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by Thomas Bulfinch


CHAPTER I. Introduction.

CHAPTER II. Prometheus And Pandora.


CHAPTER III. Apollo And Daphne- Pyramus And Thisbe- Cephalus And Procris.

CHAPTER IV. Juno And Her Rivals, Io And Callisto- Diana And Actaeon- Latona And The Rustics.

CHAPTER V. Phaeton.

CHAPTER VI. Midas- Baucis And Philemon.

CHAPTER VII. Proserpine- Glaucus And Scylla.

CHAPTER VIII. Pygmalion- Dryope- Venus And Adonis- Apollo And Hyacinthus.

CHAPTER IX. Ceyx And Halcyone: Or, The Halcyon Birds.

CHAPTER X. Vertumnus And Pomona.
CHAPTER XI. Cupid And Psyche.
CHAPTER XII. Cadmus- The Myrmidons.

CHAPTER XIII. Nisus And Scylla- Echo And Narcissus- Clytie- Hero And Leander.

CHAPTER XIV. Minerva- Niobe.

CHAPTER XV. The Graeae And Gorgons- Perseus- Medusa- Atlas- Andromeda.

CHAPTER XVI. Monsters. Giants, Sphinx, Pegasus, And Chimaera, Centaurs, Griffin, And Pygmies.

CHAPTER XVII. The Golden Fleece- Medea

CHAPTER XVIII. Meleager And Atalanta.

CHAPTER XIX. Hercules- Hebe And Ganymede.

CHAPTER XX. Theseus- Daedalus- Castor And Pollux.

CHAPTER XXI. Bacchus- Ariadne.

CHAPTER XXII. The Rural Deities- Erisichthon- Rhoecus- The Water Deities- The Camenae- The Winds.

CHAPTER XXIII. Achelous And Hercules- Admetus And Alcestis- Antigone- Penelope.

CHAPTER XXIV. Orpheus And Eurydice- Aristaeus- Amphion- Linus- Thamyris- Marsyas- Melampus- Musaeus.

CHAPTER XXV. Arion- Ibycus- Simonides- Sappho.

CHAPTER XXVI. Endymion- Orion- Aurora And Tithonus- Acis And Galatea.

CHAPTER XXVII. The Trojan War.
CHAPTER XXVIII. The Fall Of Troy- Return Of The Greeks- Agamemnon, Orestes And Electra.

CHAPTER XXIX. Adventures Of Ulysses- The Lotus-eaters- Cyclopse- Circe -sirens- Scylla And Charybdis- Calypso.

CHAPTER XXX. The Phaeacians- Fate Of The Suitors.

CHAPTER XXXI. Adventures Of Aeneas- The Harpies- Dido- Palinurius.

CHAPTER XXXII. The Infernal Regions- The Sibyl.

CHAPTER XXXIII. Aeneas In Italy- Camilla- Evander- Nisus And Euryalus- Mezentius- Turnus.

CHAPTER XXXIV. Pythagoras- Egyptian Deities- Oracles.

CHAPTER XXXV. Origin Of Mythology- Statues Of Gods And Goddesses- Poets Of Mythology.

CHAPTER XXXVI. Modern Monsters- The Phoenix- Basilisk- Unicorn- -salamander.

CHAPTER XXXVII. Eastern Mythology- Zoroaster- Hindu Mythology- Castes- Buddha- Grand Lama.

CHAPTER XXXVIII. Northern Mythology- Valhalla- The Valkyrior.

CHAPTER XXXIX. Thor's Visit To Jotunheim.

CHAPTER XL. The Death Of Baldur- The Elves- Runic Letters- Skalds- Iceland.

CHAPTER XLI. The Druids- Iona.

Proverbial Expressions