Zeta Reticuli

Zeta Reticulis have large black eyes and grayish hairless bodies. They are three-four feet tall ET's.

They share a group mind. Their emotional sensitivity is not well developed. They are oriented towards science.

They have the ability to magnify their mental fields in order to maintain control over humans.

They seem very active on the earth plane in recent centuries.

They are divided into two groups--one that appears to be more tolerant towards humans and other that is interested in colonization of Earth.

The Grey Race


Channeling of Saint Germaine: By Lyssa Royal

The primary goal of sharing the history of the Zeta Reticuli with you is so it can allow you to see some parallels between their civilization in the past and yours in the present. There is quite a bit of similarity.

Though the evolution of their race does not really occur linearly, we will place this story in a linear format. We begin "back" hundreds of thousands of years ago in the Lyran system. The roots ofthe humanoid race in your area of the galaxy emerged from the Lyran system. The Zeta Reticuli are no exception.

Let us begin in the Lyran system back when civilization was flourishing and new cultures were exploding throughout the cosmos. The range of cultures these early humanoids created was vast. There was one planet we have called the Apex planet that we will refer to as the ancient origin of the Zeta Reticuli race.

This Apex planet was very similar to Earth. The beings on Apex were a mixture genetically just like you are, because the early Lyran races had already begun to colonize. Apex became a melting pot for the genetics of the Lyran races. Therefore their society manifested a great deal of individuality and unpredictability. These qualities were even more pronounced than upon present-day Earth.

There were those who were pacifists. There were those who were warriors. There were those who were technologically oriented and those who rejected technology in favor of an inner spirituality. Every polarity one could imagine was played out on this Apex planet even more dramatically than it is played out on your Earth plane.

Their culture flourished for many thousands of years. However, beneath the surface of the mass consciousness there was a great deal of disharmony because the spiritual growth of the planet did not parallel the technological growth of its inhabitants. The gap began to widen. On the surface of the planet cataclysm began -severe toxicity and severe radiation from atomic blasts even more destructive than on your planet today. There was much pollution. The atmosphere began to deteriorate and plant life was shortly thereafter unable to produce enough oxygen to continue the cycle of carbon dioxide/oxygen which kept the ecosystem balanced.

There were those within the system who were aware of what was happening. They began taking measures to preserve life.

They built underground shelters and prepared themselves for the total destruction of the planet's surface. They didn't know whether this was going to occur, but they wanted to be safe. They knew they had a safety margin and that if they were prepared, their race would survive. They began learning to use alternate energy sources that could be used underground without any dependency on sunlight or oxygen from the surface. Thus they created a world that would be totally independent from the surface ecosystem.

Preparation stretched out over many generations. They were farsighted, for they were certain this change needed to occur. They paced themselves and moved slowly. They began to see that they were evolving at such a rapid rate that the Apexian cranial size was quickly increasing. The natural birth process became difficult, for the cranial size was expanding more quickly than the female pelvis could accommodate. Thus there were many deaths during childbirth - of both the mother and the child. Since what you call caesarian delivery was not part of their belief system, they were certainly facing a species crisis.

They were faced with a dilemma. Their population was decreasing. It became obvious that they had to prepare for planetary catastrophe as well as the possible death of their own species. They thus began turning to cloning techniques so they would not be dependent on the birth process. Then they could actually reproduce their species in the laboratory without the need for the reproductive act, conception, or natural birth. They assumed this knowledge would take care of them and they would be ready for anything.

The Apexians did attempt to reverse some of the conditions that were occurring on the planet's surface before they took shelter underground. However, it had progressed too far. Many Apexians were dying from various diseases resulting from radiation or air pollution. They knew this was the time to move beneath the planet's surface.

Gradually, individuals wrapped up their business on the surface of the planet and began to inhabit the underground cities. This was a great shock to many. Imagine knowing that you could never look at the sly again. . .that you could never lie under the stars...that you would be trapped in a rock environment for the rest of your life. Imagine the fear and sorrow these people were experiencing.

Eventually, they all were moved underground. They had to learn how to adapt. Through their cloning capabilities (which they had been working on for at least 100 of their years), they began to understand how a body could adapt to an environment such as this. They began altering their genetics so that when new babies arrived they could be part of the underground ecosystem.

