A Step Towards Human Origins • The Buia Homo one-million years ago in the Eritrean Danakil Depression.


Eritrea Re-Photographed: Landscape Changes in the Eritrean Highlands 1890 - 2004. [PDF]An environmental-historical study based on the reconstruction of historical photographs.
Asmara 2007, thumbnails and articles - Over 2000 pictures, free to download in a single .zip file [383MB]
Yesteryear - Sketches of life in the colony
Asmara 2004 - ricca sezione grafica di Stefano Pettini.
Gabriele Borla - Eritrean Views
Gabriele Borla - Eritrean and Ethiopian Monasteries
Mount Bizen and the Monastery above the clouds
Dorfu's Valley extinct hydroelectric power supply and cable-way
Haile Selassie
Queen Elizabeth
Kagnew Station
Pictures taken with False Color (Infrared) film
Old postcards and pictures
Some Eritrean Views
The beautiful Turkisk Paintings in Massawa's Dahlak Hotel
Sundry Maps of Eritrea
Eritrea Vegetation Zones


Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission "Determinations"
Eritrea - Ethiopia Boundary Commission - Decision Regarding Delimitation of the Border between The State of Eritrea and The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia [PDF]
Abissinia [Pippo Vigoni]
277 pagine storiche dalla Rivista Delle Colonie Italiane riguardanti l'Eritrea, la Dancalia e l'Etiopia.
Italian Industrial Enterprises in Eritrea - Year 1959.
Regolamento Della Caccia Grossa In Eritrea
History of Eritrea
Eritrea: Historical Outline
Timeline: Eritrea - A chronology of key events
Languages of Eritrea
Eritrea: Africa's Newest State
Eritrea as an Historical Project
Urbanization in Eritrea
Relation on the Mission in the Danakil Region carried out from 3 to 16 February 1994
CRF Projects in Eritrea
Report of the Mission at Alighider
Red Sea Turns Desert to Shrimp Farm
Shrimps and seawater make Eritrean desert bloom
Even the Donkey is Making a Difference in Eritrea
A Bit of Eritrean History at Bridport, UK
Wind Power: an Ideal Site in Eritrea