~ ~ ~ submind, psyche and archetypes. ~ ~ ~

Being an octogenarian Alzheimer's footprints might well be on my convolutions therefore the lucubrations from a shrunken and spongy brain whose allocated spacetime in running short might be leaking here and lacking there. By now my submental hard disk has some bad sectors with irretrievable information nor will it promptly retain new data hence I will have to invent something new, perhaps irrational, notwithstanding nine cats who only wish food and fondles imperiling my insanity and little time left to stroll along above the ground.
~ ~ ~
Our deepest insights must-and should-appear as follies and under certain circumstances as crimes, when they come unauthorisedly to the ears who are not disposed and predestined for them. (1)
~ ~ ~

Once upon a time….

I was lying in my bed, in full darkness, deep in the night and my young wife beautifully asleep somewhere on my left side; doing a breathing exercise and my mind wandering in some obscure nowhere that I can’t remember. In those times I was deeply interested, besides scientific topics, (where, lacking a solid mathematical background I am still a great lamebrain) in comparative religion, Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism while on the threshold of a door about to cross into China and more esoteric doctrines. (Esotericism is the intellect’s interpretation of what an intellect of a bygone era interpreted of some other bygone eras' intellects … and so on, of some mythological event or doctrine which somehow reached us in order to create a plethora of sectarian movements and pin them on the Internet. Protect your sanity! But yes, it is instructive: its cosmogony, theism and phallicism show the evolution of the many facets of the human psyche; clearly interpretations are discordant.)
Suddenly I saw, rather, I found myself within a stupendous golden egg. It lasted perhaps only a few seconds, but in that brief lapse of time I was compelled to take a decision of paramount importance: whether to remain within that fabulous thing or to get back to the world, which last was what I chose to do and immediately I found myself just like before staring at the darkness, albeit startled by that wondrous experience. I could never clearly understand it but as some sort of mystic experience. Perhaps my mind recalled my reading somewhere about far-famed historical characters, like Hermes and Mithra, both born within a golden egg, or the Hindu’s Hyranya Garbha, that golden egg where the gods had their birth and wished to give me a taste of it, or …


This is a small section, greatly enlarged, of a picture of a lava field in the Ertale volcano. Strange as it may seem, if you flip it upside-down nothing will change. Rotate it horizontally and the lower 'alien' seemingly will vanish. A mental concoction!

6. Then the divine Self-existent (Svayambhu, himself) indiscernible, (but) making (all) this, the great elements and the rest, discernible, appeared with irresistible (creative) power, dispelling the darkness.
7. He who can be perceived by the internal organ (alone), who is subtile, indiscernible, and eternal, who contains all created beings and is inconceivable, shone forth of his own (will).
8. He, desiring to produce beings of many kinds from his own body, first with a thought created the waters, and placed his seed in them.
9. That (seed) became a golden egg, in brilliancy equal to the sun; in that (egg) he himself was born as Brahman, the progenitor of the whole world. (2).
Mythology and the world of the archetypes are full of chicks: "Diodorus Siculus states that Osiris was born from an egg. Like Brahmâ. From Leda’s egg Apollo and Latona were born as also Castor and Pollux-the bright Gemini." (3)
Indeed a marvelous experience and even if did not turn me into a god it was as real as the silence and the darkness which surrounded me and the young dreamer on my left side. Surely enough that trip to the transcendental planet remains to this day an indelible experience but nothing, that I am aware of, changed in me, but for the fact that the experience is unforgettable. And ‘unforgettable’ means that at some subconscious mental level it may still be psychically active, but presently that neuronal compartment is locked. You might reprove me that I refused to become an Apollo or a Brahmâ and change this world for better… beg your pardon, your karma dictated otherwise! And if perchance you are one of those souls awaiting the Messiah, “Be patient, for your Lord is patient”. (Mohamed)
But indeed something that experience thought me: that some symbols are not pure fantasy and in the psychic realm of the human mind they transcend time and space. The Golden Egg appears in the most ancient mythologies and religions. It foretokens the beginning of the cosmic creation and the birth of the gods, the grand opera brought about by an unknowable, inconceivable and unspeakable Entity far beyond anything that the human mind can express. Hence when some particular psychic experiences are manifested they are not nonsense; they speak to us but we are deaf, or like chrysalides that fail to leave their cocoon, lost in darkness unaware-dead-to the beauty of the sun and the joy of flying. More on symbols.htm (1982).
I am not really prone, due to its spellbinding reality, to call it a hallucination; if hallucinations can be so staggeringly real the schizophrenic's world must, indeed, be the greatest misery befalling an individual. Moreover, I do not drink alcoholics and never used hallucinogens, although the stench of about four hundred thousands cigarettes keeps my skin together.
What I realize now, only fifty short years afterwards, is to what extent the human mind can be a trickster. People travel in some other world faraway in the cosmic expanse, or converse with Moses, or Jesus, or Mohamed, eventually with God himself, whatever their God may be; in other words they have a mystic experience which is none but a trick of their mind, a neuronal concoction, according to their culture and propensities and in many instances shapes their life and their destiny accordingly. It is a millennia’s history recorded in worldwide mythology and so-called ‘sacred’ books and, as well, a modern history giving us all the enlightened gurus which presently infest the globe and fill it with the utmost idiocies which grasp a flock of gullible beings everywhere on this beautiful planet. There is such an invasion of savants presently, who can transport their portentous braying brains from a continent to another in a matter of few hours to accomplish great brainwashing tasks, that, while I literally suffer from my ignorance and not less so from the data loss of my cerebral, spongy hard disk, I am surely happy not to belong to their tribe; veritably, among them some noble, imposing mortals can still be found.
Nevertheless I doubt spiritual-rebirth and regeneration even if you have to pass under a cow like a Brahmin priest, or be subject to the spell of Mithra’s bull horns or issued from a golden egg. Even so, be that as it may, I am suspicious about all enlightened humans, even great historical characters and founders of religions. Still more about myself! There is a road ahead of anyone issued from a woman’s womb along the ladder of knowledge and so called spiritual experiences are not special rungs on that ladder which turn someone in a superman, a modern Sai Baba or whatever. It is a gradual mental process and if visions and hallucinations creep in, in a mentally balanced individual, they are a psychical mischief created by an individual’s cultural background. That the brain has some undetermined mechanism which allows paranormal experiences in some individuals is a reasonable supposition so much so as it is reasonable to suspect these experiences. Psychic omelets may be somewhat unpalatable even if someone feeds on them.
Now my mental canvas more often that not is blank, even flat-black but for some tiny phosphenes, tiny luminous dots (do major phosphenes give the illusion of illumination-enlightenment to donkeys?). At one time, perhaps not too far from the golden egg, a very luminous, bluish phosphene appeared in my inner vision against a pitch-black darkness; it lasted about a second-the polite behavior of a phosphene-but what was remarkable is that it had the form of a most ancient archetype, that is, a cross. (4) Flavius Valerius Constantinus (Constantine) regretfully had a similar experience and that is why Christianity, at the time persecuted by the Romans, survived. But now, no vivid visions, no mental displacements, no unfamiliar faces from lands afar, no eggs and human-chicks within … but for some rare exceptions, only uncontaminated, deep and pleasant darkness invades my mental shrine and that is fine since nothing disturbs my reveries; but ‘the dew falls on the grass when the night is more silent.’ (5) And my dreams are serene and pleasant, neither incubi nor succubi; at times with meaningful archetypal contents but, alas! Those dreams, where I could freely fly above green valleys and high peaks better than an eagle, have left me a long time ago and I am not an adept in the art of lucid dreaming.
If and when I dare read something about mystic experiences, for example such as those of William James’ subjects in ‘Varieties of Religious Experience’, not to speak of Emanuel Swedenborg’s 'Arcana Coelestia' in his ‘Heaven and its Wonders and Hell’ or Thomas Á Kempis’ mysticism, to quote only some of those who gained fame, I am quite disconcerted and give thanks my unconformism, rebellious character, sane philia (not love, which tends more towards a morbid affection) and the environment and culture which nurtured them insomuch I have not fallen is such fallacious mental traps. (Since I mentioned 'love' with a negative predisposition a remark is due: I never use the word love because its connotations, viz., love of power, love of wealth, greed and not less so love of god have been historically disastrous and lethal. And true love among individuals is an ephemeral projection in the whirlwind of the human mind. As for the word ‘hate’ I avoid it as well. If it depicts the reverse of love it brought about comparable results. It is healthier to swim in the middle of the river of life, and not too close to either the right or left bank.) Furthermore, what about the contemporary plethora of sects and enlightened gurus which infest the planet and infect the mind of a myriad gullible beings? What about Creationism’s cretinism after Darwin and after having landed on the moon? I can hardly believe to what extent an indoctrinated mind can falsify an individual’s life-vision, infect his life! And aghast I opine that the planet is inhabited by a myriad of children-I mean, immature-such even if they meet life’s end after a very long stroll of many decades on this beautiful planet, a world of half-wits.
Surely, spongy me might not be better off than the aforementioned but yes, perhaps a little bit more rational since I am indoctrinated by un-indoctrinating myself with a lifelong search on less shaky grounds and on reliable scientific terrains. Obviously this does not make me a scholar.
My most insisting interrogative, as troublesome as a stone in the shoe, has always been “What is the mind?”

