As a free add-on for Windows Server 2003, Windows SharePoint Services integrates with the operating system and Internet Information Services (IIS) to provide a number of useful features. When combined with an Office 2003 rollout at the desktop level, this combination of software is formidable.

Windows SharePoint Services provides a collaboration environment that facilitates team participation in projects, document collaboration, and simple document management features such as document versioning.

Improved integration is key in this new release. With included support in Office 2003 and SharePoint's ability to integrate with an organization's address book, SharePoint can provide the glue to keep your company's information together.

In addition to its out-of-the-box functionality, Windows SharePoint Services offers a comprehensive framework on which to build additional features and applications.

Available for free download from Microsoft, Windows SharePoint Services requires Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2000. If you don't have SQL Server 2000, the SharePoint installer will automatically install the desktop edition of SQL Server 2000.

The services run on any version of Windows Server 2003, although the Web Edition requires that you install a full version of SQL Server 2000. Clients can access the data repository using either Internet Explorer 5.01 SP2 or later or Netscape 6.2 or later.

To download this add-on, check out the Windows SharePoint Services Web page.