Apparatus for experimental research with magnetism in biomedicine and biota.

The apparatus shown in the picture is based on a very simple electrical circuit; basically it is just three components: a toroidal coil and a lamp* connected in series and a double-throw commutator yet it offers many possibilities for experimentation with magnetic fields.

In the present configuration there are two toroidal coils, respectively 56 and 70 cm. inner diameter, iron core. It operates from a variable power supply based on a Variac autotransformer, from 0 to 230 volts 50 cps alternate current (AC) and from 0 to 40 volts full wave direct current (DC).


The coils can be powered independently of one another either on AC or DC, while the lamps in the circuitry and the variable power supply allow a choice of the desired power in Watts; one coil is mounted on a slider so that the distance between the two coils can be varied from 40 cm to almost adjacency. The two coils can also be powered, on DC only, in a series configuration; they can also be completely disconnected and redirected to external circuitry.

Operating power is deducible from the meters's readings while a compass needle’s deflection (up to about 50°) shows smoothly that they operate properly in accordance with the supplied voltage. Presently I don’t have a magnetometer (Gauss Meter), indispensable to properly experiment with it.

Additionally, the smaller coil has an 8 ohms (resistance) winding** on an interlaced ferrite nucleus which can be substituted to an amplifier's speaker or get input from an audio-frequency (AF) generator, a pulse generator, or a computer using AF generator software (example: Audacity, open source) so that desired AFs can be superimposed on the coil’s voltage; in this case battery operation (pure DC) is preferable to the 50 0r 60 cps AC operated power supply only if some external waveform is superimposed since static magnetic fields are not recommended. In between the smaller toroid’s winding and the 8 ohms winding there are three small windings for inducing high frequencies.


Usage options:

Magnetic field only.
Audio frequency only (either with or without amplified ambience output).
Magnetic and audio frequency fields combined.

The 9 switches and 14 input/output outlets in this configuration offer a multiplicity of combinations and, obviously, this gives rise to a complicated electrical network, but in its simplest configuration (toroidal coil, lamp or resistor and a switch) even a small kid can set it up ... for safety reasons not recommended! A smaller coil for zonal applications can be used.


Healing Frequencies.
What is illness? “Emotional issues that are unresolved block the healing vibrations or cause the disease state to return.” ~ R Gordon.
Over millennia, those who have studied the science of sound, have come to understand that certain frequencies are very healing for the human body. Overall, however, you are trying to create resonance – “When two systems are oscillating at different frequencies, there is an impelling force called resonance that causes the two to transfer energy from one to another. When two similarly tuned systems vibrate at different frequencies, there is another aspect of this energy transfer called entrainment, which causes them to line up and to vibrate at the same frequency.” (Richard Gordon).
When we ‘entrain’ with healing frequencies, our bodies and minds vibrate in harmony. These include:
285 Hz – Signals cells and tissues to heal. Leaves the body feeling rejuvenated.
396 Hz – Liberates guilt and fear to make way for higher vibrating emotions
417 Hz – Allows the ‘undoing’ of challenging situations.
528 Hz – Said to heal DNA, repair cells, and awaken consciousness
639 Hz – This is the vibration associated to the heart. It allows feelings of love for self and ‘other’ until there is no longer a distinction. To balance relationships, listen to this frequency.
741 Hz – Said to clean the cells and heal them from exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Helps shift someone into empowerment so they can create the reality they wish to see.
852 Hz – Awakens intuition.
963 Hz – Activates the pineal gland, and aligns the body to its perfect, original state.
Of course, there are further frequencies, many of which that are not even within the human range of hearing, but they are healing nonetheless..
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    * An adequate power variable ballast resistor can be used with a fixed power supply.
** For more information see: The Interlaced Asymmetrical Cores Transducer


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