Here are some generally accepted basic facts about the Fourth Dimension if it were space and not time
Provided in part by Derrick Coetzee

 Okay, this is a brief review for hard-core 4D-ers, but a good, quick 
explanation for the people who don't understand:

0th Dimension: . (point)
1st Dimension: _ (line)
2nd Dimension: |__| (square)
3rd Dimension:  |__|/ (cube)

0 dimension is a point, 1 dimension is a point dragged right or left, 2 
dimension is the line dragged up or down, 3 dimension is the squared 
dragged forward or backward.

So, logically, the fouth dimension is the cube dragged ana or kata (the 
two directions in the fourth dimesions) a hypercube.

So what about the spatial objects that aren't square?  I think that, 
just like a circle can be pulled into a sphere and a cube, a sphere can 
be pulled into both a hypersphere, a sphere surrounded by other spheres 
in a somewhat spherical pattern, and a hyper(sphere/cylinder), which is 
taking the sphere and stretching it either ana or kata only.

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-Jeff Heckey

Two universes, if they intersected, would intersect on a plane. This makes sense, because two lines intersect on a point, two planes intersect on a line, so it would make sense for two universes to intersect on a plane. Also, from the fourth dimension, every point within a three-dimensional object would be visible. One other thing, a four dimensional object going through our universe would appear as a three-dimensional object changing shape and color as it goes through our universe. As it goes through, it would shrink down to a point and disappear. This can be proved by thinking of the way in which a three-dimensional object would go through a two-dimensional plane. You may know some or all of this, but it wasn't on your page, so I am sending this anyway. - by Tom Oldani

If you think about a 2-d square, it exists on the z-axis point of 0. Well if you take a 3-d cube it exists on the "4-d" point of zero. So you could keep a sqaure and move it along the z-axis and it really wouldn't exist as a part of it, having only 2 dimensions. So you could move along the 4th dimension and not really feel like you are a part of it. Every point on three dimensional objects(you, me, the world, the universe) is located at the exact same point in the fourth dimension. Even if the fourth dimension were moving, we wouldn't feel it moving because everything that we know is three dimensional. We can go back and see everything physically in three dimensions. But time exists as something that you cannot go back and see no matter where you are in the universe. I'm just thinking about it now, but I think its a pretty good explanation. Do you think so? Sent in by Quentin Gee

3D space is an infinitely thin "slice" of the fourth dimension, and the fourth dimension is composed of an infinite number of them, all "stacked" on top of each other in the direction of the fourth dimension.

Fourth Dimensional beings could not fit in the third dimension, as we could not fit in the second dimension, and thusly cannot visit it. Upon observation of our dimension, thses fourth dimensional bodies would consider it extremely simple. Just like the second dimension is simple to us.

Fourth Dimensional beings would see advanced 3-d(not quite 4-d) pictures. 3d beings can only see in an advanced 2-d(not quite 3-d). This is true because if you ever look at something still while being still yourself, and only look with one eye, you are seeing a flat image of 3d space(just like a photo.) While this idea is not really accurate(we really see in 3d), the idea that images can appear to be a image of the lower dimension is the comparison we use to explain the relationship of 3-d and 4-d space.

Continuing with sight of 4d beings: A 4d being that could see in this advanced 3D would look upon a three-dimensional house, and see ALL of the house and it's contents. This can be compared to how we can view all of a section of 2d space and how 2-dimensional beings would observe simply a line when they look at other 2d objects.

A hyper(4d) body would view a hypercube head-on as a 3d cube(just like a cube in our universe looks like a square when viewed head-on, except the cube they see is of the entire surface). As it changes its angle of viewing the hypercube, the view of the hypercube would change(just as the view of a cube in our universe changes from a square to appear like other 2d geometric shapes).

One theory about space is that it is spherical in the direction of one dimension higher. For instance, to a 1 d object(a line) the space would be a cirle(a 2-d shape). The space that a 2-d object lives on would be a sphere(3d object). Our space may be a hypersphere(4d sphere). Note that this would provide you the ability to go in on direction forever and never reach the end and it is done in a non-infinite space. But this would also mean that our entire universe is 4 dimensional and that a 2d being's universe is 3 dimensional. Can this be true?

There are two different ways that theoretical physicists have viewed the 4th dimension- one is spatial and the other is temporal (time).

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