If you work on your mind with your mind
How can you avoid an immense confusion?
(Seng-ts’an d.606)

and the impromptu answer, as it flowed out of my meningeal system is that the mind, the human mind, is that which grasps what the senses relay to the organism; conditioned by the environment, the physiological structure and by the cultural background of the perceiver and of which ‘the brain is the puppet’ which gives us our vision and awareness of the world. Well, after all nothing new! As a corollary I may add that the human mind (which malignantly I call a sub-mind) is that it is that imponderable that is more afraid of those things that do not exist than of those which exist, viz., ghosts, devils, incubi and succubi, lycanthropes albeit, perhaps, less afraid of gods in this era when his vicars have lost their power to put you to the stake or pluck out your pulsating heart without anaesthetic support. Even so the human-or sub-human mind is something very fragile even if it won’t shatter like a maladjusted sheet of glass falling from a window. On the other hand it brought us into space, fabulous pocketed worldwide instantaneous communication and data search and even in that brainstorming realm where things exist by not-existing and do not exist by existing, even if at the expense of two thirds of humanity’s empty stomachs. But following I expand the concept adding a sub-mind (submind) and an interface (a point where two systems, subjects, organizations, etc. meet and interact).
Thus I venture to define the individual mind, nor do I exclude a mind of the species: the evolutionary mind which diversified the earth’s planetary life of all that lives on the planet and of the human being, itself a law not subject to the conditioning of the physical world and related laws; Life’s common endowment within a greater Mind, that inexplicable intelligence which regulates the cosmic infinity (a postulate of ours and not a final truth). Hence a sub-mind; per se it is as dumb and ignorant like an electric current traversing a copper wire until it meets something, a circuit that makes sense of its beingness: a brain, something not unlike a microprocessor, however much softer and delicate, which translates its dumb binary world of ‘ones’ and ‘zeroes’ into meaning, the meaning which permits and sustains life-all planetary life. And when that biological organism in the bony case goes awry in response to related or other organic defects or defective psychical processes, or environmental events, it goes amok and this affects the whole psychophysical system.
But let us briefly see what big brains and Nobel laureates have to say about the ‘mind’: (6)
Descartes: "Cogito ergo sum." ('I think therefore I am.' Dualistic theory of mind and matter.)
Carl Sagan: "My fundamental premise about the brain is that its workings-what we sometimes call 'mind'-are a consequence of its anatomy and physiology and nothing more."
Francis Crick: "The ultimate aim of the modern movement in biology is in fact to explain all biology in terms of physics and chemistry."
Eugene Wigner: "It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to the consciousness."
Consciousness’ is the translation of the psychophysical perception of the inner and outer environments into awareness; since time and space-that is spacetime-are interpenetrating consciousness arises from the sentiency’s awareness of space and time as a ‘slicing of spacetime’ where any one of the two prevails at any given moment. Hence consciousness is the dissociation of spacetime, through the agency of the brain, the neural process that decodes the signals impinging on the same. And a question arises: is spacetime the matrix of consciousness? The perception of spacetime as a single entity means transcendence, a mystic experience.
Without additional remarks now I move over to another arcane department within the human bony box, the shrine where his deity is hidden.
Psyche in Greek mythology was the personification of the human soul. She was so lovely that Cupid (Eros), the god of love, fell in love with her. He swept her off to a beautiful castle on an island but forbade her to look at him since he was a god. This small story may incline me to think that Cupid, as the god of love, resides mostly in our reptilian (limbic) brain, the father of our purely animal instincts, unless Psyche wakes him up. But this lovely creature, Psyche, is confined in a castle within an island and so no one is allowed to approach and see her; even so, like a mischievous sprite she entered the mental world of Homo, the sapiens! Encroached within the darkness of the human skull, invisible, intangible, a creature without any conceivable physical dimension but taking full possession of her fair game and she became known, among men and savants, as 'mind, spirit, soul, consciousness, awareness, intellect ... etcetera' thus creating some confusion and conflict among all those who have an interest in her bewitching loveliness; (On a dictionary I can find the following definition: "Originally the principle of life, but used generally as equivalent to mentality, or as a substitute for the mind or soul." On other dictionaries this lovely lady is alternatively described as soul, self, mind.) (7) Apart from this evident confusion, with philia she gripped me with her ethereal tentacles, asking my intellect to strive more so that I might somehow penetrate her hidden niche.
In my insistent wanderings in the obscure mental realm (q.v. The Bi-dimensional Being - 1982, and following up to this very instant) this became a demanding struggle so that I decided to throw away all this nonsense and look at her mysterious beauty within a strict personal frame wherein my submind’s canvas is enclosed like a living picture subject to time’s whims. To describe her, psyche, with a apt 21st century’s analogy I would say that she is like the graphic board on my PC, an interface, the interface and interpreter which translates its unconsciousness into meaning between the main processor (brain) and the monitor (that which gives unconscious sense to the PC as it relates with our conscious senses). An interface between an extremely busy neural concoction sustaining an organism and the resultant of the emplacement of this mystifying ethereal imponderable in a complex world; her manifest (conscious) as well as hidden (subconscious) task is to respond both to the brain’s workings and our reaction to our experiential existence. She speaks a universal language, a mental lingua franca often expressed in symbols hence confusing, mysterious and hard to understand and, more so, provided it is of the right appeal, she, the human psyche will even absorb any idiocy befitting her lover even if confined in a castle within an island.
And here I have to respond to one of my main tenets, which however is not dogmatic since truth is forever beyond human reaches: “life is not my experience, but I am an experience of Life” (where Life and Mind in this context are synonyms). I am god-less, an iconoclast simply because God as conceived by both the human rationality and irrationality cannot 'be'.

Who verily knows and who can declare it,
Whence it was born and whence comes this creation?
The Gods are later that this world production.

This world's gods presently appear somewhat like a Schrödinger cat, alive and dead at the same moment; all depends on the perceiver. (9) Extinction, total and definitive, is a horrific thought for the human cowards and that is why a more or less merciful god dwells, since time immemorial, in the human imagination and imagery; unhappily mostly as a source of strife and misery, noetic ignorance and mental iniquity! I do not need a god but naturedly I need a sensible answer to the mystery of life since this unreachable truth is disturbing, a disturbance which brings gods under diverse semblances in diverse corners of the world in the most sickly attires. Only a face-to-face meeting with a sane god (avoiding a handshake, very unhygienic as the wise Chinese guessed when they first met this horrible occidental custom) could change my views. But even that would be suspicious, it belongs to deranged minds and schizophrenics; Chinese-like I prefer to bow in all humbleness to my cerebral spew.
I feel somewhat like a baby in a woman's womb, blind in a dark world that he cannot understand but with the maturing instinct that he will have to get out, in a brighter world, beautiful and cruel which, as well, he will hardly ever understand; a world full of capricious visions and events ... and I will have to die even to this seemingly whimsical world without a belief in immortality nor a chance to obtain it through divine intervention. Gladly so; would it not be extremely boring to spend eternity adoring and odorizing at the feet of that Supreme Being? And after all this Lord already has a Chosen People, why bother about the others? This sort of slavery, folly unto the Lord, they call it ‘Paradise’! To get there, besides an immaculate life, you must cannibalize the Father’s Son every Sunday morning and holy-days and rely on the disinterested priestly intercession. And one day you will be jubilantly resurrected in some new Garden of Eden; however here the indulgence cashed by the pope has its weight, you might still spend an indefinite time in purgatory. Be that as it may "... in the lies of the good you were hatched and huddled." (10) According to Paracelsus, “He who enters the kingdom of God must first enter his mother and die.” That kingdom is life, the god within is what we do with it and that is the real abode of heaven and hell.
On the other hand, the Beduin’s paradise, with rivers of crystal-clear waters, gorgeous palm trees full of dates and, under their shadows, beautiful damsels with dark almond-shaped eyes is indeed more attractive, beautiful and manly; a pious life among scorching sands and obedience to the Holy Law will get you there. Eventually some he or she will blow himself up amongst a crowd of infidels to please the Lord and attain it, but that is not recommended and the wise Mullah will not approve it.
As for what concerns the eternal bliss of Nirvana, liberation from all suffering and from the possibility to be reincarnated in a frog rather than a gorgeous and kingly human due to a very bad karma, is it not some sort of cowardice? “… liberation is from the maya of social institutions and not of the physical world … a liberation from being taken in by social institutions; it is not liberation from being alive.” (11)

Empty the priest's, bhikshu's and mullah's words are.
They spell only doom since they are apart.
Cast aside angels, devils and jiins,
Go beyond the beatitude of the Buddha's Nirvana
And the stupor of Rumi's wine cups.
Creatures of the mind they are,
Leave your mind behind.

