Windows Explorer's Details view displays the Name, Size, Type, and Date Modified fields. You can click any of these column titles to change the sort method or sort order of the items displayed in the folder.

However, you might not realize that you can add other columns to the Details view. Right-click any column, and choose something from the list to add. Here are some of your options:

* Attributes: Displays the attributes of the folder or file.

* Comments: Displays an optional comment associated with the folder or file.

* Date Created: Displays the date that someone created the folder or file.

* Date Accessed: Displays the date that someone last accessed the folder or file.

You also aren't limited to the columns listed in the shortcut menu. Right-click a column and choose More, or go to View | Choose Details. The resulting dialog box lets you choose from several other columns and change the order in which the columns appear in the window.

Some columns might appear useless because they're always blank. However, you can add information to many of them.

Right-click a file or folder, and choose Properties. On the Summary tab, click Advanced. Select the item you want to change, click the text box in the Value column, and enter the information you want to add.