This essay reflects the author's point of view regarding the actual predicament of the world, mainly with regard to religion, but excluding those great systems of philosophy and metaphysics incorporated in the Middle and Far East. It is not a penning on politeness but at the same time it has not the least intention to be insulting and an apology is offered to anyone who might feel offended. ~~~ The devils that you know are better than those angels that you do not know! ~~~ (Arab proverb).

"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful".
(Seneca The Younger
Brainwashed ~ Exploited ~ Befooled


Anywhere there are more churches and temples with feckless individuals preaching all kinds of nonsense than schools with dedicated people teaching arts and sciences; indeed, in contrast with the austere design of schools and universities many of these are beautiful repositories of outstanding art and ingenious architecture brought about with the oblations, coin upon coin, plucked from the masses of pious believers as well as the sale of blatant indulgences. The paramount problem in this world is “God” that mental concept which, since its inception, has been mostly a cause of strife and bloodshed and this is a truth that no one can deny. People should reach a different awareness concerning their place and purpose on this planet by getting to terms with that mental concept, the deity, instilled lovingly or insistently or even mandatorily yet quite invariably in a young receptive mind. "Teach never what you know-but always how the child may find a path for himself."1 Any supernatural being is none but a construct which undeniably is an image with no objective reality and as such purely subjective and savants and divines should stop feeding taradiddles to naive individuals just to get them brainwashed and manipulated like marionettes; they are puppeteers whose purpose, all in all, is their own well being. Your hell 2 and your paradise are not those fantastic places with devils or angels to which brainwashing donkeys doom you, you yourself are your own hell or paradise and your real hell is not realizing that you are puppets handing out precious tangible and mental resources to an uncounted herd of noxious inept individuals.
Is an intercessor, a religious revealer who may even unfeignedly believe in his mission, essential between us and a hypothetical some-no-thing when the intercessor is in a no better position than we are in relation to that hypothetical some-no-thing? Does he, the intercessor, know and communicate on our behalf and for our spiritual and material wellbeing with that imponderable supreme source of all which is none but a mental image brought about by our ignorance and fear of the unknown? Such heavenly intermediary might happen to come along genial but at the same time be under a great delusion because what he sets forth is the product of his own mind and his celestial ties are only imaginary however he gains revolutionary momentum and people flocks in; he is nothing but a fake, a self-deceived individual imbued with mental images to which he attaches an inexistent reality. He might even hear voices and have visions, they are nothing but a diverse mental thought process within his own mind, thought forms, to which gullible minds attach importance because they are uncommon and as such belonging to an extraneous, elysian power, a divine power driving the chariot of our life; but this process is an overwhelming weapon for those individuals who can cleverly exploit it. We may as well hear voices and have visions but there is no great spirit behind them only our ignorance of an uncommon albeit not abnormal mental process which, as it is well known, can even be artificially induced by several drugs besides being the reason of the existence of psychiatric asylums. The human brain is simultaneously a great guru and a committed pupil. Feed it with knowledge and not a whit will get lost, even if several physiological factors may make it difficult to recall it, unless it gets damaged. Supplicate, as a committed pupil to his teacher, an answer to some question which for you is of paramount importance and at one moment or another, in all likelihood an unexpected moment, it will flash a solution into your consciousness. And perhaps it is this creative master-pupil relation within the brain’s complicated machinery which we accept as that mysterious intangible which we call mind.