No! Let me be rightly wrong … We are like the mist that rises up in the sky, condenses in a drop and falls back into the ocean enriching it with such transitory experience and, forthwith therewith dispersed, it becomes the ocean; that is the meaning of ‘life’ as an experience of ‘Life.’ The concept is not irrational and it ought to relish with both life and death, still it remains a concept, the creature of a deranged human mind which, however does away with a lot of idiocy and mental phantasms. “He who thinks that he is raising a mound may only in reality be digging a pit.” (12)
Mind’ and ‘mind’ is a concept of mine which twisted my pitiable mental faculties and distract intellect for a long time. Hence, in my cogito ergo sum I dare believe firmly-posit-individual brains but not individual minds in such a wise as the individual human mind is understood. I can imagine an infinite well within a greater infinity from which everyone fills his pail with water but that water does not taste the same for any two of them even if it is the same water and that is due to that convolute soft matter within a bony box, our androgynous parent of all earthly love, strife and wretchedness. That the uniqueness of the human brain taints this water and degrades it thus exposing a submind in all its glory is not uncommon. Each one of us draws a bucket of that water from that immense well but he/she does not perceive the same color and uses it differently; otherwise the stupidity of identical robots would result in perfect equality and a zombified planet. All that is wonderful, even in ugliness; ugliness in humans as the most inconsiderate, wicked and noxious animal on the planet; "Nothing then is more wretched anywhere than man of all that breathes and creeps upon this earth." (13) Tout ensemble, that is the product of mentation, the juice of the human submind. After all what makes me human and sub-minded is the need to search, the quest to reasonably believe in something and to eschew any submind's inconsiderate dogmatism. Being the only priest in my temple I try to profit from my scanty knowledge, a speck of sand on the shores of that great sea of knowledge bequeathed to us from big brains and bright minds in the course of several millennia. Yet, truth is and will always be its own mystery and we have very definite limits; this is my constant awareness. More modestly, I cannot long for truth like those savants who can grasp it with an iron fist; a clear perception of my limits satisfies my cerebral hunger. Even so unaware or in full awareness I might stumble into dark misunderstandings and blatant errors.
Descartes’ splitting of the universe in two, i.e., mind (res cogitans) and matter (res extensa) however were not enough. Long and Wide, Euclid's friends, live in Flatland albeit well aware of pyramids, bell towers and their knelling; they are immortal and still with us. A couple of millennia afterward their greatest exploit they met lady Depth, (depth is a woman, as such profound!) the daughter of Descartes’ amplexus with his ‘Cogito ergo sum’ and all together, better known as x, y and z, they thrive in the eternal kingdom of an immortal sage, a continuum without spatial directions known as time which gives us not a few headaches. (14)
This encounter, which changed the way we see the cosmos, fruited what is now termed coordinate geometry. The three-dimensional physical world thrives in it, the fourth dimension-‘t’-the kingdom of that sage defying eternity wherein also a befuddling Schrödinger cat may be found.
But time per se does not exist. It is a conceptual 'condition' brought about by a 'determinant', a causal element or factor. As such, time depends on the perceiving system which from our point of view implies biological life as the causal element and is strictly related to the same. Therefore the ‘flow of time’ is an erroneous concept; it is us who ‘flow’ with our volatile mental frame, our sentient and unremittingly changing organic structure, and the sensorial stimuli from the ever-changing environment. Within a linear concept, an elastic straight line between two points hence measurable, within our mental frame we evaluate the alterations happening in the physical and organic environs and the concept of time is brought into existence. Thus while our sensation is that we perceive the flow of time, the truth would be that we create it

"To quaff the inner life, is to see the outer life: to live in defiance of time, is to live in the whole.” (Zanoni)

An intelligent system needs a frame of reference to measure the gap within given events, for example: from the inception of the Earth to the present moment, , i.e., 4.32 billion years, a day or night of Brahma, according to the Hindu Vedas (Cosmic Cycles of Hindu Cosmology) and just about the same according to modern science! or the period between the distance traveled from Moscow to Rome by a snail, or that traveled by a gamma particle reaching us from a quasar at the edge of the universe: their velocity must be expressed within that frame of reference which for earthlings is created by the planetary revolutions around the sun which we name years, months, weeks, days, hours, seconds or the way up, centuries, millennia, light years and parsecs hence the intellect must give a name to this process: time! Thus within the above mentioned frame of reference time is a mental concept, of necessity the creation of a condition of which we are the determinant due to our contingent circumstances.

In the transformation and growth of all things, every bud and feature has its proper form. In this we have the gradual maturing and decay, the constant flow of transformation and change.”(Chuang Tzu)

Obviously a hyena, or an inhabitant of Titan (Saturn’s largest satellite) and an inhabitant of Io (the closest moon of Jupiter), or whatever depends on sense perceptions would have a different concept of time and space, hence would ‘flow’ a perceptual medium diverse from ours. However, the fact that it is us who ‘flow’, must incorporate also a conceptual space, hence a four-dimensional continuum, space-time, without scission between space and time.
Our cognitive process too is an intangible continuum without spatial directions, albeit able to perceive spatial directions, real and imaginary, and, more so, in an imaginative posture can even invent a brain-blasting science called quantum physics, Heisenberg's "strange kind of physical reality just in the middle between possibility and reality.", (15) where cats can be alive and dead at the same moment; it can find a 'God Particle' (Higgs boson) in a world where God is assuredly loosing ground; it can outrun time, space and write science fiction: is cognition a fifth dimension? And what about the continuum beyond that into which the immortal sage exists, the coop of time? A sixth dimension beyond any human’s cerebration, perhaps the universal Mind which sustains and governs the physical existence? We can proceed with this mentation ad infinitum, can’t we? A good intellect and reasoning power into our Aladdin lamp and the genie appears.
Marvelous is the power of the human mind, it can create a plethora of worlds; we can smash and squash the theory of relativity, the big bang, (16) a steady universe and panspermia, a string theory, (which presupposes seven dimensions but does not exclude eleven dimensions) and as mental designs create topological worlds up to the eleventh dimension yet we can hardly explain our world and much less so our reality; the cosmos is a grand design impressed into our peanut mind, but who can read it? And time, the measure of all things, is but a mental concept very palpable and distressing when we miss an appointment. Still we cannot explain any one of these continua without spatial directions, but for time as a reference to how we move around and go to supper, or to work, or to our girlfriend, or our birthday and the moment of our death, the annulment of our cherished time. There can be no ‘now’ in time but when we stop, for good, to perceive it; only then the cat’s life will not be jeopardized by the indeterminacy caused by the presence of the experimenter. And that is 'the coop of time'! We are it, or as the Hindu would say, “That art thou” (tat tvam asi), nonetheless this is circumscribed, hence "silence"!

The Tao that can be told of
Is not the Absolute Tao;
The Names that can be given
Are not Absolute Names.
(tr. LinYutang)

As to the fact that it is us who flow we do not flow in a four dimensional space-time; there is no where, no when, nor how; no us! What flows is our intrinsic-ness and that is “Brahma lila”, the great play of Brahma: we are it, the flow. But this flow without a where, when and how is not passive since it is within the dynamics of the matrix of cosmic life, clearly beyond any intellectual conception; “Thus far and no further.” (Mohamed) And here, when our consecrated time span is annulled, our time dead, an idiot, god’s lawyer on Earth whose power of attorney is a holy writ possibly translated from cuneiform or Aramaic characters, comes by to bless our foul-smelling and putrid cadaver and immerse our immortal soul into an indefinable eternity, somewhere in the sky in veneration of an eternal equally indefinable entity or in a gracious hell where we can merrily enjoy eternal fire scorching and butchering.

There is no Heaven, there is no Hell,
But forget not, there is no exemption from a Knell.
And, yes, were the earth Heaven,
We are turning it into Hell.

