When using Chkdsk to troubleshoot and fix problems on NTFS-formatted drives, you may want to configure Chkdsk to run in the early stages of system bootup instead of while the operating system is actually running.

This allows you to obtain a more accurate reading on the condition of the disk without the extra overhead of the running operating system. You can do this using the Chkntfs utility.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to Start | Run.

2. To restore all Chkntfs default settings, enter Chkntfs /d.

3. If there are multiple hard drives in the system, enter Chkntfs /x <drive letter>:. This excludes the drives you don't want to check. Make <drive letter> the letter(s) of the drive(s) you want to exclude.

4. Enter Chkntfs /t:0 to set the countdown to zero.

5. Type Chkntfs /c <drive letter>:, where <drive letter> is the letter of the drive you want to check.