You probably already know that the Event Viewer gives you access to several logs, enabling you to view events that have occurred on the local computer or on a remote computer. The Event Viewer includes a filter feature that lets you configure a log to show only specific events. For example, you might want to exclude Information events or only show events from a specific date range.

When you close the Event Viewer, the filter settings that you have set in the current session are discarded. When you open the Event Viewer again, the Event Viewer shows all events for all dates.

You can create your own Event Viewer with a sticky filter that remains in effect even after you close the console, so that the next time you open the console, the filter will be applied. Here's how to create such an Event Viewer:

1. Go to Start, Run, and enter MMC in the Run dialog box.

2. When the MMC opens, choose Console | Add/Remove Snap-in.

3. Click Add | Event Viewer | Add | Finish | Close | OK.

4. Select the log for which you want to set a filter and choose View | Filter.

5. Configure the filter settings, and then click OK to return to the console.

6. Choose Console | Save As and save the console with a new name, such as MyEvents.msc.

7. Close the console and open it again to verify that your filters are still in place.