The Canvas of the Mind

The brain is the painter

The mind is the canvas

The psyche is the onlooker


We come to this world with a most complex organism hungry for sensations since every single happening which will impinge on it will construct its mental environment and machinery for survival on the planet.

Every sensory, extrasensory or physiological sensation that we experience may be considered as mind's fodder.

This search and awareness of sensations will form that most mysterious entity which we call MIND and which will greatly be reflected by our reaction to the environment and its challenges and by our personality, this last not always overtly on display nor fully known or understood by its rightful owner but plastic and subject to modifications to an incredible extent.

Nowadays we are constantly confronted with an incredible plethora of literary nonsense, gurus and cyber-gurus to which millions of gullible are an easy prey.

This site is bringing you only no-nonsense literature from the fields of neurology, psychiatry and psychology as well as the pedestal of humanity's cultural heritage, that is mythology and religion where they are adequate for the scope to which they are meant to be useful in the contest and goal which is envisaged.

The purpose is to try to find and use more rational means toward self-knowledge and the solution of problems which beset everyone's daily existence.