"At times of writing I never think what I have said before. My aim is not to be consistent with my previous statements on a given question, but to be consistent with truth as it may present itself to me at a given moment. The result has been that I have grown from truth to truth." --- Mahatma Gandhi


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A Falling Drop
Life is a comedy!
The invention of God
The Alien Within
The Iconoclast
Life, Brains and Mind
The Canvas of the Mind
The Apologue of Life

The Bi-dimensional Being

Lady of the Two Lands in the Shrine is Thy Name
The Dead Chrysalis

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Not born, not dying [Brain Jam]
Mental Relativity 
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Human failure
Kick a stone
Yoga-Tremor Therapy
 [Taking control of that which controls yourself]
Creating dragons yins and yangs
Spacetime mind: which is what?
 Ferenji, ferenji, ferenji

Apparatus for experimental research with magnetism in biomedicine and biota
The Interlaced Asymmetrical Cores Transducer
The magnetic pyramid
The Cavity Resonator
The Cone of Gravity
The pi-coil

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.Italy 's Colonial Era
House of Savoia and Fascist
Coat of Arms on glass.
This site is dedicated to the Afar People, who made it possible long before the Internet came to be.
Dankalia, a planet within a planet, is the land of the Afar People. From the shores of the Red Sea inland to the feet of the Eritrean and Ethiopian highlands this is the heart of the Rift Valley, geologically one of the most active spots on the planet. A vast expanse of lava, deserts, below-sea-level salt plains and lakes and active and extinct volcanoes along a north/south chain; a desolate land with an extremely salty lake (Lake Afrera, also named Lake Giulietti after the Italian explorer killed by the Afars in 1881) at 140 meters under the sea level kept alive by the thermal springs feeding it, it is the hottest region on the Earth. Its coastal part entirely in Eritrea and the inner and larger part in Ethiopia it was home to the Australopithecus afarensis, “Lucy” from Hadar, Ethiopia, and Buia's Homo Ergaster from Alat, Eritrea; quite likely the cradle of humanity. The pictures on this site span a period between 1965 and 1974 and indeed morphologically little has changed in those regions to this day notwithstanding the eruptions of the Ertale and the Nabro volcanoes, they are as actual now as they were yesterday. While presently there is an abundance of material on the Web related to Dankalia, that presented on this site goes back to those days when these regions were little known, hardly accessible and reaching them was always a dangerous adventure. Moreover, presently many of the places here presented, geologically dangerous, are no more accessible since excursions are strictly controlled by the Ethiopian Ministry of Tourism and take place under armed escort, hence here we have a unique photographic archive.

Dallol • Geysers and solfatara
Dallol •The Crater • An extremely dangerous place
Dallol • The treacherous terrain • Watch your steps
Assale •The Towers • Great works of erosion
Assale • Assale's Plain and Lake
Assale • Salt Rivers • Not only water flows
Lake Afrera • A marvelous salt lake • 120 meters below sea level
The Ertale Volcano • An active volcano • in a long chain of extinct ones
En route • Wiews along the way from Agula to the Ertale volcano
En route • Wiews along the way from Massawa to Mersa Fatma Batie and the Awash River
The Rift Valley • Volcanoes of Eritrea and Tigray

  Ufficio Studi Del Ministero Dell'A.I. • La Dancalia Meridionale
277 pagine storiche dalla Rivista Delle Colonie Italiane riguardanti l'Eritrea, la Dankalia e l'Etiopia.
  CARTA DELL’AFRICA ORIENTALE ITALIANA - TOURING CLUB D’ITALIA - in 37 fogli alla scala di 1 : 1.000.000 pubblicata nel 1936.
 La Lingua degli Afar  Vocabolario Italiano-DankaloDankalo-Italiano

 A baffling intrusion


Early Pleistocene Artifacts from Alat and Dandiero
Fossils from Alat and Dandiero
Buia's District and Alat's homo site
The Mysterious " donut " Structures at Alat • descriptive
The Mysterious " donut " Structures at Alat • pictorial
In and around the Alid Volcano and a small volcanic cone below it
Two artifacts from unexplored zones in-between Australopithecus afarensis (Lucy) and Homo buia

A Step Towards Human Origins • The Buia Homo one-million years ago in the Eritrean Danakil Depression.
New data on the Jurassic and Neogene sedimentation in the Danakil Horst and Northern Afar depression, Eritrea.
Ludovico M. Nesbitt • Pictures and drawings from the book which narrates the incredible adventures of the first Europeans who successfully crossed the planet's most hostile and savage environment [See also: La Spedizione Nesbitt in Dancalia
Dankalia  Articles of related interest

A deadly attack

Man lives of that which he perceives around himself: these are the shadows of existence.
Albeit he was born to discover what is hidden within himself: that is the light of existence.
All the material in this section is in the Public Domain
  Daylight .......
" ... ilsole colpirà le creature ..." e "Neve nera e grandine rossa verranno tre volte..." e "Grandi guerre verranno tre volte... quando si raduneranno Turchi, Arabi e Romani ..." Libro Apocalittico Persiano - (Ayätktär I Žamäspïk) Giuseppe Messina S. I. Pontifico Istituto Biblico, 1939 . Roma. [English: "... the sun will strike the creatures ..." and "Black snow and red hail will occur three times” and "Great wars will happen three times ... when Turks, Arab and Romans will unite ..."]