This entailed restructuring bodies so they could absorb frequencies of light beyond the visible spectrum and then change these frequencies into heat. This required a completely different way of body functioning and a new way of teaching the body to absorb nutrients. The bodies began learning to ingest nutrients from some of the luminiferous rocks underground. They had brought from the surface luminiferous plants as well. Ihey studied these plants (which were chlorophyl-based) and allowed themselves to incorporate these qualities into themselves.

All of this occurred over a span of hundreds of years. Many Apexians died. There were successes as well as failures. They eventually got to a point where the population growth leveled out as the death rate decreased. The methods by which they were taking in nutrients and recycling into the ecosystem became symbiotic and balanced. They knew they could survive this way for an indefinite period of time.

While this was occurring under the surface of the planet, profound changes were occurring on the surface. The Apexians did not realize that the planet's toxicity had set a chain reaction in motion. Severe radiation had begun breaking down the planetary energy field on a subatomic level. This created an electromagnetic warp in the time/space fabric surrounding the Apex planet. While they were underground, Apex actually shifted its position in the time/space continuum because of this dramatic subatomic energy breakdown.

Time and space is very much like swiss cheese. A planet in one location is connected through a series of multidimensional networks or passageways to other areas of your galaxy. When this warp began around their planet, the planet was moved through the fabric of time/space to another time/space continuum - which was a significant distance from their point of origin. You have labeled this area the Reticulum star group. The Apex planet was inserted in the Reticulum system around one of the faintest stars in that star group. This occurred simply because the planetary shift followed the fabric of time and space. The underground Apexians were totally unaware of this as they continued with their lives under the surface. They continued saving their species.

If something such as this occurred onn Earth, there would be various factions of people living underground who would have no communication with each another. These factions could develop very different cultures over hundreds of years. This is what occurred on Apex. These different factions represent the different variations that have been viewed in the Zeta Reticuli groups. Some individuals say they are very negative; others say they are very benevolent. But it really isn't as black and white as that.

Over the hundreds of years that they were underground, they deliberately manipulated their body type to suit their underground environment. They allowed themselves to become shorter in stature than they originally were so they could make better use of the cavern space. It was merely a conservation effort.

Because they were not Iprocreating physically, their reproductive organs atrophied. Their digestive tracts atrophied because they were no longer taking in solid nutrients. They had mutated to allowv themselves to take in nutrients through the skin. Their eyes adapted to the environment through the pupil mutating to cover the entire eye. This allowed them to absorb eertain frequencies of light beyond the visible spectrum. They had to do this in order to make optimal use of their underground environment. This description of their changes is a general one, since different factions would have made slightly different alterations to their genetic structure.

During this time, they evaluated what they had done to their planet. They concluded that emotions were largely responsible, so they no longer allowed emotion in their lives. They also vowed that they would no longer allow diversity in their culture. Thus they deliberately bred out variations in emotional reactions to differing stimuli. They were adamant that their passions would no longer rule them. They began creating a neurochemical structure in which every external stimulus produced the same reaction in every person. They felt this would allow them to integrate into one people and eliminate the warring and passion that had ruled their culture in the past.

Generally speaking, the separate underground factions followed the same reasoning. Most of them adapted themselves biologically in much the same way.This was a natural progression - they were following an equation. But the differences in the factions were more noticeable in their philosophie orientations.

Each faction had differing points of view about their own sense of self the ones you now call Zeta Reticuli are the more benign and benevolent beings.

There are those we can term the "negative Zeta Reticuli" who stemmed from a faction that was interested in gaining power. They carried this desire from their Lyran roots into their mutation. There were other groups whom you have named "the Greys" who were from this Apex world but had slightly different genetic structures. You will find that the extraterrestrials playing a big role in your abduction literature come mostly from this original Apex planet. This is why there is so much controversy over who is who. Though they have the same lineage, their orientations and motivations are quite varied.

Eventually the Apexians realized that enough time had passed that they could return to the surface of the planet. The atmosphere had not totally regenerated (thus their time on the planet's surface was limited), but they did allow themselves to emerge. When they did, they had quite a shock. Observing the star field, they knew the planet had shifted its position in the cosmos. The stars were very different. The astronomers who had been plotting the heavens during the seclusion were astonished. They realized then what they had done.

The more benevolent Zeta Reticuli now were firmly committed to becoming one people and finding out what they had lost during the time they were underground. Thus they diligently learned about the folding of time and space. They didn't even know where they were. They wanted to find out what had happened. They wanted to learn about themselves through other cultures. It was also their desire for no one else to ever do to themselves what they had done. At this time, that was their primary motivation.

