Franco Dell’Oro
Maekelay Ketema, Street 173-1, # 3

~ Public Domain ~


First written in 1987, this writing has undergone several revisions, yet no attempt has been made to bring it in line with the enormous scientific and technical progress which intervened up to the present date. If you got this far, maybe you did appreciate it. Thank you for reading it, hoping that it had somehow positively contributed to your stream of thoughts.


Is it telling you anything?

It tells a story about a future without a future.

Look: we created the sun.

Yes, we shall set it free and then it will be sunset.

Night will follow, a long unending night.

Asmara, before the Millenium's end.

Chapter 1 The Mind
Chapter 2 The Image
Chapter 3 The Domain
Chapter 4 Rational and Irrational
Chapter 5 The Rational Being
Chapter 6 Symbols
Chapter 7 The Bi-dimensional Being
Chapter 8 Memories of the future