If you're managing a Windows XP system that stores a significant number of data files, chances are good that you're using Windows Explorer's Details view to help sort through all of the files.

While the Details view is a great way to look at your data files, Windows XP offers another view that, in many circumstances, can make it even easier to manage your collection of data files: the Show In Groups view.

To enable the Show In Groups view, follow these steps:

1. Launch Windows Explorer.
2. Go to View | Arrange Icons By | Show In Groups.

This view setting divides Windows Explorer's displays into sections with headers that correspond to the sort option that you've selected. For example, if you've sorted files by Name, XP will group them alphabetically by letter. If you've sorted files by Date Modified, XP will group them by time, such as Yesterday, Earlier This Week, Last Week, etc. You can easily change the group sort order by clicking a different column header.