We Humans Have Apparently Already Exterminated Ourselves!

Surviving the day after

We are already deep within the day after, a future without a future. And it is too late to change things, it is man that should change.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki -Images

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Recollection and reality

Protection In The Nuclear Age

Nuclear War Survival Skills

The Medical NBC Battle Book

The message beyond "Surviving the Day After" is that, paradoxically, nothing short of a full scale holocaust can save man. We have reached a point of no-return in trashing the planet and nothing short of drastically change, globally, the direction of contemporary technology, which in turn implies a drastic change in the mind of man, can reverse this process. What that selfish creature, man, does not reasonably acknowledge is that he can survive, and much better so, without nuclear weapons, without that "deterrent" which constantly increases the race to more powerful and sophisticated means of mass destruction, without war. The world is kept hostage of people inebriated by power, wealth and egotism who dictate the destiny of the masses and it will be by this group of selfish half-wits holding the reins of power and economy that the task of letting loose the reins of doom upon mankind will be brought to an end. Reasonably we would preferably forsake our existence here-and-now rather than surviving a nuclear nightmare. But the term 'survival' is a misnomer. Should that moment come, and no one can positively assert that it won't, we will have to get to terms with something which transcends the most vivid imagination and deeply regret that we did not give due consideration to the dark clouds heaping up on our civilization's horizon. People of good will and understanding abound but they have their hands tied, nothing is in their power but to send out a warning message.

Part I - Surviving the day after - Concerning the effects of nuclear explosions as related to a situation arising from a nuclear conflict or catastrophe, it takes into consideration the necessary measures to be taken insofar as sheltering and survival are to be considered as a priority.
Part II - Concerned with chemical and biological weapons and situations arising from biological and/or chemical contamination and possible protective measures to be undertaken.
Makeshift survival techniques
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CONVERSION TABLE - Systeme Intenationale d’Unités (SI) - (Page and Vigoreux, 1974); conversions to customary US and British units are from Weast (1974 : f :282-304).