The other more negative or self-serving groups also emerged on the surface of the planet and realized what they had done. The negative Zeta Reticuli group allowed themselves - with the technology they had in the past - to build ships and move to other planets in the Reticulum system where they built their culture. Others of the self-serving orientation allowed themselves to explore the universe, setting up colonies in several systems including Orion (Betelgeuse) and the Sirius trinary system.


Have any of these beings on Apex been reincarnationally connected with Earth?


Reincarnationally speaking, a good number of them are upon your planet now. Many of these Apexians who died out were somewhat opposed to the idea of manipulating the population.

Apexian genetic structure. But at the same time, they were adamant about not creating pollution and toxicity and knew the Apex planet had to change. So they have incarnated all through the galactic family - especially whenever they saw a planet coming to the brink of the same kind of destruction they had created in their past. It is their wish to share their knowledge of what occurred in their past so that others will not need to recreate it.


So the Zetas are not indigenous to the Reticulum system?


Correct. However, after Apex shifted into the Reticulum system, the Zetas had many thousands of years of evolution. They have been there so long that Apex is only a dim memory to them.


If the Apexians had spacecraft, why didn 't they leave Apex when the catastrophe was occurring?


They could have left had they desired. Understand the nature of their being: they were pioneers; they had the same motivations and passions as the individuals who colonized your America. Even when the pioneers were faced with Indian attacks, they did not want to leave.

The Apexians saw this as a great challenge. They felt that by going underground and changing their species, they would heal their past. They felt they would not recreate it again. The majority of them felt that if they left and went somewhere else, they would continue to recreate the pattern. Some of them did leave and went to other planets in the Lyran system, but only a small number. For the most part, the individuals who were committed allowed themselves to stay, feeling that this was an opportunity for them to heal their society.


You were saying that the pupil of the eye mutated to cover the whole eye. Does the pupil also grow larger through expanded consciousness?


In their case, yes. The brain was growing larger and therefore the eye structure as well as their desire for knowledge facilitated the enlargement of the pupil. But they also genetically manipulated it as well. Over a long period of time it would have occurred naturally because the surface area of the eye was not large enough to take in all of the light they needed. Also, the Lyran beings who were their forefathers had larger eyes than the Earth human.


Did the Apex planet move back to its onginal location once they began healing themselves?


No. The planet still remains in the Reticulum star system. The underground caverns are still home to many of them, though for the most part a good number of them spend time in space on their ships.


Is it possible in our time that our world could create something like this?


Yes, it is. In your current development and use of atomic power, it is not possible, but should you continue using your knowledge of atomics for more destructive means without allowing yourself to evolve from atomics to something else, then you could create that scenario.


The genetic projects by the Zetas seems to me to be like rape. There is no conscious free will choice in the moment. It is violation of boundaries. Abuse.


Yes. However understand that many of the individuals who choose experiences like abduction or rape need to learn something from the experience. The individuals on your planet who have successfully experienced that and not allowed it to ruin their lives are the ones that are teaching others to change the patterns of victimization.

Groups who shift awareness allow an individual who is violated to develop a sense of empowerment and spread that sense of empowerment to others. Instead of looking at the event that occurred and the tragedy, if you look at the potential for change, the potential for growth (not only for the individual but as it spreads exponentially on a planetary scale) then what you are dealing with is a massive evolutionary step from one of powerlessness to one of powerfulness.

We understand that the way it looks from the point of view you have chosen on your planet is that violation is a terrible thing and should not be here. But there are other lessons to be learned from it, and the choice is to learn the lessons and evolve, or not learn and perpetuate the cycle of victimhood.

We certain applaud your courage as a species for manifesting these things. This is something our race never did-- not that you have to do this in order to grow. But one of the beliefs of your species is that your growth comes through hard work and sometimes suffering.

The point of all of it is to come to a point of personal empowerment where you as souls no longer need to create these types of circumstances. When there are no more victims, there can be no more perpetrators. We cannot stop looking at it from that perspective. You will always attract to you that which you need to experience to compliment your belief system. If you believe you are a victim, there must be a perpetrator out there.

In terms of the overall purpose, this is why this occurs. It is an evolutionary step-- not that it has to be taken this way, but this is the way you have chosen it.


Could it be that we also want to move through our lessons faster?


Yes. In terms of evolution, your planet is moving quite rapidly. Having studied many cultures as a sociologist, your race is moving through your milestones at a breakneck speed. I have studied races personally who have taken two and three times as long as you have to reach the level you are at now. The rate at which you will learn your lessons is also a choice on the part of your mass consciousness of which you as individuals are a part.


