Life comes and picks you up in her fold.
Of your experience a treasure She will make:
Thence She will discard you.
When you will have realized this
Her secret you will have.

Not bound to words of man,
But tied to cosmic laws,
Your gods behind my shoulders I threw.
Of hell fear no more need I have,
Nor longing for paradise.
From compulsion and revulsion freedom,
The beauty is of life's net.
Coming and going has lost its sense,
Bound in time with no time-bounds.
By renouncing it
Eternity I did find.

Lost the peoples of the world are
In the wilderness of their fancies.
Obstinately searching without
What within they ARE.

On all sorts of fantasies they stumble.
With crystal clear waters a well
Where to quench their thirsty souls
In a labyrinthine path lost is.
Shrouded the brilliance is of the spiritual sun
In the cloak of their materialism.

Empty the priest's, bhikshu's and mullah's words are.
They spell only doom since they are apart.
Cast aside angels, devils and jiins,
Go beyond the beatitude of the Buddha's Nirvana
And the stupor of Rumi's wine cups.
Creatures of the mind they are,
Leave your mind behind.

~ Franco Dell'Oro Public Domain ~ ............................