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Eritrea, Ethiopia and Badme

Badme is a small village on the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia, a small stretch of arid land which sparked the war which cost the two countries well over one hundred thousand young lives, hundreds of thousands of displaced people, several billion dollars and sank their economies to the world's lowest levels.

Actually Badme is under Ethiopian administration but the ERITREA - ETHIOPIA BOUNDARY COMMISSION Decision Regarding Delimitation of the Border between The State of Eritrea and The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, on 13 April 2002, assigned Badme to Eritrea.

The long awaited demarcation of the boundary between the two countries has now come to a standstill since Ethiopia will not renounce its sovereignty over Badme nor will Eritrea, rightly on the legal basis sanctioned by the world community, renounce it.

While the drums of war are not yet beating a new war might break out between the two countries with a foreseeable result which might exceed what has been already witnessed in what, to date, has been the greatest war of the new millennium.

International diplomacy is hard at work to try to get to a satisfactory solution of this apparently intractable problem and ready to favor both countries in any way in order to avoid a new armed conflict yet it appears that the problem is intractable and tension is arising between the two countries.

Problems cannot be solved only if lack of good will between parties refuse a solution where a solution is seen as a loss or defeat of one of the parties so that new avenues should be explored for mutual satisfaction, and that is not impossible nor utopian.

One solution would be to give Badme to where it belongs to since the dawn of time, that is:


Badme's symbolical weight is heavy, it would be a beacon of progress and liberty. The whole world will surely be glad to help and realize the project which is here put forward:

let it, Badme, become the center for a large African University or an important African Research Center for the Advancement of Science or whatever can be creative and exclusively African, with no borders yet confined within it own perimeter between the two countries, a free island of progress and advancement under all the African flags and to which all the Africans would turn.

Make Badme a symbol of progress ,civilization and harmony like no one has yet been attained in the world, the first step towards a frontier-less planet.

Then the sacrifice of countless young lives would have served a purpose, the sores left by the conflict between the two countries, which will have to coexist until the end of history, would be cured and a new bright era would start for them.