There is nothing magic in this world, the word magic simply denotes our lack of understanding of some manifest, hidden or psychic phenomena. You may use the Magic Square as a pastime, a toy, a game or for what it really is: a window to the comedy of life. The macrocosm, the microcosm and not less so the human life seemingly are none but a sequence of situations, as such incomprehensibly written down - an incredible comedy!


The I Ching [ Wilhelm, Richard ]
The I Ching [ Legge, James ]

The eight Trigrams
Key for Identifying the Hexagrams
The 64 Hexagrams
The 64 Hexagrams [ King Wen Sequence ]

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Yi Ching I Ching [ divination ]




A picture freezes a single instant in time yet at the same time it says something about the past of that moment and it also hints at its future. Whether the contents of the image is unequivocal, symbolical or recondite its interpretation is subjective, that is, it is what we make of it.




There are 361 buttons in the display and each one is linked to a picture. The resulting picture is linked to a graphical image which in turn is linked to another picture in a closed circle of 722 images. Additionally, on the top left corner of the resulting image a small yellow square is displayed, with either a yin or a yang line and each of them is linked to one of the 722 pictures; these too are linked in a closed circle which will display the images in a diverse sequence. Hence there are thousands of unique combinations which can be interpreted as situations. Clearly, the interpretation of any given sequence is strictly subjective. Alternatively, keeping track of the displayed lines (yang or yin) you may refer to the I Ching either as a wisdom book or a divination tool, since each three clicks will return a trigram, or an exagram every six clicks. Concerning the I Ching, text and related essential information, see the links on the left side of the display.

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Most of the graphic images have been obtained with Tierazon, a small wonderful executable [ download ] which runs on all Windows and Linux platforms.

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