The Bi-Dimensional Being



Within the realms of time and space, we live in a strictly subjective world within which even a mathematical formula, quite as simple as 1x1x1 - denoting a cube - will not convey the exact meaning of its expression to any two of the several billion minds inhabiting the planet.

And, paradoxically, this strictly subjective world is not subjective in the least as our life, our experience, in its totality undeniably is the outcome of the life of the species, of the experience and history of man up to the place we occupy in this exact moment in our particular society. So as time and space do not allow any two things simultaneously in the same spot, so much so the mind of man, even through its most fervid imagination, cannot perceive or experience anything whatsoever in the wise of another mind - at the lowest level the human mind is a unique entity, entirely by itself in its own constricted frame of existence.

The large bibliography which crowds this writing is ample proof that subjectivity is not subjective at all although each of us lives in a strictly subjective world. The contents of this writing may reflect my truth but not the truth of any other of the inhabitants of the globe - truth herself is something naked, immaculate: the very moment that we try to put her in the garment of words she vanishes in the labyrinths of the mind. Truth is the moment you live, not the instant before nor the instant after, the moment you live - the present moment - as you live it before it enters your consciousness and your rational machinery. It is there, static within us and eternally moving within herself.


She has confused all the learned of Islam, Everyone who has studied the Psalms, Every Jewish Rabbi, Every Christian priest.

Hence the lines that follow may be taken as a fable which might modify some links in the chain of your subjectivity and they will unless you skip them at the outset and throw the whole thing in the trash can right away.

Many of the foremost minds the world has known through its history have helped building my subjective world and the writing of these pages - many of them are quoted in the bibliography while many others are buried in the inaccessible pits of my memory. To them all, quoted and unquoted, goes my gratitude for their help, they indeed did write most of these pages which I supplemented as I could with personal ideas which, however, cannot be wholly mine or, to say it differently, strictly subjective.

Chapter 1 The Mind
Chapter 2 The Image
Chapter 3 The Domain
Chapter 4 Rational and Irrational
Chapter 5 The Rational Being
Chapter 6 Symbols
Chapter 7 The Bi-dimensional Being
Chapter 8
Memories of the future
Who did it