You may be familiar with the Getmac command, one of Windows XP's handy command-line utilities. Getmac displays the physical or media access control (MAC) address assigned to a network interface adapter in a local or a remote computer. Knowing the MAC address can come in very handy in a number of troubleshooting operations.

If a system has more than one network interface adapter, the standard report generated by the Getmac command will list all MAC addresses, but it won't identify which network interface adapter has which MAC address assigned.

However, the Getmac command comes with an often overlooked parameter. The /v parameter configures the command to provide detailed information in its report. This detailed information includes the actual names of the network interface adapters.

To make the report even easier to read, use the /fo LIST parameter, which specifies that the Getmac command format its report in a list format.

Here's an example:

Getmac /V /FO List