It is theoretically possible to leave our universe

It would seem, after contemplating the fourth dimension, that it would be theoretically possible to leave our universe and enter another 3 dimensional universe if we had the technology. If you asked someone how to go about this, they would most likely say something along the lines of "you would simply need to be capable of traveling in the FOURTH physical direction, out of our universe, in the direction of another, and into it. I believe that this is not possible because relativity proves to us that the dimensions ARE NOT 'compatible'. What I mean is that matter from any given dimension CANNOT exist FREELY in any dimension higher than itself. The matter MUST be contained in a universe of that dimension or else the laws of physics would be broken. For example, we have absolutely no idea whether or not a 2 dimensional universe exists or existed somewhere in space or time because, for us, a 2 dimensional reality is physically impossible. It is not possible in our dimension to have matter that consists of length, width and no height. It would seem that the only way for this to be possible is to have a 2 dimensional universe for that matter to be contained in, and that universe would be warped in on itself as a sphere causing IT to be 3 dimensional; allowing it to exist in a three dimensional reality--- not breaking any laws of physics. But lets say for example, some 2D people wanted to travel from there sphere shaped universe to another.... How? As soon as they were out of their universe, they would break the laws of physics... how could 2 dimensional matter exist in 3 dimensions??? Its not physically possible. Now apply all of this garbage to the fourth dimension... It would appear that it is physically impossible for 3D matter to exist in the fourth dimension. In a 4D reality, matter MUST have length, width, height, and one more dimension for it to actually exist. Looking at this situation logically, it seems that each universe is almost like a prison that holds all of its energy and matter, and the universe itself is in a shape that is one dimension higher than the matter and energy it holds. Once we 'broke out of our universe' and were just suspended in a 4D reality, would we cease to exist since we didn't have enough sides? This brings up another interesting topic: a 2D object has a 1D surface, a 3D object has a 2D surface, so that means a 4D object has a 3D surface... So if Einsteins theory is true, that the center of our universe is in the 4th dimension and our universe is a 4D sphere, that means that all the matter, energy, and space that exists to us is simply the surface of a 4D sphere. (note that nothing I said goes against the possibility of wormholes, because a wormhole would simply be 2 points of a universe bending and crossing each other [in the dimension they are suspended in] creating a "hole" to theoretically travel through. )

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