Enable multilink connections

The Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) supports the Multilink feature, which enables clients to dial into a Windows 2000 RRAS server with multiple connections to increase bandwidth. For example, a user might connect using two 56-K modems to achieve a total bandwidth of 112 K (although the actual bandwidth will be somewhat less). Multilink is also useful for aggregating both B channels of an ISDN BRI connection.

To allow multilink connections, you must first enable multilink for the server. Open the RRAS console from the Administrative Tools folder, right-click the server in the console, and choose Properties. On the PPP tab, select the Multilink option, and click OK.

By default, remote access policies follow the server settings for multilink. Therefore, if you've configured the server to allow multilink connections, clients will be able to use multilink.

If you want to restrict the use of multilink connections to specific users, you must modify the default remote access policy to deny multilink and then add a new policy applicable to the necessary clients that enables it.

To disable multilink for the default policy, open the Remote Access Policies branch, and double-click the default policy. Click Edit Profile, click Multilink, select Disable Multilink, and click OK twice. Add a new policy that applies to the allowed group, and enable multilink on the Multilink tab for that policy.