That is great but, as I stated above, human imagination can create anything whatsoever. Be that as it may, I never really understood what a ‘soul’, in other words my incorporeality, is; perhaps only because I can scratch my itchiness with chitinous nails or … well, no kidding: for my backbone I use a short titanium bar … but some shrewd guys use their soul, the etheric double, for astral travel and indeed smart they are because they keep it connected to the body by a sort of immaterial umbilical cord not to get lost in space or to life itself; in the case of the most adept travelers the umbilical cord can be light years long as they travel to faraway planets beyond the solar system and the speed of light looses meaning as this feat can be accomplished within minutes if not seconds. Great, enviable! I can interact only with my tangible me, nine cats and some bipedal creatures, palpable flesh and bones, and cannot scratch my thoughts even when they are somewhat disturbing if not utterly obnoxious. However, if there is any reality to astral travel, it is simply misunderstood. There is not an ethereal counterpart of our body while the human aura, perceptible with Kirlian photography, is an electromagnetic phenomenon not to be confused with an ethereal image; after all our body is an electrical powerhouse. The truth might be hidden in the subconscious, that hard to explain component of our personality-a cocoon teeming with hidden life but extremely jealous of its secrets-which being not subject to space and time may extemporize and give us the tangible impression that we can be at such a time and place, so as the ‘astral traveler’ experiences. If given recognition, a paranormal experience which implies an imagined supplementary tenuous body of ours-imagined-a reflection of our mental perception since it is strictly subjective and the subject, the ‘I’, must somehow be perceived; it cannot be a cat or a spider, it must be my corporeal image; unless I am convinced to be a bat, or a cricket or Chuangtse’s butterfly. (17) My golden egg may be an apt example.
I have little if any doubts that the enlightened theriomorphs and morons trusting and faithful to the immortal Divinities brought about through the ages by ‘mens insana in corpore more or less sano’, knelt under ornate domes or struggling in multitudinous butchering fields and many Crusades have been instrumental for the retarded advancement of human progress, but by now enough of it; we invaded the abode of the gods, the sky, with shuttles and the International Space Station and no gods have been found out there, only a space littered with the debris of instrumentation useful to increase global communication, scientific research and possibly realize our dream of reaching other worlds if we will ever get off the course of destroying ours. And our mental space is not less littered with atavist buncombe. Thus suggests my incurable insaneness, my sub-mind, and I stick to it with my tiny submind creating a weak electric field in the residua of a somewhat spongy material. The hard question is: is my working psyche causing the brain's electrical field or vice versa, i.e. the brain's electrical field giving rise to consciousness? (Where by ‘consciousness’ which can not be properly defined-I mean the psychophysical perception of the inner and outer environments.)
I conceive a particular property in that very weak electric field (18) hardly perceivable outside the bony encasing of the cerebral engine, if not only because electronics is my preferred hobby. Aside from the drop of water in the ocean as fancied above, it might have a definite meaning and a recondite property. We know that the god in the machine, the brain, is an electrical power house (not to complicate the issue I skip over what happens in its chemical lab!) and this creates an extremely intricate wave pattern, depending on the neurons at work in a given instant in some cerebral sections. This intricate wave pattern is an electromagnetic field, as such a storehouse of information. Indeed the perceived field is very weak and it may not travel far out into space, even so it may be bounced back by any physical obstacle or by an atmospheric layer and dissipate into the ground but ... but we are till quite ignorant about the intrinsic properties of electromagnetism, we cannot exclude that this electric field, electromagnetic radiation, can travel into outer space (perhaps as a resultant property of electromagnetism still unknown to us) and hence as a constant packet of information (so long as the brain, the transmitter, is well alive even if not properly tuned) and with no obstacle in the cosmic space it would travel forever, for what purpose? The packet of information (which would be more exactly described relying on quantum mechanics, i.e., the instantaneous informative interaction of particles separate in space by any distance; but that is beyond the scope of this essay and, more so, beyond the capacity of a spongy brain) generated by the living brain after all is loaded with meaning, to what unthinkable something is this information aimed? And what about the fact that when we are rigid and covered with cold earth, the switch of the electromagnetic field turned off once and for all, our life's record moves forever into infinity? This is a notional supposition although is brings to mind the akashic record (from Âkâsa, the noumenon of space) and what it implies according to what Hindu intuition has taught for millennia: whatsoever happens in the physical cosmos is not lost; to make an analogy, the Âkâsa is like a hard disk where every event is stored, for all eternity. (The Alaya-vijñana, (19) that is ‘storehouse of consciousness’ concept of the Yogacara school of Buddhism is not very different even if developed much later, in the 4th century CE.). The akashic record theory cannot be discounted as a frill of the mind since the cosmology of the ancient Hindu seers may have unscrambled some of the mysteries of the universe which we discovered only of late thanks to our advanced technology.
But this cerebral electromagnetic field baffles me in another, less fanciful way: chance. An example: while walking somewhere Ms. Z comes to my mind (well, after all she is very attractive!) and as I turn around the corner I meet her, an unexpected, unforeseen event that happens by pure coincidence; I did not see her for years! Or: I think about adding a note to one essay but I am uncertain about how I remember that topic so a book comes to my mind hence I reach it, open it at random and my sight falls right there, on what I am looking for, pure coincidence.
We are all familiar with some kind of unexpected events; they are not unusual although at times they may be odd or even a bit weird-thus 'chance' dictates! Yet, I never believed in chance, even to the extent that such a spermatozoon among millions wins its race to fertilize the ovum instead of any other in the sperm due to an exact law and not by chance, as it is generally taught. "There is no such thing as chance, and what we regard as blind circumstance actually stems from the deepest source of all." (Schiller) "Everything existing in the Universe is the fruit of chance and necessity." (Democritus) Hence I agree with Schiller while I disagree with Democritus and not by chance, but for the very concept implied by the word 'necessity' since, teleologically, necessity implies some kind of consciousness, the inner awareness of a lacking element.
Since we are electromagnetic structures in an electromagnetic environment in an electromagnetic cosmos and electromagnetic interactions are predictable chance has little chance to happen by chance; an inescapable physical law, even unknown to us like an X dimension, is behind chance. If we admit chance then the universe has no purpose and vice versa. If we admit chance then the physical laws sustaining the universe would go awry and it could not exist as such. All our knowledge, science, art, literature could not exist, neither we! Or we should accept the existence of some strange, whimsical Paleolithic, erratic and paranoid god.
However, a small digression: it hard not to believe in chance and a clear example is the picture above. It is the enlargement of a tiny section of the picture of part of a field of lava in the Ertale volcano, in Ethiopia. In the upper part we se a visage suggesting a shaman while in the lower part we se a strange creature with oversized ears, apparently not very intelligent and, hanging from his cheeks something like a small human body. If you flip vertically the upper part the lower part appears and vice versa; if you flip it horizontally you might perceive either the shaman or the strange creature. Well then, what pushed me to enlarge beyond any reasonable purpose that picture (film-sometime in 1973, not digital) and move it around the monitor’s screen, perceive the shaman, cut it out, flip it and perceive the other not really human visage? A mysterious foreknowledge of what was coming out? This happened, mysteriously, by chance! Chance? (Click this link for the original picture; it won’t change if two frames are united in a single image as above. Did I post it here by chance or there is some recondite purpose?)
