19 x 19 = 361 hence there are 361 rotating buttons in the Magic Square, each linked to a picture which can be freely downloaded. Additionally you may click a picture and get another one of unusual digital art; click this too and you get to another picture of the opening section. All in all 361 x 2 = 722 sequentially linked public domain pictures and wallpapers in a squared circle with 722 spokes. But there is much more to it, the rotation smoothly drags along all the I Ching exagrams in an ordered sequence. Read more below.


Art, and unique: a reproduction of three unknown beautiful Turkish paintings of the XVI century.
Insects, and unique: a scorpion-killer spider chasing and killing a scorpion (four pictures).
Plants and flowers.
Special effects.
A collector's glass of the short-lived Italian Empire selling for $. 50.000,00 and more.

A few images reflecting nature are crude but they are simply a mirror of nature's ways.





While not particularly attracted by magic and divination, calling the square "magic" needs some justification. The number 19 was chosen since, from the remotest antiquity, it appears as a number with a particular meaning in religion, magics and alchemy. Adding the I Ching lines generating the Exagrams for your enjoyment required a work which no magics can carry out. There are 512 lines in the 64 Hexagrams and they are inserted here sequentially (as complete Hexagrams) but not in the order appearing in the treatise and they flow one into the other in a smooth uninterrupted sequence. A whole round of the magic square generates 240 Trigrams and 2 odd lines. Every six clicks will bring forth an Hexagram; it will not be displayed on the monitor so keep paper and pencil handy. The initial line of an hexagram, in the small image on the top right, has a small caption indicating its starting point. Presently, the explanation of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching is not included here since a whole slew of literature concerning the I Ching is available on the Internet, but a table with their structure and name and a key for identifying the Hexagrams, both from Richard Wilhem's translation of the I Ching, are included.
The pictures and the digital art images linked to them have no logical sequence and sparse and scanty caption. You may click either the image or the I Ching line above it (they are not equally linked) or alternate between them. If you are keen on maths, you may figure out the available combinations.
Hence, instead of stalks and coins now you can use the mouse and, additionally, the fact that "a picture speaks a thousand words" to draw oracles and omens, or simply download a picture that you like. While some pictorial sequences may give rise to subjective interpretation, some hit common ground in a striking manner.

Carrying out this work with a cocktail of 722 numbers randomly sorted several times was a revelation of inconceivable realms which do act on something which works purposely far beyond our psyche. My understanding is that we are an experience of Life and that Life itself is a grand cosmic comedy carried out by something that goes far beyond the numinous. Do not ask me who wrote it, that is well beyond that mental image conceived as "god". "The Magic Square" as you see it here is a personal creation and the hints it gives out might be strictly subjective... I cannot say! Yet, from unknown depths it does speak.
The Magic Square can be used as a toy or a pastime, but if to be used for some definite purpose in case of some particular event use it rarely: it might have a story to tell, according to how you your subconscious interprets the resulting display.


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