Tesla was fascinated with electricity and he gave to us the alternate current and much more; ostracized he had to give up his most important experiment and his equipment was pulled down. Immediately on his death some government officials confiscated all his papers and notes and we will hardly ever know what his achievements were, he survives as a scientific legend. Einstein since his youth was fascinated with light and at a given time that which became the most famous formula
10 in history was flashed into his consciousness bringing the specter of life’s extinction on the planet. On his death his brain was sliced in the hope of finding within his cerebral matter the secret of his genius; borrowing Koestler’s words, the ghost in the machine. Kekule could not come to terms with the ring structure of benzene until it was flashed in his dream. A devote mystic or a dancing Dervish will attain the presence of God; unfortunately the brain has not yet, at its present evolutionary state, produced a language to clearly state what the experience is like but the pupil, exalted, will try at his best to disclose the mystery. Occasionally he will become, or be recognized, a great saint, or an incomparable source of wisdom, or a prophet, or the incarnated revelation of The Great Supreme. It was in the cave of Mount Hira, north of Mecca, that the Apostle of God (pbuh) had a vision, in which he was commanded to preach (Quran, XVI, 1-5); his words and not less his sword changed the world. In the “The Epistle to the son of the Wolf” we read: ”During the days I lay in the prison of Tihran, though the galling weight of the chains and the stench-filled air allowed Me but little sleep, still in those infrequent moments of slumber I felt as if something flowed from the crown of My head over My breast, even as a mighty torrent that precipitateth itself upon the earth from the summit of a lofty mountain. Every limb of My body would, as a result, be set afire. At such moments My tongue recited what no man could bear to hear.” The intensity of a revelation is its novelty for a welcome social change, hail the man behind it for a gratifying train of thoughts but do not delude yourself in thinking that he is a superhuman being in contact with the source of all. Religion is an offshoot of mythology, that repository of gods, demons, specters and monsters that from time immemorial mysteriously haunt the human mind, that which C.G. Jung labeled the collective unconscious, the world of the archetypes. Ought we to forget that, armed with the words of God and shielded by His Power we pillaged, tortured, raped, massacred and wiped away entire populations? All in all we cannot deny, in such context, that religious revelation has been the greatest scourge of the world; not less so presently this process, so blatantly evident that no sound reasoning mind is unaware of it, is still going on due to the greed of power and to an industrialized society in connivance with the clergy where economy has become the ruling god. Apparently only one man in history far removed from antiquity and tangible communication with God, not a divinely inspired being but a British novelist, had a clear intuition of the moment which we are actually crossing and, just a tiny part of a long list, should we not gratefully set apart a prayer time for Tesla and Einstein, who so dramatically changed our lives-be it for better or for worst is a simple contemporary choice-or an altar for Louis Pasteur and Sir Alexander Fleming whose discoveries turned out to be real saviors of humanity much more than the bulk of religious revealers who antedated them? .
This unusual monologue may only be a restatement, in different words, of what every cognizant mind knows but we are too busy with our selfishness to look for - less so apply - a rational alternative for a better, untainted global society and the usual thought is "What can I, a single powerless being do, in a planet housing seven thousand thousand thousand heads at variance with each other? In a much less crowded world even Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan9 failed; even the Buddha, the Christ, the Apostle of God (pbuh) and Karl Marx failed; alas! no hope." Yet, it takes a single gear to start a car and set it running properly, even if with so many different gears within is structure. Clearly, we are still unable to build a proper vehicle for a common goal and set it running smoothly, we are all disjointed gears and the lubricants - in particular religions - are unfit and create only friction. Seemingly the car is hopelessly stalled, notwithstanding our awareness of the problem it is easier to abandon it to its doom and possibly recycle it; but we cannot be recycled! Radioactive clouds may be approaching from a not too far horizon, let it be; yes, what else? That might be the best and final solution.