Back to where the cerebral electromagnetic field enters the game. Everything physical, whether structurally made up of a few atoms or a gogol (20) atoms has a related electromagnetic field of a given frequency, its wavelength; that is its fingerprint. No two things can ever be exactly equal. On the other end electromagnetic fields or emissions can generate harmonics, mathematically related frequencies on a lower or higher spectrum, just like we can have diverse octaves in a musical note. And here the brain's electrical field enters the picture: some of its frequencies or harmonics may resonate with other frequencies or their harmonics, it is not a matter of empathy, simply a physical fact and this resonance may create a mental image-say, the image of Ms. Z who is still beyond the corner and approaching; what a lucky chance to meet her, but where is the chance here? Hidden in some occult and highly esoteric law, or manifest through a physical law? Or is it a matter of resonance? (Which my WordWeb dictionary defines as: 1. An excited state of a stable particle causing a sharp maximum in the probability of absorption of electromagnetic radiation. 2. A vibration of large amplitude produced by a relatively small vibration near the same frequency of vibration as the natural frequency of the resonating system.)
Got it? I am not sure how understandable my explanation may be, applesauce? As well it may give a hint to the akashic record but, more so, may explain another fanciful fact: reincarnation. Whereby a cerebral electric field gets in syntony, that is, resonates with a given frequency in the not really fanciful cosmic hard disk where all universal information is stored and the mental image generated is appropriated by the perceiver who gives it an exact meaning: "wow, that 'was' is me ... it cannot be otherwise!" (21) And the moron sticks to this image and belief for the rest of his life. I cannot say if such mental radiation can resonate with some god's brain's frequency, that of Jesus Christ, or Jalal-al-Din Rumi's, or Parashurama's, an incarnation of Visnu, or any other outstanding astral or encoded akashic entity and create a mystic experience, have not pondered it over yet! Therefore let me squeeze my sponge and see if a few drops of applesauce drip out of it.
It is a very large cave with a seemingly spherical vault. Inside it is all softly luminous but it is not a light belonging to this world, it is like unto the light shining within the heart of a diamond, although I do not know what the light of the heart of a diamond looks like. The vault up above is pitch dark, below it is only water, a large and wonderful silvery lake apparently vanishing into its own horizons (maybe there is a bank on the left side - I cannot clearly recall). The water appears slightly crispy with shades of crystal-like white, light bleu and light green blending delicately into one another and I am immersed into it. A small bat swiftly crosses in between the vault and the lake and disappears far away apparently on my left side while I deeply enjoy being into these splendid waters-it all seems very real. Some time passes by and therewith a huge bat, or more like a huge flying reptile of the late Mesozoic era, a pterodactylus, appears in the sky and starts to fly in circles above me. I am sure that it wants to eat me and I see myself as a tiny black speck into that marvelous lake, helplessly at the mercy of that flying monster-there is nothing at all I can do and I wake up ... it is 2.30 in the morning of September 22, 1992 and the unfortunate pterodactylus has lost his repast; my wife on the left side is serenely asleep unaware of my dangerous oneiric adventure. This dream appeared ominous to me at that time since my father suddenly died a few days afterwards.
But now I see it differently; in those days I was studying geology and paleontology so that the pterodactylus might have found a shelter in my subconscious. One day I even came back from the someplace in the beautiful Italian Apennines with a large bone of a dinosaur, which my younger daughter saw exposed somewhere on the ground not far from where the car was parked and now a cherished trophies in her house.
But now I have a tendency to abandon the argument of precognition of my father’s death, a small excursion in the akashic record, and jump in into another kingdom: that of the archetypes. A golden egg and a pterodactylus make up two nice archetypes, not less so the chick in the egg and a spherical vault; and a beautiful silvery lake where the contents of our unconscious may be hidden, in the unknown-the heart of a diamond.
Jung’s concept of the archetypes has gone a long way and still stands firmly into psychologists’ (22) minds yet, at least in my case, all the archetypes which invaded my life, whether awake or asleep … well, I am not anymore so sure that that is barely the heritage of my reptilian brain for they might have entered my subconscious from previously acquired knowledge.
Archetypes are fascinating. Innumerable snakes, gods, celestial and infernal creatures have invaded our psyche and dreams, settled therein, glued in some neuronal section of our brain-glued! Elves, gremlins, ghosts, angels and demons, serpents and dragons, faeries and ogres, unicorns and a plethora of what lived into the fables which our mothers recounted to their infants they all make good archetypes which may stick or be cooked into the brain's cauldron not necessarily coming from a remote antiquity but from human imagination to fill the cauldron to overflowing and yes, they often overflow and unsolicited fall into our dreams. But those strictly glued to the neural structure are those most interesting because they not only wake us up from our dreams but they have a strict hold on our awake state, both in normal awareness (23) and subconscious states. From which I deduct, to what extent reasonably? That not all these mythical as well as real creatures do thrive in the reptilian brain as a strictly evolutionary gift but also in acquired knowledge, whether we are aware or unaware. As well, that in the long run traces may enter the genetic chain and influence life, it cannot be excluded. Archetypes yes, but-why not-born and nurtured in real lifetime and not all of them a racial memory, a transmission from remote eras and mythological accounts; our lives are like an uninterrupted string of beads, each a symbol reflecting our image of the inner and outer world speaking to us. Surely, “I cannot now think symbols less than the greatest of all powers, whether they are used consciously … or half-unconsciously …” (24)
And here I return, for a moment, to one of these creatures, the one most strongly glued or boiling in the cauldron: God! God as an archetype forcedly pushed into our intellect and the most difficult to get rid of. Does it make sense? In the vault of our mind, in the lake of our being, something disturbs us and we don't wake up and let it feed on our reason to the detriment of human life: culture, politics, planetary life. All tainted by this concept brought about by an archetype pushed in our being in lifetime, well outside the reptilian brain in the lower part of our bony box.
Going for a moment to the psychiatrist’ studio: he is a well instructed professional with a deep knowledge of the workings of the minds and neural circuitry, and minds and brains is what he tries to control and eventually cure from some unwelcome traits and tendencies but what is the gist of his profession? At times lobotomies, perhaps electrodes inserted deep in the brain, or miracle pills-but more often than not it is the act of mental intercourse with his ailing subject: suggesting, trying to instill more or less forcedly his views to modify theirs; not unlike outside his studio happens under domed vaults with holy priests. But these holy priests are, most of them, shrewd holy parasites who prefer begging to tilling the land and to create imbeciles out of their idiocy. (A short time ago I was in an orphanage run by catholic Christian priests and an appalling thought gripped my mind: what will become of those orphans? Yes, that is an appalling reality! Witnessing on site the creation of future pauperized idiots.)
Appalling Christianity, which happens to be as it is due to a blow on the head of Saint Paul following a fall from his horse and the divine encounter that enlightened him. I already mentioned something about mysticism above. Once upon a time, when about a couple of months old and on the brink of death, I was unwittingly baptized without any chance to avert the unwelcome sensation of the cold water on my forefront or repel Padre Dositeo and send him back into the beautiful Cathedral of Asmara. ("The water used in baptism was to regenerate or re-create. The soul in this manner was transposed from its previous mortal position to one of immortality." (25) Well, I was on the threshold of death but somehow missed it, as well as limbo; consequently I lost also paradise and nearness to God somewhere up there in the sky and will irremediably suffer the torments oh hell.) Incidentally, that is the stupidest and worst error that most parents ignorantly commit. People should be able to choose from themselves their spiritual road at a reasonable age; nonetheless, due to convention and a not very liberal mother in law I made the same error with my first daughter; wisely my second daughter's forehead remained dry.

