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Giuseppe Tringali Antico artigianato Etiopico: collane in pietra da Tokonda
Remains of ancient settled community found
The remains of what is thought to be the oldest settled agricultural community in Africa have been discovered on the outskirts of the Eritrean capital, Asmara
Rodolfo Fattovich
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The development of urbanism in the Northen Horn of Africa in ancient and medieval times
Prof. V. Franchini, F. Nicolini, M. A. Oudenrijin e J. Richard
Notizie su alcune pitture ed incisioni rupestri recentemente ritrovate in Eritrea
Source: http://www.africasia.com/ New discoveries in Africa change the face of history
A prehistoric tool found near Asmara
A chopper found just outside the village of Adi Nefas might point to a prehistoric settlement just outside the Eritrean Capital
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