If man had a mission to accomplish on the Earth, he failed it

Lost in the foggy midst of time there is an image, called God, painted with the colors of traditions, superstitions and the fear of the unknown. These colors, furthermore, are tainted by greed, lust, egotism and paramount ignorance. And this image is centered in the ego, in selfishness. It belongs only to your self and to no one else. Whoever you are, this is the plain truth.
With his great natural gifts, the human being in the name of this image has turned himself into the most stupidly noxious being on this wonderful planet; noxious to himself, to his fellow beings, to the lower kingdoms of nature, and to the ecosystem as a whole. It might not be too late to change the heart of man, to restore this image, should a paramount miracle happen, but it is too late to change what he brought about to the present moment.
Nothing, short of an immense catastrophe, can restore the balance. We are on the brink of extinction, whether it will fall upon us as a nuclear holocaust or an inimical ecosystem: nothing divinely ordained but brought about with our own hands.



"...it is a Knell, That summons thee to Heaven, or to Hell."

(Shakespeare, Macbeth.)

The evolution of a highly developed intelligence on a planet like the earth, or any other planetary system, cannot be due to chance, and it comes about with a specific mission to accomplish even if it - i.e., this evolved intelligence, as manifest and constricted in the physical worlds - does not perceive it. It must toil and suffer before reaching maturity and perceive that light which may guide it to the accomplishment of its mysterious task.

Forgive me and, for a while, forget your personal god: because that is an image of something that you cannot encompass, because whoever you are you can have but a shallow understanding and deep ignorance of the same, because that image - split unequally in well over seven billion minds is, itself, but an infinitesimal tile of a grandiose cosmic mosaic, because that intelligence is that which men call God - spread within a multitude of beings but, as such, veiled to them by the mysterious immensity and beauty of the cosmos while, on a cosmic scale, it is an impersonal, neutral and ego-less intelligence though, within its 'creation' - even if this term may somehow be unlikely appropriate in this context - it assumes an individual ego, the me, you, or them who bring about an evolving social system.

This intelligence has a mission to accomplish, hidden to us, a mission which cannot be understood by the multitude of beings within which it thrives, not until they act in unison centered on a common frequency, a frequency to which we give a name which, veiled by selfishness, greed, lust and pride, we do not understand, that is, love, just like that other name - god - which we so much misuse, veiled by tradition, ignorance, superstitions.

That is what is meant by "If man had a mission to accomplish on the Earth, he failed it", there is little if any doubt that we are on the wrong path: we turned that image, our reality, against ourselves. Whether this wondrous planet and a great brain were given us by chance or 'divinely' is beyond the grasp of our knowledge. The mission was to develop our inner qualities, a peaceful way of life, and a better environment. Our choice was technocracy and monstrosity.

There is no Heaven, there is no Hell but forget not, there is no exemption from a Knell. And, yes, were the earth Heaven, we are turning it into Hell.

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Not bound to words of man,
But tied to cosmic laws,
Your gods behind my shoulders I threw.
Of hell fear no more need I have,
Nor longing for paradise.
From compulsion and revulsion freedom,
The beauty is of life's net.
Coming and going has lost its sense,
Bound in time with no time-bounds.
By renouncing it
Eternity I did find.