"Teach never what you know-but always how the child may find a path for himself." (26)

After throwing away the protective mantle of Christianity, Near Eastern mysticism was a welcome encounter, dervishes and Jalal-al-Din Rumi were among my first mentors. Oriental and Islamic literature are a different planet where you do not cannibalize the Son of God. (27) In Islamic literature and the Moorish inheritance you have greater pleasure and find more gems of wisdom. But for a few passages I never read the Bible and the gospels, conversely I read the Quran thrice: Mohamed, a prophet with a swirling and unforgiving sword but who more humbly defined himself as “The Apostle of God” and not God’s son. Concurrently Persia, India, Tibet and China were indoctrinating me and yes, I enjoyed it all until I started to dis-indoctrinate myself, wisely so before my sponge shrunk too much. (The brain shrinks inexorably as age advances. When I will be 500 years old I will be some kind of vegetable with one third of the original brain mass; at the age of 969, Methuselah’s age, a few neurons will be left. Those who wish a very long life, not to speak of immortality, should wisely reconsider it!). Even so, I still revel in oriental literature. Concerning idiocy and mental phantasms, not all of them are confined inside insane asylums but however give a lot of work to good, as well as to unreliable, psychiatrists. (A wonderful profession but the temptation to experiment with the human psyche is extremely tempting.) This pushed my curiosity, or thirst for knowledge, into their professional field and enriched my library with a lot of disenchanting literature which shows nice and ugly panoramas concerning the brain and the mind. Irrespective of how advanced professionals are in the study and comprehension of the brain/mind topic, not a few scientists and scholars are stone blocks, (28) you cannot deviate a whit from their path; academic knowledge proceeds within the boundaries of its own specialty leaving few outlets and as it becoming more and more specialized it is difficult to interact with. I am a deviant and while I regret a lack of an adequate instruction I am not sure to what extent I regret it. My dis-indoctrination road has been wide, rich and satisfactory, a path due to vanish before long which tells me why I hardly understand ‘why?’ people are doltishly afraid of death and get attached to the unreality instilled into their minds and life by false and shrewd dullards. We are, in allocated time and its contingencies. Then our cherished and maggoty cadavers will end up in the digestive tracts of worms, no sensory outlet will remain, no mental faculties; some shovels of earth, or a pyre, or the animal world will take care of us; with or without stupid blessings, with or without a Tibetan lama reading to our putrefying carcass the Tibetan Book of the Dead so as to grant us-if karma permits-a rebirth in more favorable circumstances if not in a Buddha-land or Shangrila. The paintings of Tibetan hells are great but not comforting!
By now I will squeeze out the last drops which remained in my sponge and briefly recapitulate whatever I wrote above concerning Mind, mind, sub-mind, psyche and intellect and what lies beyond these mental images because that is what they are: mental images created from the impelling human necessity to discover its origins which far antedate the Garden of Even, the gods and the inception of the universe so as we perceive it.
The intellect is that which distinguishes the human beast from the rest of the animal world or, more properly, from the biological life thriving on our planet. We think, in an industrious causal way so that we reached our present intellectual, scientific, and technological era. More so, it is endowed with imagination to the extent that it can create anything whatsoever which can materialize-as such causative, or unreal concepts-strangeness, which remains hanging on mental fogs. The reality of concepts is illusory unless you translate them into a Ferrari, a pizza, a work of art, a musical sonata, a poem or even an insane essay like this one. "Cherish that which is within you, and shut off that which is without for much knowledge is a curse." ... "Therefore that knowledge which stops at what it does not know, is the highest knowledge." (Chuagtze-tr. Lin Yutang) And these fogs are a mystifying and mysterious kingdom which contains a plethora of abstract concepts which make us constantly scrape our head; such as Mind, mind, sub-mind and what lies beyond and creates not a few problems to the lady in the castle, our greatest asset, the psyche-the interface!
The obvious fact is that Mind, mind and sub-mind, like it or not, are mental concepts trying to depict some imponderable, intangible some-thing that as such does not exist; but in our imagination it gives us life, our conscious and sentient life. However our limited intellectual endowments cannot stand in nothingness without a more or less shaky pedestal and avoid or omit to delineate the existence of those intangibles constricted in our intellectual sphere. Nonetheless these concepts are useful, however we express them, and we cannot do without them otherwise we would not find a meaning to our place in the universe or the tapestry under our shoes. But this meaning is the visible face of reality, illusory and subjective, conditioned by the before and after. The deep and obscure other face of the coin is the whence we flow, mostly unaware of the current transporting us.
And here we come to the ultimate concept, the beyond which is not the pretty Ms. Z beyond the corner, neither the Buddha Land nor the “Tao that can be told of …”, nor even the beyond; we live in a conceptual world, the world of names, hence trying to transcend it we find ourselves somewhat in the same position of the Ouroboros, the snake eternally biting its own tail.
Back to “Each one of us draws a bucket of that water from that immense well but he/she does not perceive the same color and uses it differently …” the most important thing here is not the water, but the bucket since it is not stainless steel, but skin, epidermis, and this does not apply only to us humans, the so defined, with arrogant ignorance, culmination of creation but to whatever is part of the planetary biological system, be it a fruit fly, a vertebrate, a condor, an aquatic organism or whatever including the vegetable realm; "Living beings are chemical machines. … Like a machine, every organism, down to the very ‘simplest’ constitutes a coherent and integrated functional unit.” (29) The importance of the bucket lies in the fact that the water within it is in contact with a biological skin and not two biological skins-or entities-can be identical, whatever the similarity among diverse taxonomic groupings. Looking at what concerns us more, the human being, it is evident that any individual, as a system per se, has its ‘water’ contaminated in a different way from the ‘bucket’ and this is its undeniable uniqueness which is due to particular physical and chemical laws and the environmental experience due to the peculiarities of his sense perceptions. Skin, bones, sinews etc. are an integral part with and under the supervision of an extremely complicated organ suggesting a cabbage, the brain. This suggests a reductionist view which does not need abstract appendages and here I have to contradict myself, no submind, mind and Mind but a fully functional organism in syntony-more or less-with its environment and ecosystem and not apart from it. After all, we we move on a solid spherical lump of matter enveloped in an atmosphere which permits life as we know or define it, albeit in reality there is no physical separation, apart from the subjective experience of spatial separation-the resultant of sense perception, but a well defined link among anything which exists, alive or inert. And the brain is the interface which regulates the whole system and keeps it going without any particular need of abstract entities apart from the physical laws to us known which, intrinsically, are the pedestal of the whole system. This reductionist view deletes all those intangible mental concepts which we create to give meaning to our existence and fills the planet with an incomputable diversity of creatures which, in a certain sense, are not unlike delicate biological robots and, concerning humans, with an enhanced intellective endowment. It would be improper, however, to exclude the ‘lady in the castle’ from this picture.
Psyche, the lady in the castle, has a particular peculiarity and, since consciousness is the subjective perception of objective projections, the more she experiences the world, like a ripening fruit, the more she gets attached to the ‘bucket’; in a certain sense she is both the product of the maturing organism and the director of that orchestra made up of that which is hidden under the skin. The abominable horizon falling in nothingness, the prospect of death disturbs her until the horizon vanishes but the bucket cannot evade the second law of thermodynamics, there is a curve which is ascending up to a given limit; growth, maturity, and then descending towards an unavoidable transformation, old age and then a cumulus of lifeless organic material, earth back to earth. Therefore, to spare her a neurosis, here I suggest (without personal conviction) the reductionist view that deletes those intangible mental concepts which we create to give meaning to our existence and propose a planet with an incomputable diversity of creatures which, in a certain sense, are not unlike delicate biological robots and, concerning humans, with an enhanced intellective endowment. Ad interim organic robots thrive on the planet with the seemingly unique purpose to further and nurture their species. Seemingly, since it is very difficult for sapiens sapiens to conceive a purposeless cosmological system and what it would imply-otiose matter! Hence a reductionist view appears abominable, it puts us in the same trash can with cockroaches or buried under the soil, like platyhelminthes, alive and well. But this is hardly acceptable to those real or imaginary imponderables which infest our sub-minds. Therefore, leaving aside all the above gibberish, there is a more acceptable point of view to take into consideration. Whatever its physical appearance this universe of ours is nothing but electromagnetic waves and subatomic particles and what proves it is another, apparently exact and inescapable, intellectual adventure of the human mind; viz., the atomic theories and the confirmed experimental and mathematical proofs. Hence as a scientific hypothesis that survives experimental testing it becomes an accepted scientific theory, albeit a theory remains a conceptual postulate. What we do not know is the field which gives life to and maintains such process, electromagnetism per se is not enough. There is the strong temptation not to dismiss Eugene Wigner’s insight: "It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to the consciousness." therefore this brings about the concept of universal consciousness and that must remain beyond the reach of the human mind.
Notwithstanding, our experience does not openly tell us that we are equally constituted of the same ‘elements’, electromagnetic waves and atomic particles, the subjective reality is that of the individual self which sees, ears, feels etc.; inescapably a biological organism manifested as a living and sentient being: me! An electrical process endowed with self consciousness within an imponderable field.
The above mentioned res cogitans and res extensa are the two necessary preconditions to our planetary life, whether or not we agree with this Cartesian concept which has been the subject of interminable philosophical debates. While matter (res extensa) corresponds to the above concept concerning the consistence of the physical universe, thought, (res cogitans) the content of cognition, remains a sort of inexplicable mystery being generated within the complex intricacy of the neurological tissues of the human brain.
Now, if we accept the concept of a universal consciousness-call it what you will since we are not like stones without a neurological support and the human world is a world of names-we must accept the paramount fact that we are part-albeit an inconceivable Lilliputian part-of that postulated universal consciousness. And our world of names, our indestructible Tower of Babel, cannot stay clear of something that it feels within and will attempt to express it trying to create mental images, phantasms, which cannot be delimited nor have a name properly defining them due to their imponderability. Hence we invent concepts, like my sub-mind, which attempts to dissipate the dense clouds under the sun but these clouds are too thick and we are left to play with phantoms and the big shadows cast by these clouds.
Every once in the while the stone in my shoes tells my sole: “Do we have a mind? What kind of stuff is that? Think it over again.” But thinking is a good way of messing up everything so I sit at the computer not perfectly conscious of what I am doing and my fingers type what some mysterious mental process suggests them and I am unable to judge for myself if there is any real worth in what follows, although something may be appropriate and satisfy the stone and have the sole forget the discomfort. Therefore it would be appropriate to state what, apart from fantasizing, is my actual view.
Since our impossibility of understanding reality brings about a conceptual partitioning of the whole in parts which might correspond to parts of the whole yet, concerning intellectual creations, nothing warrants their correctness hence a priori I exclude from my panorama the paranoia of psychology with all those concepts adorning mental processes and crowning the skull, indeed useful concepts, (unlike those of J. B. Watson's behavioristic psychology which puts us in the place of organic robots or rats in a maze) in other words: soul theory, anima, persona, id, superego … et all and I confine myself to:
Universal consciousness: indefinable as such, but an entity (because we feel impelled to conceive something, however abstract, and give it a name) with purpose, ergo, not ‘being’ due to, nor sustaining chance. The source of what we perceive as a physical cosmos and life yet beyond what we consider as the ultimate principle of the universe. The ‘beyond Tao’.
The intellect: the source of cognitive activity, that is, the capacity for rational thought, inference or discrimination. A cumulative process responding to mental and environmental circumstances.
The psyche: the interface between the neurological processes of the brain as engendered by the senses and resulting in awareness, hence the mediator between intellect (‘cogito’=I think and consciousness ‘sum’=I am; the subjective perception of objective reality). Hence I conceive the Lady in the Castle’s function both as an actuator and a feedback mechanism deeply enmeshed and sensitive to life experience and as such responding to the whims of life.
Notwithstanding the intellect and the psyche are a unique system, the yang and the yin orchestrating the symphony of our life and this system deserves an apt name. Calling it a sub-mind I see myself as a strict relative of the creature at the bottom in the picture above and seemingly that is not quite enticing therefore I will revert to a more acceptable term: the human mind and at last get the stone out of the shoe.
That which up to this point has not been taken into consideration is the “ego” because the ego, the supreme owner of the fear of death and frequently and not less so, the fear or life, as well as the supposed but tangible owner of a unique bag of flesh and bones is a farce (Who, Where and What is it? It comes into being as the infant realizes his individuality in the “I” and “Me” and throughout his life and related circumstances constantly adds to it creating an immense tessellated puzzle board which tends to become an unsolvable mosaic therefore it is not an inborn mental acquisition but a mental conditioner which will follow most of us to the grave) and most of those who unconsciously realize it are those who end up in a psychiatrist’ studio or alternatively in a Trappist convent, or sitting in the lotus position for years on end in a cave in the Himalayas, or a Taoist or Zen monastery to seek liberation. And in the last analysis liberation is not the paramount and illusory feeling of being one with the universe and all its creatures, gods included, but liberation from all innate fears, doing away with the mental conditioner.
Reading what I wrote in this essay I think that I could have better spent my time in my lab building a nice audio amplifier with old tubes, which restitute a fine response with even frequencies unlike the modern solid state things whose response is distasteful odd frequencies distorting Mozart, Paganini, Tchaikovsky and bending the pipes of Bach’s organ. Be that as it may, there might be some kind of acceptable logic in this text however I am not prone to accept unconditionally all that I wrote concerning the abstract worlds that my sub-mind can fancy, although that is more palatable than some kind of organic robot.
Inconsistencies like this happen and not only when sponges are wearing out, how can I know for certain to what degree the water in my bucket is contaminated? I should put everything that crossed my intellect since I discovered that I have a limited reasoning power inside my mental blender, switch it on, search and do away with impurities and start it all over again since “The fool who persists in his folly will become wise.” (William Blake) Not that that is impossible, by I am living in frontward shrinking time and my time allocation might expire well before the expiry date printed on a can of finely chopped Italian tomatoes. Sometimes I think that I was born too early but it is not so; I crossed a wonderful period of scientific renaissance, (with the specter of the atomic bomb hanging over our heads) advanced technology and distributed knowledge but I have done what most of us do: did not profit from it. There are too many attracting and tempting reflections in this world’s mirror and we can hardly escape them. That is a lesson learnt, albeit not by everyone, when the mirror is about to vanish.

