Can we survive a nuclear holocaust? A part of the answer may came about looking at the "NUCLEAR BOMB EFFECTS COMPUTER" image on the left (Click image to download large image: 814 kb).

If we take into account all the variables which imply survival, related to a single nuclear blast as shown in the aforementioned image we will hardly be optimistic thinking about surviving a full scale nuclear war.

What may be the implications of a full scale nuclear war? We will discuss them as we go along but we are well aware that radioactivity will be just one factor to take into consideration, a full scale war - a great perfect world war in this great technological era will very likely bring about chemical warfare, biological warfare and whatever else will be deemed necessary to get out of it on the winners's side, if there will be any winners. To this we will have to add short and long term environmental factors including also the possibility of a nuclear winter which, more than anything else, might spell total extinction.

Robert S. McNamara's "MAD" (Mutually Assured Destruction) concept coined during the Kennedy's administration which apparently vanished with the end of the Cold War will become a reality if nuclear war breaks out, no one will get out of it unscathed.

This writing is concerned with survival techniques just in case that we do not happen to be hopelessly vaporized at "ground zero", just in case that we will have a chance to see a new dawn.

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