Forget it, no “God” will ever be on the side of humanity and promote its peace and welfare, that is left to us and only to us; we have, "in the name of God", ample proof of the opposite. It won't be easy to do away with many of those groundless, yet "holy", concepts which were pushed deeply into our psyche in our infancy when our brain was much more pliable and receptive; keep in mind that we were not born with a preset religion,3 with no alternative we were brainwashed into it and grown and educated with its tenets within its particular social environment. Human flaws are a common denominator yet to a certain extent they can be corrected or even be ridden off, but we are still in a state of egoistical infancy where everything is permitted and due to us within the insensate notion of our being the apex and culmination of creation and this insensate notion, a universal religious theme, this apex, is invariably occupied by those very individuals who promulgate it subverting minds and living lavishly predating precious resources from the masses, which do not fully realize their degree of slavery in the present state of events. Not less so this not-god-given sublime apex invests us with the power and liberty to kill, torture, freely do away with whichever form of life we deem necessary and wantonly destroy the environment. God is dying in the West but that is a long and erroneous process; it should be realized that the god within, that which is, so to say, deeply embedded in our psychic structure, the realness which makes us what we are or pretend to be ought to be tended with due awareness and appropriate knowledge. The god which should be brushed off is the god, and all its idols and superstitions attached therewith, enforced from without; that monstrous octopus with countless tentacles that is the largest imbibing worldwide multinational. That which is supernatural is deep within us but since it eludes our mind we search it without and therefore we become hostages and victims to countless traffickers-of-divinity. Realizing with what incredible and inconsistent sort of absurdities we have reached the present moment, this detrimental social situation and the religious collusion in such predicament we ought to do away with clergy and churches; stop bountifully feeding the parasites, these greedy harbingers of good tidings and paradise who with the mandate of some imaginary divine power overlook our destiny and they will be forced into a productive way of life. Imagine a city wherein its populace realizes that it is much more profitable to spend their time into something more creative than going every appointed time to listen to the inconsistencies of a sermon at their parish and that to stay away from the clergy is a real conquest in personal freedom. Since no one can force you at gunpoint to say your prayers under an ornate dome and to socialize with fabricators self -empowered with absurd divine powers, the city administration would be coerced to revise some of it policies with the Holy Congregation which, losing sustenance, ought to move elsewhere or profitably insert themselves into some productive sector for their own sustenance. Would it require a tremendous change in your frame of mind to achieve this? No, on the contrary it would disclose salubrious unexpected mental horizons. Clearly then, we must beware of and as well counteract that menace poised by those savants, divines and gurus, not to mention that vast, noxious, crass and pestilent mass of pure imbeciles, freaks and addicts that infest our lives thanks to the bounties of mass communication.
Reading in between the lines we can infer that the above arguments cannot apply where the backbone and Law of the State is the Holy Scripture and not a single word can be changed within the same. But hence they who so prolifically enriched the coffers of knowledge of the pre-renaissance epoch and thus ushered in a new era
4 face, not unaware of it, a formidable impasse stuck in time, a social stalemate in the global chessboard; yet, they are faithful to the code of the Scripture and the deliberate malicious and crass propaganda against them of those not erroneously called infidels is not in the least justified. Somewhat out of context but a due remark, it must be said that those factions of believers who formed those present-day dissenting and destructive movements vindicating themselves with the textual context of the Holy Scripture, even if there can not be any justification for spreading terror in such unwarranted bloody reprisals, are by and large a wilful product of the greed, machinations, intolerance and crass ignorance of the Western World.
As for those who take pleasure in slowly cutting, with saw-edged knives, the heads of innocent individuals who perhaps enjoy the treatment less that their butchers, executioners of old were more refined: a sharp sword and a single stroke. That is why Tamerlane's armies were able to build pyramids and minarets with hundreds of thousands of skulls of the vanquished.8 And those who take pleasure blowing heads with a pistol and other more uneconomical methods of unfortunate beings who just happen to cross their way and refuse to pronounce the sacred formula of conversion to their faith and get on their side; those who in a happy frenzy blow themselves up in the midst of a crowd or in a mosque or wherever they deem suitable: no doubt, they too are victims - real victims - brainwashed and instrumental robots who, on the whole, do it more for gaining an entry ticket to paradise than for the sake of God; and, is it really so uplifting to recite Holy Verses while carrying out such atrocities? True, than it is much better to have no god at all than an objectionable god if to gain a green robe of silk and a long vacation between almond-eyed damsels under green palms by the rivers of paradise they have to take such course. But in the last analysis they are not the real culprits, just instruments of perverted minds; it is indeed hard to understand the credulity of people so much so as the power of organized, collective brain washing which can induce a similar course of action.