"At times of writing I never think what I have said before. My aim is not to be consistent with my previous statements on a given question, but to be consistent with truth as it may present itself to me at a given moment. The result has been that I have grown from truth to truth." - Mahatma Gandhi

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(1) Friedrich Nietzsche - Beyond Good and Evil – 30 - Translated by R. J. Hollingdale Penguin Classics, - 1969.
(2) The Laws of Manu-George Bühler, translator [1886]-(Sacred Books of the East, vol. 25. See also: "... the subtle state where he shines as the Hyrania Garbha, the Golden Embryo of Life and Form and then the condition of the gross state where he is the Virat, the Cosmic Soul." The Upanishads-Gateway of Knowledge-M. P. Pandit-Ganesh & Co. Madras-17-196.
Naturally, and almost of necessity, the egg became associated with man’s primitive idea of a creation. It aptly symbolized that primordial, quiescent state of things which preceded their vitalization and activity—the inanimate chaos, before life began, when “the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” It was thus received in the early cosmogonies, in all of which the vivification of the Mundane Egg constituted the act of creation; from it sprang the world resplendent in glory and teeming with life. The Project Gutenberg E-Book of Ophiolatreia, by Anonymous. [EBook #39015].
(3) The Secret Doctrine-H. P. Blavatsky-vol. 1, p.266-Theosophical University Press-1970- Note: Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’s (1831--1891) reputation is not at its best among her critics and detractors, all the same her works are a mine of useful information. Moreover the late 18th century was the dawn of orientalism, a grand experiment of great scholars on a still poorly known field. A restless and remarkable woman, with both genuine and crafty psychic gifts: "She seems to have been an explosive madcap ... charisma ... adventurousness ... humor ... roguery ... and genuine psychic ability.", thus Colin Wilson depicts her. With Col. Henry S. Olcott she founded the Theosophical Society.
(4)Across time and over the centuries humans have also "invented" the same symbols, and/or respond to the same symbols with similar feelings of emotion or spiritual awe (Campbell, 1988; D'Alviella, 1894; Frazier, 1950; Joseph, 1996; Jung, 1964). This includes, for example, the "cross" and the "swastika" as well as the triangle and circle. The sign of the cross is a religious symbol employed by the Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Africans, and the ancient Europeans and Americans including the Mayas, Aztecs, and plains Indians. The swastika also appears world wide, and has been employed for thousands of years. And not just symbols, but similar works of art and architecture appear repeatedly throughout history, across distant oceans, continents and cultures. These similarities are a product of the same genetic instructions, rather than secondary to cultural diffusion.
Excerpt from: Multi-Regional Symbolism by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D. – Downloaded from www.BrainMind.com
(5)The Portable Nietzsche – Thus Spoke Zarathustra, second part, p. 258 – Translated by Walter Kaufmann –Viking paperbound portables – 1964.
(6) Harold J. Morowitz, "Rediscovering the Mind" in "The mind's I" by Douglas R. Hofstadter and Daniel C. Dennet-Penguin Books-1982.
(7)For the sake of exactness my naïveté will not accept these descriptions; psyche, mind, self, intellect, spirit, awareness, consciousness and soul are thrown in a single cauldron and there we have a nice, sour soup! So I will first mention also the brain: the only tangible reality, so as we conceive reality, and I mention it here simply because some professionals still have a tendency to look at mind and brain as a single thing.
Concerning the psyche, besides what I think about it, as described above, I will add these notes from other sources:
§ - Psykhé (soul) - The complex of phenomena and functions which enable the individual to form an experience of himself and the world and act consequentially. In the classic tradition, originally identified with the most important physiological function - breathing - hence corresponding to a dematerialized "soul" concept. Originally the principle of life, but used generally as equivalent to mentality, or as a substitute for mind and soul. Also, the self.
§ - From the most archaic times we have evidence of symbols of a very definite pattern which act on the human mind, those symbols making up that which Dr. C. J. Jung labeled as the collective unconscious, "the outcome of countless generations of man and his forebears, in which life still moves" -- To which I add: "and which apparently are a common heritage as well as part and parcel of our psychic life." Even if in this essay I propose a new idea.
-P. W. Martin. Experiment in Depth - A Study of the Work of Jung, Eliot and Toynbee. p. 54. London. Routlege and Kegan Paul. 1967.
§ - "The world of the archetypes of Jung is like a Platonic world of ideas, in that the archetypes are impersonal and do not participate in the historical Time of the individual life, but in the Time of the species - even of organic Life itself." Mircea Eliade. Myths, Dreams and Mysteries. p. 181. London. Collins, the Fontana Library of Theology and Philosophy. 1974.
"There are things in the psyche which we do not produce, but which produce themselves and have their own life."
C. G. Jung in "Myths, Dreams and Mysteries"-Collins, The Fontana Libray-1974.
§ - "… just as the human body shows a common anatomy over and above all racial differences, so, too, the psyche possesses a common substratum transcending all differences in culture and consciousness. I have called this substratum the collective unconscious. This unconscious psyche, common to all mankind, does not consist merely of contents capable of becoming conscious, but of latent dispositions towards certain identical reactions. Thus the fact of the collective unconscious is simply the psychic expression of the identity of brain-structure irrespective of all racial differences. This explains the analogy, sometimes even identity, between various myths-motifs, and symbols, and the possibility of human beings making themselves mutually understood. The various lines of psychical development start from one common stock whose roots reach back into all the strata of the past.”
C. G. Jung, in the commentary to “The Secret of the Golden Flower” by Richard Wilhelm - p. 87 – Routlege & Kegan Paul – 1969 – London.
§ - ”… we neither know nor pretend to know what ‘psyche’ is …” C. J. Jung in his psychological commentary to “The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation” edited by W. Y. Evans-Wentz – Oxford University Press 1969-2. In the treatise “Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle” quite oddly Jung writes: “We must completely give up the idea of the psyche’s being somehow connected with the brain …” quoted by Arthur Koestler - The Roots of Coincidence - p. 97, 98 - Picador Edition. 1974.
Concerning mind, vide within the textual contents. I will not discuss 'self, intellect, spirit, awareness, consciousness' in this essay, there are enough of these intangible things in my personal writings on this site at this link: www.dankalia.com/delloro/index.htm - As for what concern the last word 'soul', to repeat the statement above: "I never really understood what a ‘soul’ is..." my well rooted tendency is to consider it a figment of the imagination, thus wisely avoiding the torture of paradise and the delight of hell.
Here we may reign secure, and in my choyce
To reign is worth ambition though in Hell:
Better to reign in Hell, then serve in Heav'n.

(Milton - Paradise Lost).

( "Zarathustra was the first teacher to teach that the evil-doer will suffer Hell for all time after death and that the good-doer will be in Heaven for all time." Phiroz Mehta - The Middle Way - Vol. 51, No. 3 - November, 1986.)
(8) Rig Veda X. 129. 6,7 (translated by Griffit.)
(9) I read somewhere-can’t recall-a note by a quantum physicist complaining that most of those who quote the Schrödinger cat are ignorant writers who want to pose as professors of quantum mechanics; quite likely he was thinking about me.
(10) The Portable Nietzsche – Thus Spoke Zarathustra, . Third part, p.325 – Translated by Walter Kaufmann –Viking paperbound portables – 1964.
(11) Alan W. Watts-“Psychotherapy East and West”-Mentor Books-19963.
(12) Kai Lung's Golden Hours-Bramah, Ernest, 1869?-1942 (Link: etext98/klsgh10.zip - Project Gutenberg EText-No. 1267.
(13) Iliad XVII. 446-Quoted in William James- The Varieties of Religious Experience.
(14 ) "... time is undoubtedly an accident, and, according to our opinion, one of the created accidents, like blackness and whiteness; it is not a quality but an accident connected with motion." Moses Maimonides. The Guide for the Perplexed. p. 171. Translated from the original Arabic by M. Friedlander, Ph. D. New York. Dover Publications, Inc., 1956.
Or, "to quote the perceptive words of H. C. Puech: ‘According to the celebrated Platonic definition, time, which is determined and measured by the revolution of the celestial spheres, is the moving image of unmoving eternity, which it imitates by revolving in a circle’". Mircea Eliade. The Sacred and the Profane. p. 109. N.Y., Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., 1959.
(15) Quoted in Gary Zukav's "The Dancing Wu Li Masters"-Bantam New Age Books-1979.
(16) "We may discount here those theories concerning the birth of our universe. For all that we know there might be universes as the stars we see in the sky, and a self-generating process like the big bang is tenable only for the fact that our universe is expanding but not necessarily true. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist. It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the Universe going.” Stephen Hawking: God Has No Role in Universe.
(17) "Once upon a time, I, Chuang Chou* dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was Chou. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man."
*Personal name of Chuangtse. "tse" being the equivalent of "Master."
(18) "... the brain's electric field is not a by-product; it is a feedback loop." ... "We knew that weak electrical fields could impact brain activity, but what no one had really tested before was whether electric fields produced by the brain itself could influence its own activity". Scientific American Mind - November/December 210 - p. 10.
"The brain itself is an electrical circuit. Every brain has its own unique resonating frequency. The brain is an infinitely more sensitive receiver and transmitter than the computer, and even in the wireless age, the comprehension of how wireless networks operate appears not to extend to the workings of the brain." Carole Smith-Global Research, December 13, 2007 -Dissent Magazine, Australia, Summer 2007/2008-from GlobalResearch Website
~ A personal note ~ We have been able to translate electricity into mechanical force, then into voice, afterwards as a carrier for both voice and images. In all these transformations there has always been a key component: a length of twisted wire, a coil; we also discovered that adding another component - a condenser - we could alter at will the frequency of oscillation of the generated electrical field so as to achieve desired results. The two components mentioned above, condensers and coils, have an equivalence in our brain, (if we reflect about the plethora of artifacts that we see around us we will discover that most mechanism are inspired by natural mechanisms) where the circuits between cells (condensers) and dendrites (coils) form resonant circuits besides driving the brain's biochemical processes. Hence, here and once more we just brought into the open - by that process that we call invention - what is inside ourselves. And the undisclosed mechanism which creates the interaction between brain and mind cannot but be in the interaction of some sort of electromagnetic field so as it is for the universe at large. All universal interactions - to our knowledge - depend on electromagnetism. By now we know far too well how to alter the functions of the brain with modulated (that is, with other superimposed signals) electromagnetic waves, both for good (the simplest example is music) or for bad (mind conditioning). Here is ample proof that by altering the functions of the brain we alter, as well, the response of the human psyche. This, in itself, is the other face of the coin where on one side we can use psychoactive substances to act upon the chemistry of the brain while on the other side we have electrical fields which alter the oscillatory and hence chemical-electrical response of the same. That which we cannot get to terms with, is what is the channel of communication, or the route of exchange between the brain and the human mind, if we give for granted that brain and mind are two different entities.
(19) "Incidentally the western ‘collective unconscious’ is not very different, or at most a refinement, of the doctrine of the ‘Alaya-Vijnana’, the term usually translated into English as ‘store consciousness’, the basic consciousness of persisting element which is subject of successive births and deaths." Carl Gustav Jung. On the Psychology of Eastern Meditation. In Art and Thought. p. 178. Edited by K. Bharata Iyer. London. Luzac & Company. 1947.
‘Store-consciousness’ (alaya vijnana) the supra-individual mind which contains the seeds of all possible forms.” Alan W. Watts-The Way of Zen-p. 95-Penguin Books-1970.
The doctrine of the Alaya Vijnana was developed by Asanga, the exponent of the Yogacara Buddhist School in the fourth century CE. - See A dictionary of Buddhism. New York. Charles Scribner’s Sons. 1972.