Evidence gleaned from both the Betty and Barney Hill abduction case and from intelligence sources has suggested that the home of at least one group of supposed alien 'visitors" to Earth may well be the Zeta Reticuli system, a close pair of companion stars (two stars traveling together in the same direction at the same speed, as opposed to a double or binary star system wherein one star orbits the other) some 37 light years distant. Although this information is NOT scientifically provable, it can be used to test the hypothesis that Zeta Reticuli has all the ingredients (except for positive proof of planets) to support intelligent life at an advanced stage of development.

The prime source of information about these stars is L. DaSilva and R. Foy's paper "Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 Reticuli: A Puzzling Solar-Type Twin System", which can be found in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

The two stars, Zeta 1 and Zeta 2, are located in the southern constellation of Reticulum (the net) and are thus never visible to most of the northern hemisphere. Both are classed as old disk population II stars whose age is between six to eight billion years. There is every indication that both had a common origin and are part of a relatively near-by old moving group (or loose cluster) of stars which was first defined in 1958 and is known as the Zeta Hercules group.

Our own Sun has an estimated age of only five billion years and is classed spectroscopically as a G-0 star (yellow-orange dwarf). Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 are classed as G-2 and G-1 respectively, with luminosities ("L") of 0.7 and 0.9 (the Sun being L=l.O). This means that both Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 are very Sun-like and could well possess solar systems much like our own.

In their highly technical paper, DaSilva and Foy offer two very important conclusions about these stars which radically contradict earlier findings. These are that neither star is metal-deficient and that neither is a close binary (or double). Earlier evidence identifying Zeta 2 as a very close binary turns out to have been mistaken

The puzzling aspects of these "close" stars (.1 light year apart) center around discoveries of higher than expected gravity and ultraviolet output when compared to their apparently normal metal content (i.e. not metal-poor). The ultraviolet excess and kinematic (proper motion and orbit) data suggest that these two stars belong to the old population II stars as mentioned earlier; yet the apparent high gravity figure seems more typical of an unevolved, metal-poor condition. Since DaSilva and Foy's work resulted in strong confirmation of a Sun-like (or "normal") metal content for these stars, they began to look elsewhere for an explanation of the gravity paradox. The answer came with the discovery of an apparent overabundance of helium (twice as much as our own Sun) in the stellar photospheres. This, when worked into the calculations, not only explained the high gravity, but also accounted for the observed problem of the stars' high ultraviolet output but relatively low overall luminosity. Another effect of the helium abundance would be to slow the process of stellar evolution across the main sequence.

Additionally, it should be noted that Zeta 1 was one of the first stars ever to be used as a solar analog by astronomers. What might these findings signify as far as Zeta 1 and/or Zeta 2 possessing planets with advanced intelligent life? Let's make a list of the strong points which support this idea:

(1)Both Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 are solar, or Sun-like stars. (If one imagines a spherical section of our galaxy with a radius of 50 light years and centered upon our Sun, only one star out of every eleven contained therein will have Sun-like characteristics.)

(2) The previous objection that one and perhaps both stars appeared to be close binaries has now been swept away. Stable planetary orbits in the so-called eco-zone (i.e. close enough to the central fire to produce conditions conducive to life) are more probable around single stars than in binary systems. (It is for precisely this reason that our Sun's nearest neighbor, Alpha Centuri , is considered an unlikely candidate for life-giving planets even though the main star of that multiple system is a class G-4 sun.)

(3) Both Zeta 1 and Zeta 2 have an average age of between six and eight billion years. This makes them from one to three billion years older than our Sun and suggests that any life on planets associated with them could be much further along in its evolutionary process than we are.

(4) In many reported UFO abduction cases, the "visitors" have been described as having a thick epidermis and multiple eyelids. This is precisely the sort of adaptation one would expect for creatures who evolved on a planet whose sun had a high ultraviolet output. Curiously enough, these characteristics were also reported by the intelligence source code named "Falcon" as early as 1981.

On the negative side, it must be admitted that there is no direct observational evidence of planets around either Zeta 1 or Zeta 2. However, a Canadian group reported that a Jupiter-sized planet appears to exist in orbit around Tau Ceti, a Sun-like star only about 11 light years away. Those readers familiar with the star map developed by Marjorie Fish based upon information from the Barney and Betty Hill UFO abduction case, will recall that Tau Ceti was identified as one of the stars on that map.