This section is not encouraging hacking, cracking and spreading malicious codes:
it is about subjects worth knowing for serious computer users

 Add a safe mode option to the boot menu

Viewing real-time network statistics in task manager

Add a detailed pop-up description to folder icons

Add details to the Getmac command's report

Add unc information to the command prompt

Altering the Windows registration information

Change Windows firewall's default settings via an inf file

Block access to web sites with the route command

ScheduleCHKDSK for bootup with CHKNTNF

Check compatibility with the application verifier tool

Check directory size information with diruse

Create a print test page shortcut

Create a run command shortcut

Create a shortcut to search active direcory shared folders

Create dynamic Web-based spreadsheets using Excel

Creating a quick Windows XP SP" slipstream CD

Creating quick notes with wordpad scaps

Customizing the places bar

Delete an "undeletable" file

Delete hiberfil.sys before defragmanting

Disable IE's downloading capability

Disable the log off and turn off computer buttons

Disable the prefetcher component when troubleshooting startup problems

Learn to exploit WinXP's disk cloning support


Examining a BSoD error with the Watchdog Event Log

Get rid of a jammed print job

Get rid of orphaned entries in the add/remove programs tool

Hide drive letters in my computer

Investigate changes with the system information tool

Keep your activation status intact when reinstalling

Make the most of My Network places

Manually clean out the temp folder

Modify the open with list

Move the print spool folder

Quickly create multiple folders from the command prompt

Save time with a hidden shortcut feature

SP2 adds a new parameter for Netstat

Specifying disk cleanup configuration settings

Speedy directory navigation at the command prompt

Switch to Windows' basic search tool

Take advantage of the show in groups view

Temporarily disable XP's splash screen

Track down default registry values

Track down non-operating system services

Track down services running under svchost.exe with tasklist

Troubleshoot NTFS disk problems with CHKDSK's parameters

Using registry shortcuts to disable and enable screen savers