Windows 2000 DNS servers provide several advanced DNS settings. To view these settings, open the DNS console, right-click the DNS server, select

Properties, and click the Advanced tab.

Here's a quick rundown of the settings you'll find:

* Disable Recursion: This setting enables or disables recursion for all clients using this DNS server.

* BIND Secondaries: This option enables or disables the fast zone transfers. Unless your BIND server runs version 4.9.4 or earlier, deselect this check box to enable the fast zone transfer.

* Fail On Load If Bad Zone Data: By default, the DNS server skips errors

or wrong data in the zone file. If you want the DNS server to fail when loading a zone with bad data, select this check box.

* Enable Round Robin: This option enables or disables the round robin rotation of multiple host (A) records using the same IP address.

* Enable Netmask Ordering: This setting enables or disables reordering of multiple host records based on the local subnet priority if the host is a multihomed computer (i.e., a computer with two or more network interfaces).

* Secure Cache Against Pollution: This option enables or disables the method of adding resource records to the cache. When enabled, DNS server

prevents caching of resource records that weren't answers for the originally issued query.

For even more detailed explanations of these settings, click the dialog box's question mark [?] button, and click one of these settings.