This section is not encouraging hacking, cracking and spreading malicious codes:
it is about subjects worth knowing for serious computer users

Access solutions for all your database needs
Active Directory client extensions for Windows 9x
Adding options file type to context menus
Adding support for the Euro symbol to Windows 95
ADSL: frequently asked questions
Apply the Net Use command on shared folders
Are your spool files deleted?
Assign a global variable with the set command
Authenticate to a local NT domain controller
Backup the files that hold the registry
Backup the Windows 98 registry with scanreg
Be selective when installing protocols
Beware of multiple MS-DOS device names in paths
Bind more than one IP address to a single NIC
Cannot open my documents from the start menu
Cannot open the system display properties
Centralizing the favorites folder for a group of users
Change the Default Action for Script Files
Change the Size of the Virtual Disk Cache
Changing password when net.exe fails
Changing the default action for a file
Changing the drive letter of a CD-ROM drive
Changing the workgroup name stops dial-up networking authentication
Checking .cab file contents
Combine the best of My Computer and Windows Explorer
Compress files with Windows 98 command-line utilities
Configure non PnP network cards
Could CD Player be the player for you?
Create a fast connection with multilink
Create a run command shortcut
Create a shortcut for repetitive e-mails
Create new text files from the command-line
Create system objects shortcuts
Create system policy files
Customize the user interface with TweakUI
Cut and paste from the command prompt
Determine the role of your computer
DHCP options not updated on lease renewal
Diagnosing web site problems
Dial-up networking window will not open in Windows 98
Disable the automatic dial-up on startup
Disabling the low on disk space message
Displaying and printing the Euro symbol
Display an "unauthorized usage" warning as windows starts
Distribute registry changes
Does playing large .wav files hang your computer?
Access Win9x registries remotely
Edit the registry to remove applications
Effectively troubleshoot system problems
Enable quick startup and disable fast shutdown
Enable remote administration access
File sharing through direct cable connection
Fix reinstallation problems with MSDOS .sys
Fix your slow-loading control panel shortcut
Font problems stop Netmeeting startup
Problems with the fonts applet
Get a grip on the System Policy Editor
Get rid of the screen flicker
Go global with i-DNS
Good - fast - cheap: which are you willing to sacrifice?
Hand out applications over the network
HASH option in FTP client slows downloads
Has you details view lost its columns?
Hide a batch file window and start a .pif file
How strong are your user's passwords?
Improve Core System Performance
Increase Windows authentication security
Internet Explorer 5.5 & 6.0 flaws
Is the option to send a file to the desktop missing?
Is the Terminal Services Client causing a GDI fault?
Keep network components in check
Kill rogue processes
A quick solution for an installation error
How to fix bad memory
Locate rogue wireless access points
Logging Windows Installer activities in Windows 98
The fine print about fonts
The pros and cons of user profiles
Better use of the DIR command
Make dial-up networking accessible
Easier printing for your users

Managing print jobs
Print a folder listing from within Explorer
Printing .prn files in Win 9x
Print to a DOS print device or LPTs
Manage IP addresses on the network
Resolving Net Use printer problems
Automatic IP addressing
Group Policy Support
Removing titles from the add/remove programs list
Organize your drives by free space
Map drives using the net.exe command
Monitor system performance when creating new files
Cutting and pasting from the command prompt
Muting the modem in Windows 98
Navigate the scheduled task tool
Opening current documents automatically each time Windows 98 starts
Personal firewalls and ping
Phantom programs listed
Send and receive messages with Winpopup
Quick find files or folder access
Repair the Master Boot Record
Problems with browsing Network Neighborhood
Readable log files aid security
Redialing dial-up networking connections
Reinstalling the original drivers
Remove User Profiles via the registry editor
Removing the default boot delay
Replacing clear text remote access protocols
Resize Windows min/max buttons
Resolve NT logon and authentication issues
Resolving connection issues with Netwatcher
Retain Windows 9x server addresses
Save document scraps to your desktop
Save time moving text with two utilities
Secure data with the backup utility
Security options for shared folders
Ping the loopback address
Send a constant ping to a remote computer
Solving Windows 98 SE shutdown woes
Signal the end of a batch file with a fanfare!
Spare stack pages and sysedit.exe
Is the floppy drive accessed each time my computer opens?
Removing the floppy drive startup check
Specify Unknown File Type Options
Opening Office files without Office
Tips and tricks for Windows 95
Upgrading from pre.3.1
Taming DOS applications
Take a windows look inside the recycle bin
The recycle bin option is unavailable
Troubleshoot problems with the recycle bin
Switch from static to automatic IP addressing
Tips for deleting Word hyperlinks
Track down default registry values
Track down TCP/IP features
Tracking down spool32.exe error messages
Troubleshoot startup problems with bootlog
Troubleshoot scandisk problems
Troubleshoot the ECP printer port
Turn off PnP to solve network card problems
Unable to install new fonts in Windows 98
Use a batch file to shut down or restart a system
Use Internet Explorer in offline mode
Use ping to return the host name of a computer
Use the Windows Address Book
Use the extract utility more effectively
Using document scraps
Stop users from changing their Internet Explorer web proxy settings
Troubleshooting the Windows 98 boot process with bootlog.txt
Tape drive controllers not listed in Add New Hardware wizard
Using the Windows logo key
Using two network cards to configure a default gateway
Verifying startup problem fixes
Weeding out the dead shortcuts
What to di if an application does not recognize a printer
When is a second hardware profile useful?
When opening a folder crushes Windows
Who is using your PC?
When scandisk won't check your drives
Unusual file dates
Work around browse master problems