Concerning that tiny part of humanity favored by the impartial almighty, "The start of the Days of Darkness" time is running out fast for the chosen People of God, who in the forthcoming revelation will inherit the planet to our demise and in this last case, alas Doomsday, or "The start of the Days of Darkness", also known as "The Days of the Lord", time is running out fast! But that day will indeed be doomsday for their strict orthodoxy and unshakable belief and it is hard to imagine how they will do away with it, the Wailing Wall will collapse in a torrent of tears. Or they might discover some chronological error in their eschatology and realize that the Messiah - the Glory of God - has already appeared in Persia, his resting place is in Akka, his temple is the Golden Dome in Haifa as well as the Universal House of Justice and consequently might shift from the Holy Book to The Most Holy Book (Kitáb-i-Aqdas); it is all there: on a strip of Holy Land, ready and functional. Naturally, with a long history of persecution and hostile neighbors nuclear deterrence had to be achieved before the precept that it is better to be killed than to kill.
Admittedly, we have already survived several predicted major catastrophes, confidently we will get along unscathed also on that dreadful day, not less so than that unhappy congregation of cretins awaiting for it since prophets and Holy Books don't err. But that which we cowardly fend off is the realization that that which is sacred, no matter how depicted on printed pages, is within each of us, if we only want to awaken it. No doubt a cosmic catastrophe will hit the planet, in the cosmic timescale anything can happen and, at latest excluding other possible events, within a couple of billion of years when the nuclear storehouse of the sun will be exhausted and the earth will be plunged into eternal coldness. The shivering Messiah of that day will surely give up his urge for sentient and non-sentient beings to bring to salvation, humans, gods and every other form of life had vanished from the planet long, long before that day. Still, right around the corner the threat of extinction is not to be underestimated. Besides the real threat posed by global warming, and we do not have the will to avert it simply because global economy and industry will never take a step towards pre-industrialization, we face that which might happen even one minute away from now, that of the paranoic chief of a powerful state who decides that his stockpile of nuclear weapons is excessive and so it is time to unleash it on another powerful nation who can surely retaliate in kind. And so it will come to pass that a group of zombified semi-human beings moving apparently aimlessly on a terrain covered with cinders, ashes and ruins and unaware or uncaring of those in their midst who fall to the ground because they will never rise up again, will notice a semi-zombified being shivering in the nuclear winter sitting on a black, shiny radioactive rock and will enquire of him. To these he will say: "This rock contains the spirit of the cosmos, the life beyond form pervading forms
5 and I was born of it gifted with transcendental wisdom and knowledge. Let those who can understand follow me into a new era of love, plenty and bounty; bow your head in adoration and pledge faithfulness to this rock that of His Cosmic Spirit begot me for your salvation." and somehow history will repeat itself!
Since that fateful kick-start day of modern science when the heretical Galileo incurring the wrath of the Inquisition transformed the earth from a pizza to a ball and as well the respected planet lost its pivotal place in the universe science has made an incredible progress and, not to be discounted, we are not completely aware of what the real progress, hidden in secret research laboratories, is at the present moment. Two truths cannot be discounted: first, the universe is, irrespectively of any maya
11 doctrine, a physical reality and we cannot veritably get to terms, nor will we ever will, about its origin or primal cause but, according to our mentality it must have had a primal cause. Who or what is this primal cause is that natural creation of the human mind, God, and that apparently sets the conundrum. There was a hypothetical big bang (so it is believed, the best and easiest choice) some fifteen billion years ago, who or what fired it? Secondly, although it may seem a purely metaphysical postulate, the universe does exist only because "I exist"; when the door of life will be shut on this "I's" face that will be very problematic, the universe will still exist but not for that "I" which could sense it only due to his particular sentiencies. That "I" almost invariably has a problem, the fear of extinction and that is unbearable; he will be infested with maggots and feed happy worms and nothing will follow. If a meteorite suddenly brakes through his skull and turns his soft convolutions in cinders whatever sensation he had until that very moment will vanish, for good. Nay! He will reincarnate; or he will resurrect by the banks of the rivers of paradise; or he will sit at the right hand of the Lord; or Satan will grab him by the neck and lead him into the torments of hell; or he will have to pass through the stages of the Egyptian or the Tibetan Book of the Dead before he gets aware of his new destiny; or his fate will be whatever you believe into, that which you too will supposedly meet because in that way you were indoctrinated. That may be all well for us, the strange thing is all these great minds, scholars and pundits who brought us to the contemporary level of knowledge and still cling to these legends. Why? Obviously they have something in common with most of us; they do not accept one possibility: extinction. Extinction? Discount that, we are an experience of Life. And going to the Synagogue, Church, Mosque and Temples is, so much so as we respect Life, an evasive hypocrisy. But presently, coerced on the people, hypocrisy appears to be the only valid currency for survival; in truth it is subserviency to a restricted circle of lawless and wicked shamans who have omnipotent power wherewith we are required to produce, brainwashed to consume, and let them enjoy the returns. All this shadowed under the wings of the ubiquitous divinely appointed holders of the scepter of justice quick to condemn us to eternal torments for the slightest transgression while absolving, with due return, the devious indwellers of the restricted circle with whom they connive.

