Man invented God, so that by Him might he himself be created - i.e., coming into existence, or, the emergence of consciousness and the search for his own origins.

The first sparks of intellectual capability brought ancient man face to face with the marvels, mysteries, dangers and variations of his environment, the beauty of the stellar vault, the deep mystery of his own being. He was not capable to comprehend any of these multifarious phenomena but his primitive mind conceded that some sort of causative agent had to be responsible for the whole of it and that was how and why, by man, God was created. Hence, God became the first and foremost, almost undeletable, symbol which installed itself in the collective unconscious of mankind. The emergence of consciousness, man's growth of his reasoning powers and intellective potentialities, consequently, had to force him away from collective infancy; he had to grow but this involved a great sacrifice, that is, to abandon his idyllic nearness to that Creator that he himself created and commence his struggle for procreation and survival.

Man had to get out of Eden that he might evolve and, above all, reproduce for the continuance of his line of descent (let us call this impelling, instinctive necessity, "original SIN"! aided by God's creation of the necessary complement to carry it out... woman; and most of the plethora of gods that left traces in man's collective memory or mythological records, if not all of them, indulged in this "sin") and become the lord of the planet. This he did and the record of this paramount deed, in one form or another, appears in almost all mythologies.

But he, that primitive man, could not explain the reason of this incredible action; he happened to be involved in some action which was not in harmony with his idyllic state and the dream ended. God - that symbol which had already indelibly captured his mind - took the upper hand and drove him into a cruel, mysterious and dangerous world where he had no choice but to struggle and evolve in order to survive. As well, he felt the impelling impression that he was powerless and hence he had to rely on the creator. Man's experience with his environment and the mysterious forces of nature henceforth pushed him away from the monistic concept of God and pushed him into idolatry: gods of rain, of fertility, of growth, of thunder, phallic gods and so on indefinitely. As it happened the great God that man created was goaded in a secondary position only to be called upon, as a supreme helper, in times of dire calamity.

Idolatry did serve its purpose, even to this day; leaving aside the oriental and other religions and traditions, the most objectionable acts of idolatry are presently seen in Christianity to invoke special 'celestial' favors: kissing the statue, or image, of the Virgin Mary as well as images and statues of Saints and that Cross (the cross itself being of the primeval symbols which humans devised) with that Christ who has been unmercifully kept nailed there for well over two thousand years.

A small digression: at times we get some intruding trains of thought, let me have one expressed. Perhaps the fable of Adam's creation signals nothing but the end of matriarchy. Would it not have been less troublesome to create woman first and then, as He did with not a few women, (as we read in many mythological accounts relating the both birth of mythological characters and noticeable men) impregnate her with His Spirit and have Adam begotten? And why in most mythological accounts man has the upper hand, when we have clear evidence that matriarchy was the state of society many millenniums before the present era, until man understood that his reproductive powers could grant him social priority? Adam's creation hence bespeaks a time pointing to the end of the matriarchal society and the coming into existence of a new social trend - patriarchy; not long afterwards and shortly before the universal dliluvium "At a time when the Nephilim (antediluvians; giants) populated the earth... the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were fair... the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men that were of old..." (Genesis vi, 2-4). The question remains as to who were these sons of God - unless interpreted metaphorically, hence subjectively - as well as the question remains concerning those giants whose existence on the earth is proved by the remains of giant skeletons found in several parts of the globe, continents apart.

There is something in our brains, a concept that is unique and peculiar to the brain which shelters it and, whichever way it evolved it was pushed inside the same by that most ancient brain-washing machine that is human society. That concept has been, to the present day, a monstrosity which has soaked the planet in blood and pain - call it by whichever name you are used to - it is the concept of god, that mental image which is used to keep away the fear of the unknown and of death, a shield in front of an immature and vacillating psyche which does not allow most men to go through it and perceive their real place in this world. Throughout their life men feed and nurture that concept with fantastic attributes, stick to one or another religious current - puppets in the hands of one or another priestly class which pulls the reins of a huge cart overflowing with imbeciles who raise their hands to the sky in praise of an imaginary commander which promotes only hate for the cretins of a different cart driven by another priestly or sectarian class and apparently unaware that their celestial leader is more often than not a most cruel mental image keeping them in thralldom and retarding the emergence of a sound human consciousness.

