possesors of these weapons, allowing an old-fashioned war to proceed in the old-fashioned way?
The devices called "Tesla howitzers" can be put to a myriad of peaceful uses, including reversing global warming (vent the heat to outer space), and preparing a surefire means of preventing any asteroids from hitting the earth.
Bearden says that the Russian possessors of these devices must surely have understood that the devices could wipe out all life on earth, even upsetting the scalar balance of earth and sun resulting in large storms on the sun. They can also backfire on the user of them:
"Perhaps with the free and open release of Tesla's secret, the scientific and governmental bureaucracies will be shocked awake from their slumber, and we can develop defenses before Armageddon occurs. Perhaps there is hope after all -- for even Brezhnev, in his strange July, 1975 proposal to the SALT talks, seemed to reveal a perception that a turning point in war and weaponry may have been reached, and that human imagination is incapable of dealing with the ability to totally engineer reality itself.
"Having tested the weapons, the Soviets must be aware that the ill-provoked oscillation of timeflow affects the minds and thoughts -- and the very lifestreams and even the collective species unconsciousnesses -- of all lifeforms on earth. They must know that these weapons are two-edged swords, and that the backlash from their use can be far more terrible to the user than was the original effect to his victim.
"If we can avoid the Apocalypse, the fantastic secret of Nikola Tesla can be employed to cure and elevate man, not kill him. Tesla's discovery can eventually remove every conceivable external human limitation. If we humans ourselves can elevate our consciousness to properly utilize the Tesla electromagnetics, then Nikola Tesla -- who gave us the electrical twentieth century in the first place -- may yet give us a fantastic new future more shining and glorious than all the great scientists and sages have imagined."
The secrecy with which this technology has been held from the human race can only be called a crime again humanity. Instead of using these incredible new discoveries for good, for free energy, and for healing, shadowy groups around the world have used the technology to make terrible weapons of war such as the earth has never dreamed of.
A final word from Tom Bearden:
"The "terror" in the "balance of terror" between nations has just increased by many, many orders of magnitude.
"The biblical prophecy that the Earth will be wiped out by "fire and brimstone from heaven" is very near fulfillment now.
"Put another way, the pucker factor -- even on the Russians who may contemplate unleashing Armageddon -- is higher than any Western strategic analyst has ever imagined, even in his wildest nightmares.
"Truly these weapons are "more frightening than the mind of man has imagined," as Brezhnev put it in 1975.
"The frightening scalar EM weapons can be used, but only very, very gingerly indeed. If a slight mistake is made, everybody loses everything."