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A brain in doubt leaves it out
A New Theory on the Iatrogenic Origin of AIDS
Africa - Ethnographical Notes
African Business - Poverty Costs
African Core Analysis Reveals Catastrophic Droughts, Shrinking Ice Fields an Civilization Shifts
African Food Staples
Africa's Food Crisis As A Threat To Peace and Security
AIDS in Africa Imperiling Armies That Are Seen as Keys to Stability
AIDS seen spur to Africa famine
America puts its new doctrine into action
An End to Africa's Wars
Are Developing Countries Truly Sovereign Nation-States?
Assignment America: Where's Jimmy?
Beheading people daily won't make him sleep-less
Benin alert over 'penis theft' panic
Bush Cultural Advisers Quit Over Iraq Museum Theft
California mother to continue baking marijuana muffins for 8-year-old
Closer to Ethiopia - Crown Prince comes to T&T - Emperor Haile Selassie I
Cow pats fuel computers
Cyberspace is the next battlefield
Desalination offers solution to water crisis, conflict
Developing world fast running out of water
Did Cavewomen Make Stone Tools?
Does the mysterious "lost" Ark of the Covenant survive in Ethiopia?
Drought forces up to 500,000 Ethiopians from homes
Entranced by the Queen of Sheba
Eritrea page
Eritrea: Historical Outline
History of Eritrea
Eritrea - Basic Facts
Eritrea: Africa's Newest State
Eritrea as an Historical Project
Eritrea faces challenge to keep water flowing
Even the Donkey is Making a Difference in Eritrea
Ethiopia - Eritrea Conflict
Ethiopian crossroad, preserved and playful
The Ethiopian-Eritrean Conflict Webpage
Ethiopia's current drought compounds years of hardship and death
Famine spreads across Africa
First the cattle die, then the goats, then the people
Fossil Skull Is Found in Africa
Germany In 1933: The Easy Slide Into Fascism
Global warming threatens Africa
History Up in Smoke
HIV Infection and AIDS: transmission, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention
How American Power Girds the Globe with a Ring of Steel
Hundreds of Thousands Uprooted in Cote d'Ivoire
In Africa, AIDS Has a Woman's Face
In Israel, distress signals from Ethiopians
Invisible Jihad
Italian Industrial Enterprises in Eritrea - Year 1959
Urbanization in Eritrea
Kenia: 8,000 guns to be destroyed in violent crime crackdown
Kenya's slums battle AIDS
Key facts about Africa
Kids on Drugs
AIDS Shortening Life in 51 Nations
Like Boot of the Beast I was off to war with 600 lb of luggage
Mangrove Action Project - The Rise and Fall of the Blue Revolution
Memorial captures the sole of war in Eritrea
More And More Children Forced Onto the Streets
Mysteries of Coral Castle
Net Assessment: Africa - An Obscure Battleground
Nuclear arsenal upgrade planned
Razor's Edge - The Controversy of Female Genital Mutilation
Reasons for war examined
Refugees: Trapped in Misery
Report: Many Born Without Identity
Reviving Gambia's 'sacred forest'
Rewarding Virginity
SARS: Relapses, mutations puzzling
Sex ban for young Swazi women provokes side effects
Shrimps and seawater make Eritrean desert bloom
Starving Ethiopians to get aid
State of the world, apocalyptic or upbeat?
Study of Bush's Psyche Touches a Nerve & Former US Diplomat Says Rumsfeld Led Bush to War
Surveying Eritrea's devastation
The Business of Terror - The war of a thousand years
The Castrati-Mutilation in the Name of Religion
The Cost of Corruption - How to play the aid game
The Dervish Dancers of Sudan
The hyena man of Harar feeds a friend
The next war
The Shadow Men
The Walls Tumble Down
Timeline: Eritrea - A chronology of key events
Transmission Of HIV Among Refugees Still Lowest
U.S. Works Up Plan for Using Nuclear Arms
Water shortages could lead to war
UN warns of third world AIDS crisis
Vicious circle traps starving Ethiopians
UN nuclear agency tries to avert water crisis
Water, the looming source of world conflict
Water, water everywhere, but too few drops for all
WaterWorld or WaterWars?
Why the world's taps are running dry
Who Owns Your Body?
Young Africans Reject Genital Mutilation
Vatican in HIV Condom Row
Currency and Oil [PDF]
Eritrea at a glance [PDF]
Eritrea-Ethiopia Claims Commission Rules of Procedure [PDF]
Multi-Proxy Records of Holocene Climate and Vegetation Change from Ethiopian Crater Lakes [PDF]
The development of urbanism in the northern Horn of Africa in ancient and medieval times [PDF]
United States Department of State - 1966 Post Report - Eritrea [PDF]
La politica coloniale dell'Italia
Anno 1935
Anno 1936
L'Italia autarchica
Eritrea - Scheda informativa
The Ethiopian-Eritrean Conflict Webpage - Carta dimostrativa
Guerra in Iraq: un'emergenza umanitaria insostenibile
Progetto Mani Tese n. 1866
Storia dell'Erbario Tropicale di Firenze

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