Yes, I am fully aware that you may consider the lines above blasphemous and that you would joyfully burn me at the stake or anyhow do away with me in anyone of a million and one fanciful horrific ways and that would please you and, indeed, your god. Do not misunderstand, I am in no way different and surely not better than you since I have had my gods and also mystical experiences, even the most primordial one: being born from an egg, that being most archaic archetype which infests the human mind: it it a beautiful experience and, yes, a great mental trap! It has been a long way to realize that god is a pure creation of the human mind, so deeply rooted in men that genetics may play a part in this purely human process. But I have had to open my eyes and observe at length the unspeakable vastness of the cosmos coalescing into the incredible smallness of the microcosm (represented by that other archaic, powerful and still misunderstood symbol, or archetype, which is the serpent biting its own tail); I have had to ponder about the time which this cosmic process involved: the 6000 Biblical years, the 4.2 billion years of the Hindus (they are quite on the mark if we consider simply the solar system) or the 15 billion years from an hypothetical big bang? and the 'what was it?' before, what kind of nullity brought it about and how life evolved since this nullity... in other words I have had to observe, within the limits of my intellectual capability, the inner processes of the psyche and the outer processes of the apparent physical cosmic vault and to create a bridge between science and intellectual faculties so as they are related in the context of our origins. That is such a normal process that probably everyone goes thought it, more or less markedly, during his own life but the brain washing which takes place as soon as a person is born sinks deeply in the psyche and men often do not really believe that which they think they believe, or do not otherwise find a way out if they are in doubt about their own belief. Man belief is set into the innumerable rings of a chain which goes indefinitely back in time and which has been firmly implanted in a tender and extremely receptive psyche to blind it except towards his lineage and he, man, has to transmit this nonsense to posterity, a sacrosanct duty or an act of blind faith; all in all a psychical thick mental dross hiding our reality, creating that uncompromising and selfish ego which is the real malaise affecting a distraught human race which, since time immemorial, is none but the affliction of its own species and of the planet: a perfect prescription for extinction.

Who created man for extinction or to enjoy sending him, wherever in our imagination this states exist, to a wonderful paradise or a atrocious hell? God did it! A most cruel and insensitive something who delights in seeing us bowing in his pretended presence represented by a priest, hailing his justice and might before giving way, more often that not with a priest's benediction and assurance, to atrocities, carnage and massacre simply to exalt his name and incomparable attributes; after we will be sitting at his right hand for eternity; very tedious! Or reincarnate as an exalted master somewhere else in the universe or as a wild dog if we did not conform to what we believed his dictates are. Of course, religion is not just this, it is also a code to create an ordered (enslaved) society, with its ethical teachings and rules of conducts which, followed to the word, will sanctify our blessed being and transmit our remembrance to posterity so that idiots can kiss an image or a sculpture supposed to be a vague representation of our physical temple that they may have their sins wiped away, their ills cured and the gates of paradise open before them when the moment of crossing into nothingness comes.

As to such crossing into nothingness... what may we surmise about that? Two facts are indeed true: the brain is a biological organism which will feed worms and maggots when the time comes. Since the brain is that organ which is both the sustenance and the interpreter of the human mind, as soon as the brain will be deprived of its nutrients and oxygen the mind related to the same will vanish. If you believe that you have a soul you may try to send it to hell or to paradise or some other state more comfortable to your tastes unless the godhead - an implacable judge - takes the upper hand and decrees vengeance or bliss for you. Or you may transfer it to your neighbor dispatching his original soul to a different plane of existence so that you may still have a body to carry along on the planet, a contemporary Padmasambhava, via some advanced yogic practice (phowa).

However, there is a reality which cannot be done away with; the brain is an electrical power house with an emission of electrical waves which throughout its life find their way in the cosmic space and an electrical wave, a carrier of information, lasts for a long time, innumerable light-years, independently of how weak its electrical field may be. This carrier, generated by the electrochemical activity of the brain, might very well - as a carrier of information throughout the universe - have a precise significance which lies beyond our understanding or whatever we can imagine. Hence we can still speculate that it adds to the universal experience, to the life of the universe. Thus not only human life - but any form of biological life anywhere in the universe as well - will leave a trace of its own passage, independently of its demise, in the infinity of space.

There is no doubt that biological life is a subjective experience but the above process, the brain's electrical field, brings about an important question: is life our experience or are we an experience of Life? Ponder deeply about this question. The fact remains that even if we can understand something about life, organic life, we will never unravel the mystery of Life... unless we create a ready made "God" who makes all, explains nothing and keeps the minds of his bloody and stupid robots in bondage of its whims.