(20) The figure 1 followed by 100 zeroes (10100). A word coined by a kindergarten child after writing on the blackboard the number 1 followed by 100 zeroes.
(21) I had some correspondence with a multi-reincarnated lady at the service of an apparently disincarnate Lord Metatron; furthermore, with blessed and indomitable conviction she was awaiting doomsday-December 21, 2012 and instructing people how to survive it. Below I reproduce, verbatim, one of her e-mails to enlighten the reader about possible interesting meetings on our darned planet. Her Lord Metatron gave me an headache, Who is that? Searching here and there I finally found him, and also his wife, in the second volume (page 479) of Madame Blavatsky's "The Secret Doctrine" and I had a confirmation of my remark in note (3) that 'her works are a mine of useful information', but let me quote: "Metatron, the Angel of the second or Briatic World, means Messenger [[angelos]], Angel, called the great Teacher ... God and the Archangel. Both are called Metatron, "both have the name of Jehovah applied to them when they speak one in the other" (sic) as, according to the Zohar, the term signifies equally "the Master and the Ambassador." Both are the Angel of the Face, because, as we are informed, if, on the one hand, the "Word" is called "the face (or the Presence) and the image of the substance of God," ... For, as the Zohar shows, that Matronethah (Shekinah, the wife of Metatron symbolically) ..." etc.- Concerning the "Briatic World" the term is derived from a constellation, Briareus; one of the three rebellious giants imprisoned by Kronos in Hesiod's Theogony.
(22) Concerning psychologists I have some prejudices since there are many different schools of psychology and their art is the interaction between minds; I say 'art' because psychology is very fluid and as such it will never give exact results, hence I do not consider it a science, where exact notions and theories require exact and testable results. On the other hand psychiatry, whose pedestal must be a sound medical curriculum stands on a scientific pedestal.
(23) Space cannot exist without time, time cannot manifest without space. Mind creates both through being originated within spacetime. Spacetime is Mind, human mind (submind) is allocated spacetime. The brain responds to spatial, static (sensorial) frames, while the human mind (submind) yields the awareness of time and adds life to the frames bringing the process into awareness. But it is sort of the likes of quantum particles, some kind of Schrödinger cat; you cannot interact simultaneously with both the frame and the time animating it without affecting the cognitive process and that is why you cannot 'freeze awareness'' (q.v. Perceived Reality) so long as the neural support is working properly.
If we could stop a quantum particle in its trajectory, it would no more be: neither a particle nor a wave. We do not know, it might disintegrate or it might transmute itself into something else, perhaps anti-quantum but according to the principle of the conservation of energy it would not vanish, annihilated. This metaphor is now applied to 'awareness': what would happen if it could be stopped-frozen? The neurological machinery bringing it to the surface would go nuts, quite likely stop, a neuro-psychical short circuit since the perception of flowing time would vanish and with it the enlivened underframe, the allocated spacetime. The great illusion of being would vanish and the sustaining reality would appear: to itself! The psyche is the go-between and the interpreter between time and space (it is worth taking into account that in quantum physics space and time are interpenetrating) and its processes, conscious or subconscious … that lady must remain alive in the castle on the island and not be suspended in a cryogenic tank! A lovely woman imprisoned in a castle on an island is indeed problematic; she dictated the preceding lines and my sponge is somewhat bedeviled, something churning it.
(24) W. B. Yeats-Quoted by Colin Wilson in "The Occult"-p. 106-Village Books Edition, 1973.
(25) Phallic Worship-George Riley Scott-p. 42-Panther Books-1970.
(26) KahlilGibran, His Life and World-p. 350-New York Graphic Society, Boston-1974.
(27) Consecrated bread and wine were eaten and drunk as symbolical of the flesh and blood of the god. There is presumptive evidence that the Christian sacrament of the Lord’s Supper was a copy of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Apropos of this Taylor says: “From these ceremonies id derived the very name attached to our Christian sacrament of the Lord’s Supper-‘those holy mysteries’. If it were possible to be mistaken in the significance of the monogram of Bacchus, the I H S, to whose honor, in conjunction with Ceres, the holy mysteries were distinctively dedicated, the insertion of those letters in a circle of rays of glory, over the centre of the holy table, is the hieroglyphic that depends not on the fallibility of translation, but conveys a sense that cannot be misread by an eye on which the sun shines. I H S are Greek characters, by ignorance taken for Roman letters; and Yes, which is the proper reading of these letters, in none other than the very identical name of Bacchus, that is, of the Sun, of which Bacchus was one of the most distinguished personifications; and Yes, or YES, with the Latin termination US added to it, is Jesus. The surrounding rays of glory, as expressive of the sun’s light, make the identity of Christ and Bacchus as clear as the sun.” (Robert Taylor, The Diegesis, 1841 p. 213)-Quoted in "Phallic Worship"-George Riley Scott-p. 151-Panther Books-1970.
(28) To quote Professor H. J. Esyenk: "Scientists, especially when they leave the particular field in which they have specialized, are as just ordinary, pig-headed and unreasonable as anybody else, and their unusually high intelligence only makes their prejudices all the more dangerous ...." - Quoted by Arthur Koestler in "The Roots of Coincidence" - Pan Books Ltd - 1972.
(29) Jacques Monod-Chance and Necessity-p.51-Collins Fontana Books-1974.

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----- Original Message -----
From: Carolyn Evers
To: 'Franco Dell'Oro'
Cc: 'Richard Presser'
Sent: Friday, July 03, 2009 10:50 PM
Subject: RE: Readings

Dear Franko

There is either the laws of reincarnation operating on this planet or there is not

This is not subject to individual interpretation

It is a law on this planet whether you believe in it or not

The article was written because it is my hope to help people remember

There is so much to be gained from remembering past lifetimes

It is equally helpful to remember the moments of transition and what it is like on the other side

I remember many of my past lifetimes even to the point of understanding my central mission because of the manner in which my soul was created

What I have done and continue to do in my work is to help people connect with their memories and in turn for them to see the spiritual hierarchy and interact with them

When on The Lord Metatron Conference calls I hold the space so that people can go to their own past lifetimes and clear and heal the past so that the present is healed. They are then connected to Lord Metatron themselves for their own personal work

They in turn feel so empowered because of these experiences

The next article is as I said connecting to the higher mind or higher self

People learn this also on the conference calls

This is truly a blessing

You might think these are my phantoms of the mind but I know they are not

I have remembered, gone to the places where I lived in previous lifetimes and brought back information that is then verified in historical documentation. These events have been useful for my own soul growth and a greater understanding of myself and the purposes for humanity living on this planet.

I am not trying to change your thoughts or your opinions.

You have the right to believe or accept what you wish to accept or believe.

We all have free will.

However, in saying that I will add that you limit your own awareness by closing the door to the possibility that reincarnation might exist

It is truly a great gift for soul growth

Blessings, joy and peace

Carolyn Evers

P.S. Also theses were not readings but personal experiences"

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