A special transmission outside the Scriptures;
No dependence upon words and letters;
Direct pointing to the heart of man;
Seeing into one's own nature.


While for the attainment of supremacy or for getting rid of the unfaithful the clergy, worldwide, has always used brute methods of extinction. What is advocated in this essay is not a brute, global extirpation of the priestly class but the emplacement of a new system of ethics adopted by all nations of the world; in other words, a new and law-binding code of ethics far removed from religion, even if ethics is undoubtedly an offspring of religion, but which would indeed respect the etymology of the word "religion" (bind together) covering all aspects of social life without the intervention of supernatural or transcendental entities. Jehovah, God, Allah, Ahura Mazda and the countless names of gods that throughout history infested the human psyche, blanketing it with blood and strife, had the same noble purpose but achieved negative effects; let them, with their dubious benevolence, long-live in documented history and mythology with their extensive literature, treasuries of history, wisdom and knowledge that should not suffer the fate of the large libraries of Alexandria, India and China, misdeeds which left posterity with not a few unsolved historical mysteries, given to the flames by ecclesiastical bigotry or kingly decree; but no more allow them to shape our minds in detrimental conduct toward each other. No GOD will ever be awarded a Nobel Prize for peace. Perhaps time is running short and the human race is possibly on the brink of extinction due to its greed for gold and power hence there is no more time to await salvation from a doubtful new Messiah or a Maitreya,7 the "Loving One", to solve our current problems. Yes, indeed it sounds like utopia therefore it is nothing new, but the pillars of utopia are passivity and inaction and if the intellective endowments of man have any meaning at all, he should surpass this disastrous negative phase of his history or miserably perish with his self-imposed blindness. And, apparently, there is no way out; Gaia's experiment with evolved intelligent life might have failed.

There is no Heaven, there is no Hell but forget not, there is no exemption from a Knell. And, yes, were the earth Heaven, we are turning it into Hell.


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* Concerning the two images above: it is a single image, flip upside down and you get the same visual effect. It is a small section of a picture, greatly enlarged, of a lava field in the Ertale volcano in the Ethiopian depression. The visual effect of the one on the right depicts a sort of monk or shaman, while for the one on the left a strange creature may be discerned with a man hanging from its cheeks. Lupus in fabula, they represent the main characters of this essay: the clergy and the gullible.



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